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Air Tahiti Nui Economy Class – Welcome to Air France Polynesia. Air Tahiti Premium Economy is just one of three cabin options for travelers to French Polynesia. Once you’re on board, everything from the color scheme to the wallpaper has a tropical feel. The paper, the colors of the chairs and more are very tropical inspired. Head to Bora Bora and get ready to fly in style with Air Tahiti Premium Economy Class.

Premium Economy Class offers an intermediate product that is higher than Economy Class, but not as premium as Business Class. On all Air Tahiti routes it is possible to purchase or upgrade Premium Economy Class. Since Air Tahiti only flies 787, it is guaranteed that this product can be purchased on all routes. On a recent trip, I flew Air Tahiti Premium Economy between Auckland and Tahiti, then between Papeete (PPT) and Seattle. Other routes include Los Angeles, Tokyo and Paris. You will have to change airlines to fly to Bora Bora or elsewhere in French Polynesia.

Air Tahiti Nui Economy Class

Air Tahiti Nui Economy Class

The economy class of Air Tahiti Nui Premium is a bit small, with only 5 rows. Each row is 2 positions x 3 positions x 2 positions. This allows couples to sit together before families of 3 or more occupy the middle seats. The seat is manufactured by ZODIAC Aerospace and is called Z535. There are 32 places in total.

Enjoying Air Tahiti Nui Business Class Meals

Air Tahiti, by comparison, has 30 business class seats and 232 economy class seats. Economy Class is 3-on-3-on-3, right after Premium Economy Class. Business class is 2 x 2 x 2. This is a very private cabin compared to economy class. Below are some photos of the economy class. Economy Class has the same beautiful and bright color scheme.

In Premium Economy Class, the seats are pale blue with an island theme throughout the seats and cabin. Each Premium Economy seat is 20.4 inches wide with a pitch of 36-38 inches. Seats are similar to domestic first-class configurations on many North American airlines. The seat also has foot and leg rests for support and comfort.

The seat provides a bassinet for the occupant when it is time to rest or sleep. This minimizes the erosion of space for those behind you when you sit down. Even when sitting, the seat slides forward a bit.

The chair has very basic controls. Simply slide the seat back with the push of a button. Very similar to economy class. The other arm is the controller. I personally never use a controller because the TV screen is also a touchscreen. Each Premium Economy seat is equipped with a 14-inch TV, power and USB plugs.

Business Class Awards Wide Open On New Route To Tahiti

When it came time to eat on my flight, I found myself sad because passengers in economy and premium economy were served the same food. There is no difference in service or food. Flight attendants serve between business class and premium economy class. They ditch the cart and service the plane from front to back. The only option to get from Auckland to Tahiti is Türkiye. Each meal comes with cheese, biscuits and dessert. Beer is served as well as French wine and champagne, and food is provided free of charge.

The flight from Tahiti to Seattle is an overnight flight starting at 10pm. As with departures from Auckland, there is no option for the first service. Beef Lasagna or Beef Lasagne. Air French Polynesia is a bit sad. I’m really looking forward to French or Polynesian style food. I forgot to take pictures of the food. It really looks like the dish I get from Oakland. Just different entrees in paper plates.

I fell asleep after dinner and woke up about 2 hours from Seattle. It was dinner time before arrival. This time we have a choice. Or an omelet or French toast. I’m going for an omelet. This is a bad idea, but again I feel sorry for the eggs on the plane.

Air Tahiti Nui Economy Class

Every seat in Premium Economy Class comes with a blanket and travel kit. Blankets and pillows are the same in Economy and Premium. Felt travel sets come in a variety of colors, but they all have the same items. Inside are earphones, earphones, eye mask, socks, cool towels, toothbrush and toothpaste. Very basic but not too much of everything you need. That pretty much sums up Air Tahiti’s premium economy class. There are no basic supplements. The set is made of felt with buttons. This is a device I will probably never use.

Air Tahiti Nui Poerava Amenity Kit With Unopened Amenities Tiki Tropical Travel

If you fly Air Tahiti, the question is whether you’ll pay more money or miles to fly premium economy. My suggestion, maybe. It really depends on what you’re looking for in flight. Premium Economy Class is not Business Class. It’s really just economy class, with more space. Moana Premium, as Air Tahiti Nui calls it, offers only a small upgrade to economy class. See side-by-side comparison below

Air Tahiti Nui Premium Economy is the perfect way to travel between French Polynesia and the rest of the world. If you give up space and time, more space and perks make the splurge more worthwhile. Overall, the flight attendants were friendly and the food was good. Even economy class food. I’d love to see soft goods improved to make premium economy really worth the money. A small improvement in food or treats would be an easy improvement. But in reality, when you fly Air Tahiti Award Economy, you’re actually paying extra for the extra space. Not such a soft product.

Rocky started blogging on his website When Doublewides Fly, sharing information about traveling the world on a dime. Maximizing miles and points, bargains, sales, backpacks and couches, Rocky has traveled to 75 countries over the years. With only one week of annual visitor numbers in the busiest Hawaii, there’s nothing like an open-air escape in Tahiti. space. Say goodbye to the hassle of getting to and from the airport as the spacious architecture of the Tahiti Dreamliner welcomes you on board. The tall, bright entrance is spacious and welcoming, creating a sense of paradise throughout the aircraft. Vaulted ceilings and more vertical side walls that extend upwards for more room give you more shoulder and head room.

Our popular Poerava business class is enhanced with the introduction of a 180-degree fully flat seat designed by Rockwell Collins. Diamond Parallel is designed to optimize space and includes a variety of storage options. The cabin has a total of 30 seats arranged side by side in five rows of six (2-2-2). The new business class is set on a 60-inch pitch that rolls into a completely flat 78-inch bed. Each seat is equipped with plush cushions and a comfortable seat cover system, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable ride. The seats also feature individual touch-sensitive remote controls for the inflight entertainment system, personal lighting and privacy divider. In-flight amenities include: thick mattresses, large and comfortable pillows, and luxury kit and accessories.

Review: Air Tahiti Nui Poerava Business Class A340 3, Papeete

The Tahiti Dreamliner introduces Air Tahiti’s first Premium Economy Class product. ZODIAC Aerospace brings us the brand new Z535 Premium Economy Seat. The cabin provides a more comfortable flying experience with extra legroom and room for lounging. The Z535 seat features a unique movement that allows occupants to relax while optimizing the living space. The 20.4-inch-wide seats are mounted on 38-inch pitches and offer 8 inches of recline. Moana Premium seats a total of 32 arranged in five rows of seven (2-3-2). Onboard equipment includes: cozy fleece blankets, large pillows and a full range of accessories.

The two Moana Economy Classes have a total of 232 seats and are designed for long-distance travel on ZODIAC Aerospace. The Z300’s articulating seats make it one of the best next-generation economy class seats in the industry. Economy Class seats feature a nine-row (3-3-3) configuration with 31-inch pitch, offering 6 inches of seat height for increased comfort. Onboard amenities include: cozy fleece blankets, cozy pillows and a full range of personal accessories. The desire to fly this plane is meaningless. They have one of the best books around, they fly in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and it’s rare to see a plane like that (unless you live near Papeete, LA, or Paris). There is a fancy “exclusivity” factor in the chart.

Romantic I always thought my first encounter with Air Tahiti was an exotic experience from start to finish. First a delivery and dinner in an outdated but cozy business lounge, then

Air Tahiti Nui Economy Class

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