Active Backup For Business Over Internet

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Active Backup For Business Over Internet – Today we’re going to look at how you can back up and restore a Windows PC to a Synology NAS using Active Backup for Business.

First, this study will be done on DSM 7 beta. The results will be the same, although they may seem slightly different. I’m trying to plan ahead for the release of DSM 7, and I don’t want to continue doing training courses using DSM 6 because it will be out of date. It works the same, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Active Backup For Business Over Internet

Active Backup For Business Over Internet

Active Backup Business is a great tool that allows you to manage the bare metal and level of backup files quickly and easily. I’ll be up front and say that there are people who prefer to use a product from a backup company like Veeam, but that doesn’t mean this is it.

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Active Storage for Business has a lot of functionality that we won’t cover today, but I will be doing future tutorials highlighting these features, so stay tuned!

1. Your NAS must support the BTRFS file system to enable Active Backup for Business. Make sure your NAS is compatible before proceeding (compatible models are listed below).

2. The Active Backup Business tool is available in the Package Center. For this to work, it must be downloaded and opened. When you try to log in for the first time, you will be asked to activate the product. Sign in to your Synology account and the product will be activated.

3. By default, a Windows template will be available that will allow you to define how you want data, system, and security to be managed. You don’t need to configure this, but if you want to manage all your settings at the template level, you can configure these settings. To change them, select Settings, then Change Windows Templates. Change any settings you want before continuing!

Synology Active Backup For Business 2.5

1. Start Active Backup for Business, select PC, and Add Product. You will get a pop-up telling you that an agent is required to add the machine. Download the correct version (32 bit or 64 bit). You can also find the installation file from the Synology Download Center.

3. Enter the IP address, username, and password of your Synology NAS. If you get a message saying the SSL certificate is not trusted, continue anyway.

4. The default template set above will be used immediately. It can be changed if you want. For now, select OK.

Active Backup For Business Over Internet

5. The agent will be connected to the machine and can be managed through the DSM web portal!

Synology Dsm 7.2

6. If you want to edit each task associated with this machine, select Task List, and Edit Task. The safety feature of the memory is that the machine is not turned on during scheduled maintenance, it can support the device with a start event and a maintenance time of 18 hours, which will start the machine every day when it is changed. in a. will support.

7. If you want to back up the machine manually, select Backup and the program will start backing up.

By default, you will be able to restore individual files using the Active Backup Business web portal. The easy-to-use tool can be found on its icon within the DSM, or accessed through the Synology Active Backup Agent Business recovery portal.

Then you can go to backup and copy personal files or restore them directly to the machine. The translation history will also be available below.

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Unlike other security options, Active Backup Business allows you to create bare metal backups, in short, as easily as I can, it allows you to back up your system on different drives. (or your current hard drive) back into its own. real situation. state This means that the operating system as it is at the time of backup can be restored on a different machine. This is done by loading and booting from recovery media. If this seems confusing, I highly recommend watching the video above as I try to break it down a bit.

You may want to create recovery media before you want to restore the media. I recommend creating a USB stick or ISO image now.

1. To load the recovery media, open Active Backup for Business, turn on the machine, and select Restore, then the entire device.

Active Backup For Business Over Internet

4. You will be prompted to create a USB media or ISO image. This depends on the device you are restoring. Select Create media.

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Follow the installation instructions (usually Windows ADK settings are fine) to finish installing the device. You can create used media.

6. After the file is created, you will have a USB stick or ISO image that can be used to restore your NAS!

1. To complete the bare metal, you need to boot from USB (or ISO if you’re running a machine). It will allow you to restore your entire operating system if you want!

3. Enter the IP address of the NAS and your username and password. If you get an error that the certificate is not valid, select Continue.

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5. Choose whether you want to restore the entire device, the system volume, or the system restore directory. I will reset the whole device.

8. You will be informed that the recovery process cannot be performed. If you want to continue, select OK.

9. The recovery process will start now! The size of the data will determine how long the recovery process will take.

Active Backup For Business Over Internet

10. You will be notified when the process is complete. Select Next to finish. You will be prompted to remove the recovery media and start over. Select Restart or Delete and remove the recovery media. After you restart, your system will be restored!

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I’ve been using Active Backup Enterprise for over a year to back up my Windows machines to my NAS and I’m happy with it. It does exactly what I want, I can manage all my programs in a central place and I can tell from a quick dashboard that they are successfully supported!

Stay tuned for more Practical Storage Tutorials. This is a very detailed tool, and I hope to finish it completely in the next few weeks! Update: 30/12/2022 – Try the new Mac Studio (M1 Max) today. The backup was flawless without a problem.

Update: 11/12/2022 – Tested on an older Macbook Pro running macOS Catalina version over Wi-Fi. Backup and restore went without a hitch.

Update: 29/11/2022 – Added a section about volume migration to test if there is a problem with backup and backup operations and data.

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Update: 28/11/2022 – After adjusting the full disk permissions of the ABB agency, the backup started without issue and completed successfully.

Limitations: Please note that Active Backup for Business 2.5.0 beta currently supports full backup of MacOS devices. Users will not be able to create raw metal in this version of the platform. However, file-level recovery is available. Also, beta users will not be able to downgrade to an earlier version of Active Backup for Business after installing this beta package.

After years of waiting, the day came. The ABB platform finally got MacOS support, following Windows and Linux to offer support for years.

Active Backup For Business Over Internet

Following the installation process, ABB must be enabled. For this, we need an active Internet connection but there is also a “manual” process if the NAS cannot establish one.

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When ABB is up and running, we will be able to use the MacOS agent and connect it to the ABB instance for full Mac machine maintenance.

The custom MacOS template has the same configuration settings as Windows machines, and also supports data transfer and encryption.

Note: If you are using an Apple Silicon Mac, with an M1 or M2 CPU, you will need to restart the Mac to complete the intermediate installation using Recovery Mode to complete the activation of the add-on!

After the process is complete, we need to allow the process to expand. This can be done within Options.

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In 2019, Apple told developers that macOS Catalina will be the last macOS to fully support iOS, and we are working with developers to migrate their software.

About system add-ons and macOS Some system add-ons are not compatible with current versions of macOS or may not be compatible with future versions of macOS. Learn what to do if you see a warning about system extensions or kernel extensions. Apple support

Note: System design is something that Apple is slowly starting to finish. This is not a good sign for Active Backup, and let’s hope that Synology updates the platform to be compatible with the latest and future versions of macOS.

Active Backup For Business Over Internet

One last thing to do is to enable the Enterprise Backup agent to allow full disk access to perform backups and failover.

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Now ABB is both a server and a client

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