Alitalia Business Class Jfk To Rome

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Alitalia Business Class Jfk To Rome

Alitalia Business Class Jfk To Rome

At the end of September, I went to Europe for the 2017 Star Alliance MegaDo. The experience was fun in itself, but I also had a little fun crossing the pond, starting with a flight from New York-JFK to Rome on Alitalia. My return to the defunct Air Berlin turned out to be very interesting… interesting – you can read the review here. Today, however, I am sharing what I know about Alitalia, the most troubled airline in Europe.

Ita Airways (alitalia 2.0) A350 Maiden Flight Business Class Review

When I decided to fly Alitalia on my trip to Europe, my first thought was to burn some Delta miles for a business award. Unfortunately there was no availability on the dates I needed, which wasn’t too surprising when the flight was almost full. I flew to Frankfurt via Rome, an international business hub and a $1,723 return.

We signed up to use the Platinum Card from American Express to earn 5x points on flights, which currently nets us 8,615 points, worth $164 based on TPG’s latest ratings. I kept checking to see if the prize pool was ever open – unfortunately it wasn’t.

At first I chose seat 11J, in the last row of the second business cabin, but I moved to 1A, as this seat offers more privacy.

Since I am traveling on a prepaid ticket, I will be eligible for mileage. I calculated the flight on Delta, and got 6,416 miles redeemed in MQMs, for $1,283 in MQDs.

Alitalia’s Direct Routes From The U.s. [plane Types & Seat Options]

Alitalia is flying out of JFK’s Terminal 1, which I hate the most. Not only was security tight – it took me 20 minutes to get to the flight – but the radio wasn’t working. Most of the seats are international, except for the Lufthansa First Class lounge, which I couldn’t find on my Alitalia ticket.

Terminal 1 has an Air France lounge, and a Korean Air lounge, both accessible via Priority Pass. I was planning to use one of these, but I was surprised to see that Alitalia also offers its own lounge service, which is also available to Philippine Airlines and Air China passengers.

Although the hall was not full, it was more than its capacity. Given Alitalia’s current financial situation, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that a restructuring is probably not in the cards right now.

Alitalia Business Class Jfk To Rome

There is another small room to the side… I don’t know what to do with this table.

Business Class Vs First Class Flights Explained & Compared 2023

As for food options, Alitalia offers a variety of sandwiches, wraps and salads from the freezer.

I headed to the airport a few minutes before our 3:25pm departure, an hour before our 4:25pm departure.

The gate was completely closed, delaying the departure of the Air China 747-8 from the area.

Less than 20 minutes after the scheduled boarding time, it was announced that it was delayed and the gate operator forced all passengers in a row to move back about 30 feet to get a seat. We were pushed several feet at a time for five minutes. Many of the passengers became angry and impatient at that point.

Flight Review: Alitalia A330 New Magnifica Business Class Milan

The train was pushed back several minutes at a time. Finally, the authorities began to search the shelter around 4:50 p.m., 25 minutes after we left. Although we didn’t hear about the delay, several passengers saw the pilot sneaking around the gate area a few minutes before boarding.

I tried to go in first to take pictures of the empty cabin, but when I saw the commotion at the gate there were several passengers ahead of me as we boarded the plane.

Alitalia operates two types of aircraft, the Airbus A330-200 and the Boeing 777-200ER, which I flew on my flight to Rome. The seats on both planes are arranged in 1-2-1, with only 20 seats in one cabin on the A330 and 30 seats on the 777, 20 in the front and another 10 in a small cabin in the back.

Alitalia Business Class Jfk To Rome

The middle seats alternate between a “honeymoon” configuration up and down. If you are traveling with a friend, I would choose the “E” and “G” seats together in the unnumbered rows, since the marked seats are far apart, and visible. the road.

Italy’s New National Airline Reveals Us Route Plans

On the 777, there is a small toilet next to the port and a second small toilet between the two business cabins. They were all original, but the staff kept them clean.

I am very happy with my choice of 1A, which is on the port side in the first row of the most forward cabin.

All the seats have a back table, which like the “A” and “L” seats provides good road separation.

There is also 46 inches of legroom on the 777-200ER, and, thanks to the legroom, I was able to put my feet up when not in the seat.

Review: Ita Airways Business Class A350 (mia Fco)

Storage is tight, however, with plenty of space under the ottoman and only a little space to the left or right of the chair.

The seat controls were direct and responsive, although the remote control was a bit awkward – I’m not a fan.

The chair is as comfortable as the bed, but the bed itself is reduced by a small pillow and comfort. I still slept most of the time on the plane, and arrived in Rome much more relaxed than I usually do on a transatlantic flight.

Alitalia Business Class Jfk To Rome

Although the seating position means I don’t have to look at my neighbours, I can clearly see the rider’s leg…

Cabin Check: Business Class At Alitalia — Luxury Executive

Alitalia offers Bulgari luxury products, delivered by the flight attendant as soon as I got to my seat.

It includes everything you need, and I can see that the design is very high – it’s not what you use.

Besides accessories, there are noise canceling headphones that I will use for take off. They look good, but they don’t stand out at all.

…and looking down is the front camera – although there is something wrong with the camera position, as you can see below.

Thedesignair –trip Report: Alitalia 777 200 ‘magnifica’ Business Class September 2015

You choose what’s on the wired remote, which I found a pain to use. There are good brands, with new features, such as

There is also a moving map on the console, which I really appreciate, because I can watch movies on the big screen and look at our location.

Another smart feature is the audio control panel – believe it or not, this is the first time I’ve seen an in-flight entertainment system offer volume and bass adjustments.

Alitalia Business Class Jfk To Rome

Menus are waiting on my seat, including one dinner and one breakfast, wine list and coffee.

Review: Alitalia 777 200er Business Class

A friendly flight attendant came upon check-in to offer me water or Champagne on a tray – I chose this.

Then, before we got back, the pilot took my dinner and my beer order. I didn’t really know what I wanted, and he was patient when I asked questions about certain dishes.

Dinner itself was an event, and it started about an hour after take off when the flight attendant set my table and brought me my favorite Italian pork with sliced ​​oranges and black olives. The orange slices were sprinkled with olive oil, which gave them a very spicy, but sweet taste.

The following is a basic recipe for pasta al pomodoro. It’s al dente and amazing. I was also served with grated dark parmesan. While in Rome… (or on the way to Rome?).

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For my second course, I ordered the sea fillet, which was fresh, juicy and delicious.

Finally, the dessert came out about 90 minutes after takeoff, which probably wasn’t too bad, especially compared to United’s recent flight to London.

My favorite dessert is a small chocolate bar, full of delicious, good chocolate. He was special. The cream pie, cheesecake and cheese plate were all good, but not memorable.

Alitalia Business Class Jfk To Rome

Breakfast was disappointing. I had heard good things about Alitalia’s breakfast, but unfortunately I just slept instead of getting up and eating something.

Alitalia Business Class Reviews

The flight attendant was about to shout over the PA in Italian, which I quickly picked up – thanks to the English translation.

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