Air New Zealand Dreamliner Business Class

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In my opinion, Air New Zealand offers one of the best business class products for overnight flights – the type of leg that makes up most of the airline’s long-haul services. I’ve found the perfect spot – after a decent meal, ask the staff to do it while you change into your PJs, then slide onto the memory foam mattress to lie fully on the floor meant for sitting, not sleeping.

Air New Zealand Dreamliner Business Class

Air New Zealand Dreamliner Business Class

After reviewing the updated version of the Boeing 777-200ER with this cabin in April, I focus here on the differences between the Dreamliner’s cabin, seats and features #PaxEx The Business Premier product is different from previous applications.

Air New Zealand’s Subpar 787 Business Class

Let me be clear: the Dreamliner’s room height is amazing, the LED lights on board made me smile at how amazing it was to bathe the entire room in purple light, the foam mattresses are as comfortable as in the past. And Air NZ’s food and beverage was everything I’d expect flying from one of my favorite airlines.

But there was one big difference: Business Premier seats were narrower than Dreamliner cabin sizes. In an aircraft that is close to the length of a long leg, this is an obvious problem.

Left: Dreamliner seats with LED lights. Right: Same product as Boeing 777-200ER. What I did with these images was to crop them, increase the lighting, rotate the 777 a bit and rotate it horizontally for easy comparison.

With a full cabin and a powerful lift, I didn’t have time to measure the seat, but it is clear that the Dreamliner implementation of this seat provides less room in the cabin of Air New’s 747 or 777 Zealand for coming earlier.

Air New Zealand Dreamliner Economy Skycouch, Chicago To Auckland

It looks almost as narrow as Virgin Atlantic’s version of the Airbus A340, and the difference in size between the two Air NZ seats is very noticeable, especially in the shoulder area. I estimate the difference between six and eight inches

I’m not the only one I’ve heard grumbling about the cocktail table dropping over his left shoulder out of reach.

It’s more than just the shoulder area. The main advantage of a large seat for front sleepers is the ability to always sleep with padded arms, elbows resting on shoulders when the seat is down. This is no longer possible, I checked. On the positive side, it didn’t feel small in bed style.

Air New Zealand Dreamliner Business Class

The narrow seats and the lack of seat style with shoulder room eliminate the ability to keep small bags, shoulder bags or small personal items close to you during the flight. In the past, if you needed lip balm overnight or wanted to keep your phone in a bag so it wouldn’t slide around behind the chair, you could put it in a laundry bag or a convenience bag. This is also impossible.

Air Nz Picks New Premium Heavy 787 For Houston Route

This narrow product is a shame. I’ve always loved the twelve-hour-a-night format that is a core part of Air New Zealand’s network. The first time I flew Air NZ was a 26 hour direct flight from London on a 777-200ER with a stopover in Hong Kong, the flight got stuck on the way, which I still rate as the best-ever-longest-flight carrying goods that I have already received. I did it in terms of feeling refreshed upon arrival.

With the 787’s low cabin height and Air New Zealand’s excellent air quality, it’s hard to beat the Dreamliner’s smaller seats.

Comparing the Air New Zealand maps (787 left, 777 right), the first difference is obvious.

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Inside Air New Zealand’s Business Premier Cabin

Editor-in-chief John Walton, an international journalist, provides opinion and analysis for the RGN Details + Design and Nose to Tail columns. It specializes in cabin interiors, seats, connectivity and premium class services. A… Read more Ben says: Air New Zealand’s business class product leaves a lot to be desired, with outdated herringbone seats, no Wi-Fi, small entertainment screens and inconsistent soft products .

To complete my two trips to the Southern Hemisphere, I flew Air New Zealand’s Boeing 787 Business Class from Auckland to Los Angeles. I haven’t flown Air New Zealand business class for years, so I’m excited to check it out again.

Well, the business class product is disappointing with non-competitive seats, small entertainment screens and no Wi-Fi. Soft products range from good to great, but even so, business class is top notch. Air New Zealand’s new business class can’t come soon enough; Again, it’s not like a big industry.

Air New Zealand Dreamliner Business Class

Air New Zealand is one of the strictest airlines in the world when it comes to award seats in business class. So I was very happy when I saw his presence on the way from Auckland to Los Angeles.

Thedesignair –inaugural Trip Report: Air New Zealand 787 9 Business Premier

Air New Zealand and Virgin Atlantic have a partnership and redeeming Flying Club points with Air New Zealand is incredible value. In total, I paid 62,500 Flying Club points plus $38.84 in taxes for the following business class allocation:

I earned these Virgin Atlantic points by transferring them from Amex Membership Rewards when there was a 30% transfer fee, so I only paid 49,000 Amex Membership Rewards for this coupon. That’s a deal!

In the previous episode I reviewed the Air New Zealand Lounge Auckland. My flight took off from gate 18, which is quite far from the center of the terminal.

The departure will start at 10:15 pm, one hour before the departure time. In fact, the crew started boarding the ship quietly only at 22:20 and the departure of passengers started at 22:45.

Air New Zealand Review: 777 300er Economy Class London To Los Angeles

I went through the second door and turned left to enter the hotel. Air New Zealand has herringbone seats in business class, which are quite artistic (not ten years ago). The cabin has 27 seats, spread over nine rows in a 1-1-1 pattern.

Note that the middle seat faces the right aisle, so I think it’s better to sit on the left side of the plane so you’re facing the wall and not the other passengers.

I was assigned seat 9A, the last row seat on the left. This worked out well as 7A and 8A were left open which meant I had the entire left rear of the cockpit.

Air New Zealand Dreamliner Business Class

It’s amazing how the business chair has evolved over the years, because I remember thinking it was a great chair. Unfortunately, this seat is not very competitive: in the window, you have to stand up to convert the seat into a bed, there is almost no storage, and I think many aspects of the seat design are wrong. THIS IS IMPORTANT

Air New Zealand’s Next Gen 787 Gets A Big Boost To Business Class

Each business class seat has an ottoman, which in theory can be used as a companion seat so that two can dine together. But it is very narrow.

There is a reading light on the left side behind the seat, and a pull-down drink tray. I have to imagine people accidentally knocking over their drinks because the seats are so tight.

The monitor in business class is only 11″ and not high definition. Since it’s on the side of the seat, you can press a button to have it stand in front of you. Better than nothing though. however, it is difficult to move the screen when there is something on the table.

The cable also has entertainment controls, the same model you find on many airlines. The screen is also a touchscreen, so you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to.

The Definitive Guide To Air New Zealand U.s. Routes [plane Types]

The dining table opens from the left side of the seat and is quite large. Remember, if it takes too long, you won’t be able to stand up easily. The dining table adjusts a bit if you have a monitor and are trying to eat.

There is also an AC outlet under the seat and on the left. The USB socket is located under the entertainment screen.

As for the seat controls, there are two separate sets of controls. There are two presets on the left front of the seat that you can adjust

Air New Zealand Dreamliner Business Class

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