5 Star Processing Business Credit Card Reviews

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5 Star Processing Business Credit Card Reviews – I applied for the card through Credit Karma. I was told my goals were bad, but I applied anyway and got approved! No problem and it helped build confidence.

I have had this card for about 7 months. I used it for Christmas and paid off in 2 months, half of my monthly payment. Since then, I use it for a few small purchases each month and pay it off before the end of my billing cycle, so the interest has accrued at about 25% and I’ve been earning zero interest. Right now, you owe about $60 for this month’s purchases, and you will pay it back this month. Now that I got a better card with better terms and a higher limit, I can’t use the card again. Annual fee is $75 the first year and $99 thereafter, no increases there is a $300 limit. They don’t even have promotions. It’s not a good idea to open so many accounts in a short period of time, so I feel like the app and questions are wasted. I have no problem using it in stores or online, and I also rent a car. There is just no growth. Amazingly, they let you go over your credit limit up to 20% for a fee which is a cool feature. You said Discover’s chances were low, but it was accepted at 9k. My Amex Blue benefits are not approved for 1,000 and my CK score is 666/695. We will close as soon as the price goes up.

5 Star Processing Business Credit Card Reviews

5 Star Processing Business Credit Card Reviews

I applied for this card in October 2022. I received a letter asking me to send my ID photo to verify my address in December 2022. I received the same letter in January 2023. Please feel free to apply. I do not think they can in the 21st century.

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The card is easy to get but they charge a ridiculous amount of annual fees and upfront payments. In fact, they will tell you no, but if you want to close your card, they will certainly help you with that. It’s not good if you try to build.

Let’s say 700. Negative $175, negative fees, you can not use your balance without a calling card, but if you do, it will be declined.

When I had it, it was $79 for the first year and $99 for the second year. You will never get a credit increase. I’m not willing to pay $99 to keep a $300 card.

Anyway they sent me the card and it started with a $177.00 balance that I haven’t used yet…a handling fee. Also, there is no communication that the company is in the process of being sold.

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Finally got the card! The balance when the envelope is opened is $175. After one day, it will be 177.50 US dollars. it. Dollars. And there was my explanation. This is empty! There is a need for him

Applied to increase credit. It’s only about 35% interest or $177 so it might be a good card to use. Membership fee for activation. You pay 177, but you may not be able to use your card.

I received the card today. I went to move and soon you will see the annual fee of $175.00. When I called, I found a person whose English was worse than a Russian! It took him 10 minutes to tell him I didn’t want the card. When I canceled I was told they would sign the credit! What work is this? They won’t tell you the actual annual fee until the card is issued. The CSR said that the card is not activated, so what do I want? Yes, if it is not activated, what am I charged for?

5 Star Processing Business Credit Card Reviews

I would not use the card unless it was a fire emergency!! I was happy with the $700 limit but unfortunately the first annual fee is paid first and I didn’t read that the total would be $150. But it’s my fault! ! It is November 2022 and I have used it once since I received the card in January of this year. I have $300 left to pay before $0. I received a letter today saying that in January I will pay $49 for annual membership, $12.50 per month and $150 + $49 for annual membership. Paying that much with just a credit card is ridiculous. I will cancel the card on Monday and pay it off as soon as possible to avoid as many fees as possible. It’s not worth the trouble.

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This card is not for credit purposes. Do not close it if you are late and your score will definitely take a big hit and they will refuse to remove it for years. They keep asking you to apply for a new card.lol they will get you

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