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Active Backup For Office 365 – I was recently asked to review Synology DiskStation ActiveBackup for Office 365. Although Microsoft 365 supports unlimited retention periods for Office 365 applications, there is always a topic on my reading list about why Office 365 applications should have internal copies. A little research on this topic and business situations that need to back up electronic data. It would appear that there may be multiple claims/legal requirements.

Additionally, the trial and retention period does not apply to all Office 365 plans. I have seen organizations use multiple Office 365 plans based on their business models.

Active Backup For Office 365

Active Backup For Office 365

On the other hand, I find that most Office 365 backup solutions offer a quick functionality where users can retrieve content from the admin portal. In the best case scenario, we can retrieve 365 user data from a local tool using a local content search or e-discovery event from the admin portal. If there is no data recovery SLA for a terminated employee or an existing employee, there may be some delay in performance as fewer managers are responsible for the workload. With these third-party packages, we can improve the data recovery process.

Active Backup For Microsoft 365 And Dr Scenarios

In this article, we will take a look at Active Backup for Office365 from Synology. After a while, I installed a DS920+ DiskStation and a Seagate Iron Wave HDD. Improved performance of SeaGate IronWolf; great power; It is supported by 2 software tools and disk wizard for reliable speed 24×7 NAS functions.

To set up active backup for Office 365, you need to access Disk Center Manager. Office 645 can only use Active Backup on 64-bit NAS and must be running DSM 6.1 or later with at least 2 GB of RAM.

After installing Disk Management in the package center, we can see that Active Backup is available as an add-on for Office365. After installation, you can open them.

On the setup screen, you are given the option to select the Office 365 data center where your tenant resides.

Why And How Should You Build Backups To Protect Your Business Data With Synology Nas

Then, we can see that it has requested read and write access to all user data to log in with administrator credentials, restore backup operations, and restore operations.

You are then taken to a redirect page where you must confirm that sending Office 365 data to the local DS domain is correct.

Account Search – This option is automatically backed up every time you create a new account in Office 365, which is a very nice feature.

Active Backup For Office 365

Open user-friendly backup portal – User can login with their credentials, view their data and perform restore operations. Synology: Active Backup For Microsoft 365

Here we have options to select users for whom backup is required. From a business point of view, we can imagine the sensitive data of the financial mailbox that may require an internal copy according to the business model First, unlicensed users suitable for the legal policy of storage and storage, second for VIP users or data money mailbox sensitive. Regulatory and regulatory requirements.

We have a few users selected for our test and we need to select the service we want to back up.

Here are backup and retention policies to choose from based on our needs. It also has a file version retention policy.

Finally, we select the location of the destination folder on the NAS drive and the creation of the backup job is successful.

What Are The Active Statuses In Dark Web Monitoring?

After multiple backup plans are successful, we can see the overall status and backup content of the Office 365 Dashboard.

The user has the opportunity to choose the service he wants to receive. Here is the disc; Mail page Maybe calendar or contacts. At the time of writing this blog, I don’t see a specific option to restore Teams data.

Admin to guide all employees when they enter. They have full rights to their data and recovery.

Active Backup For Office 365

A user can log in to the Office 365 Active Backup Portal with their credentials and view their data.

Office 365 Backup Solution

Here we can find the option to select our recovery partition and select the required emails separately. There are two recovery options, first is to deliver them directly to the users mailbox and second is to send them as private emails.

We have keywords, Contents You can search each file and attachments such as date and possible features. The ability to perform bucket-level backups will reduce the amount of extensive recovery efforts.

On the last screen, the user has the option to change the destination. The facts may be relevant where information is sought from an existing employee who leaves employment after obtaining prior consent for a bona fide employment reason.

After the recovery process is successful, we will recover only the selected emails, saving them in a special recovery folder in the user’s mailbox.

Synology Active Backup Suite Review

File recovery is also promising. This makes it easy to transfer files directly to the destination or download the required file in one format.

We can see that Instant Recovery has an option to revoke file sharing permissions.

3) Create an account – Every new account in Office 365 will automatically back up when this option is enabled.

Active Backup For Office 365

4) It has an advanced search engine that allows you to find any file containing a keyword, including mail attachments.

Microsoft 365 を Synology へ丸ごとバックアップ (active Backup For Microsoft 365)

Microsoft is corrupt; security against malware and disasters; It provides adequate protection including a retention and claims policy. If so, you’re fine with the default backup system. Alternatively, you can opt for these packages, which store most of your data for internal/legal purposes; the number of users exempted from licensing requirements based on data retention and enhanced recovery methods; according to business needs

I believe this software can be useful for organizations that need to back up Office 365 data as part of legal and regulatory compliance requirements. Full details, O365 subscription and all HW/SW mentioned in this article were purchased with my money. All opinions you read are my own; No one was paid for this review. No one has reviewed or approved this content before publishing. Click to expand…

Over a year ago, I wrote about Synology’s Active Backup tool, Active Backup for Business. EU packages have a total of three options. Microsoft/Office 365; Work with Gdrive.

In this article that’s been on the back burner for a while, we’ll focus on Active Backup for Microsoft 365 (also known as Office 365 lately). With Office 365, more customers and businesses are focusing their business on cloud providers like Microsoft and COVID-19. As COVID-19 takes people off campus and into their homes, it’s no surprise O365 packs. It was more fun.

How To Back Up Microsoft 365 With Synology Active Backup?

But having said that, have you noticed that O365 doesn’t include an alternative strategy? Some models have an old-fashioned look that can be listed as spare parts. There is no backup except the website.

If you want to protect your work and content created for O365, consider saving it. With active backup, it only takes a few minutes.

The NAS Docker IT and Geek blog covers VMs, as well as other IT threads and general topics.

Active Backup For Office 365

May need updating… If you would like to add an issue, you have now submitted the following:

Microsoft 365 Backup In Malaysia For Office

The update works but after the last update it crashed and gave the above warning.

Enter the listed guide and see the ‘Before you start’ section, which says ‘You must use Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 or later as your operating system to run the PowerShell script provided by Synology’.

Tekguru said: It might need an update… if you want to build the version I just posted: see add 2449 I’m running a backup but after the last update it crashes and asks for the above. Enter the listed guide and see the ‘Before you start’ section, which says ‘You must use Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 or later as your operating system to run the PowerShell script provided by Synology’. I’m an Apple Mac user, so I’m knocking.

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