Air France 777 200 Business Class Review

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Air France 777 200 Business Class Review – REVIEW – Air France Business Class Lounge: Paris CDG – Terminal 2E – L Concourse March 15, 2020 REVIEW – South China International Sky Berry VIP Lounge: Guangzhou CAN T2. March 19, 2020

Flight: AF 86 Class: Business Class A: Paris (CDG) Arrival: Guangzhou (CAN) Length: 11:35m Plane: B777-200 Seat: 7L In-flight credit program status: Garuda Silver Price: £650 round trip Tunis – Paris – Vietnam Travel Business Class Flight Date: 06/2018

Air France 777 200 Business Class Review

Air France 777 200 Business Class Review

I’m so excited to fly Air France’s first business class flight. Previously, I always associated this company with their long-standing A380, the pilot went on strike and there was no sound.

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However, my recent Air France Business Class short flight was just as good as I’ve experienced in Europe, and usage of the lounge at CDG Concourse 5 Paris Airport has also been positive. Although I was disappointed to see that my Dreamliner had been replaced by a 777, I was lucky enough to be in one of the retrofitted planes with seats exactly like the 787!

The 777-200s equipped with the new product have a relatively small Business Class section with only 7 rows in a 1-2-1 layout.

I couldn’t make a reservation online and called the airline AF asked me to call CZ who issued the ticket and vice versa. We were lucky enough to get two window seats at check-in. I was seated at 7L and Kamara sat at 6L in front of me.

The first thing that struck me when boarding was that the seats seemed to be lined up pretty close together, similar to that on the Finnair A350. The color scheme that the AF uses is also surprisingly beautiful and not offensive. The use of white in the armrests and walls harmonizes and creates the effect of an endless functional block.

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I really don’t mind having a seat in the back as I can see the entire cabin spread out in front of me and it feels a bit more private than when someone is sitting behind you. However, line 7 only has one window, so on certain days we avoid flight, especially when the window is skewed.

A large feather pillow and a thin blanket were waiting for me on the chair. After opening the storage compartment on the side panel, I also found a set of noise-cancelling headphones.

The headphones that the AF uses are generic, but they do a great job of blocking out ambient noise in the cabin.

Air France 777 200 Business Class Review

There is also an assistant at my place, several waiting at my place. I put my shirt over it and this was quickly spotted by a crew member and thrown away. Although the seat controls are old-fashioned buttons, the chair has good connectivity with USB and universal power.

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Although the seats feel a bit cramped due to the screen being so close and the back of the seat in front of you, there’s still plenty of leg room. There was enough room above for both of us to sleep and we slept from there.

I was surprised when they prepared socks along with socks and shoe bags. Wearing socks in a plane is a mistake most people make only once!

Before the sailors set off, warm clothes and towels were handed over from a large tank, as well as ready-to-drink water, orange juice and champagne. I would rather have a menu full of pre-accessed drinks than be offered and refilled bottles on your spot as is the case with Qatar Airlines, but I don’t understand all the bows at this level by the staff.

Interestingly, there is no pre-departure offer, but the office flyer is free. This is my first time in fearless business class as a business class passenger, and I’ve had a pretty cheap experience, like Ryanair is constantly trying to sell you scratch cards. I understand that the supply needs ancillary revenue to survive, but I don’t expect the cabin business to become a full service bike place.

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The set of amenities is pretty standard aside from the Clarins ice cream which is certainly above average quality for Business Class amenities.

We sat down and I’m happy to report that he’s done all of that brilliantly, especially when it comes to his request. As soon as the glasses were delivered from the dishwasher, the sailors were told to return and let the men in their positions refill the bottles. I’ve been on other European airlines where the crew feels responsible after they’ve finished each drink, so it’s great to see this crew really getting into action as they chat. passenger friendly.

I was surprised that no appetizers were offered, but that was offset by the fact that both table and cheese were provided. For example, when you fly British Airways, you only have one or two, although in reality the cabin crew will often take on people who claim both.

Air France 777 200 Business Class Review

Tables at Air France Businesses are served on plates, not by hand. However, some people feel that cups and bowls are clearly placed in the design. A touch of ribbon-tied napkins and salt, pepper and red pepper shakers add to the visual appeal. I also love that the cheese is offered with appetizers and salads, and it has plenty of time to reach serving temperature before I eat it in my usual hungry way.

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Lunch is healthy and delicious, as I spend a lot of time in metal tubes I am always happy to be served more food than I have ever eaten on earth (although I am not evil). sensitive to occasional satiety). morning!).

In that spirit, I chose a lighter version of cod as the main course, a beautifully prepared dish. I thought the sauce was on its own, but I couldn’t help but feel that the tin cup would detract from the presentation considerably. Kamara chose sweet and sour pork, which he found quite fatty and unappealing.

The crowd noticed and offered him their favorite gnocchi. The sailors at the party were gracious and delighted with how they compared our dinner service to that of other carriers.

I tried my best to derail the sailor table’s plan, but I was defeated in the end. I found the two sorbets horribly sweet, but the chocolate cake and caramel bar were worth every calorie. Drinks are on a higher level than what I’ve experienced in Business Class and are served with a delicious but unnecessary piece of chocolate.

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It’s nothing but great. The wines (Pouilly Fumé La Perrière) and Champagne (Classic Deutz brut) are excellent, and I love both as healthy appetizers and entrees. But the tray service, orthopedic hardware and shot glasses will make you understand that the main course is nothing special. The finest dining experiences in business class offer a level of sophistication that makes you feel like you’re at a restaurant above ground. While the service was excellent, the meal overall was flawed.

After the meal I went to bed. One of the crew saw me walk into the bathroom with the back of the PJ in hand and motioned for me to go forward, where there was more room to change in the bathroom.

While we felt the bathroom had plenty of room to change clothes and provide some perfume, it was otherwise an economical bathroom. No satellite clothes, gray wooden sink, no flowers, no fog, not even a humidifier. It’s as simple as any business I’ve seen on a wide-body jet.

Air France 777 200 Business Class Review

As I returned to my seat, I passed a snack and drink buffet. The menu is quite extensive, especially since the menu offers a wide variety of dishes that can be ordered at any time.

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When the seat next to me is empty, I grab another blanket and pillow, and use a blanket over the mattress. If you only have one, you definitely won’t be able to get a good night’s sleep. All US and BA carriers offer significantly better coverage.

I want to watch a movie before going to bed, but honestly, the choices are very limited. The strange thing is that some British and American movies are dubbed in French without being able to watch them in the original English language!

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