Alitalia From Jfk To Rome

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Alitalia From Jfk To Rome – The airline I am considering is Alitalia. I am a Star Alliance member and occasionally play with One World. SkyTeam is my last resort, their successful AF / KL / DL is what allowed me a (marginal) business in the past. The difficult financial situation the airline is in due to the credit crisis of 2016 did not help me consider the carrier as a viable option for my trip.

But there is one mistake I can count on, and Alitalia ends up in glory (and didn’t lose money in the middle!). I couldn’t be more surprised to see it on one of their A330-200 flights from Rome to New York.

Alitalia From Jfk To Rome

Alitalia From Jfk To Rome

Business class cabin, seats are arranged according to the 1-2-1 scheme. According to Seatguru, these seats have a wide pitch of 44 x 21 inches.

Ita Airways Launches

After rescuing Etihad Airways in 2014, Alitalia has revamped its business lounge. The new interior has bold color choices: black and yellow leather seats with seat belts, red.

The seating arrangement means that the windows in rows 2 and 4 are separate, so that the table is interrupted. After installation, each seat has a lumbar pad (red like the seat belt) and a pillow and blanket at the base.

Another thing I find useful is that there are individual air vents on the top but only on the side seats. There are no compartments above the middle seats, which gives the interior a sense of space.

There is storage space under the footpath. In addition, there is a pocket with plenty of space for a toiletry kit and a water bottle. The seat also had a 110V plug, a USB port and a LAN port (WTF?).

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Each seat has a 17-inch touchscreen and a hand-held remote control. Entertainment content includes a wide selection of movies, TV shows, sports, news and music. Non-branded headphones are provided after installation. I just finished watching a few episodes of The Man in the High Castle (very good ones by the way).

The Alitalia kit contains Salvatore Ferragamo products in a soft bag. Contents include sheets and socks, Colgate toothpaste + toothbrush, sugar and gluten-free peppermint, moisturizing lotion, lip balm, cleansing wipes and eau de toilette.

Shortly after leaving an aperitif was served and I had to try the Aperol Spritz! It is delicious served with hot fruits.

Alitalia From Jfk To Rome

I chose mouse breast to start. The presentation is impeccable and it tastes better than it looks.

I Flew Italy’s Newest Airline, Ita Airways — Here’s What It Was Like

Alitalia was a pleasant surprise. The food was well presented and delicious, the wine selection was good and the service was impeccable. An Aperol Spritz for an Aperitif can’t be more Italian! I missed the food court before boarding because I overslept. The seat was very comfortable and I fell asleep until the cabin was ready to board. Too bad I want to try the Italian language course.

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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to fly Iberia business class in one of their (old) ones.

On Wednesday, Lufthansa submitted an offer to acquire a small stake (estimated at 40%) in ITA Airways.

The Lux Traveller

Looking through my travel photos from last summer, I realized I haven’t posted an airline review yet, so today I’ll start… Alitalia gets a quick rap for their wide range of products, however I did serve the A330. . Air One’s first flights were great. I’d say it’s better than Air France, KLM, Lufthansa and Delta’s non-flat product business class. In 2008, before the merger between Alitalia and Air One, Air One ordered 12 A330s for delivery in 2010. After the merger, these aircraft were returned to the routes. Alitalia has come a long way. The aircraft features Alitalia’s new Magnifica business class with full leather seats (blankets and pillows provided), 1-2-1 seats, Bulgari suites, 15.4-inch screen with overhead entertainment, USB charging and playback, sound quality. – Bring headphones, outdoor camera and better food. As part of its modernization program that began in 2009, in July 2012 Alitalia completed the redesign of its entire fleet of 10 Boeing 777 aircraft, all of the same design as the A330 and the same Magnifica business class.

Alitalia operates the Michelangelo Lounge at JFK, nothing to write home about! We’re talking plastic cups for spirits, wine and beer, as well as sandwiches and salads. The living room has large seating and electric windows. Turkish Airlines passengers use the lounge. I had little time before take-off and was in the lounge for 15 minutes before reaching the boarding gate.

Once on board the service was good. I was greeted warmly, my coat was adjusted and I was offered a glass of prosecco. I was given a selection of magazines (all in Italian) and then didn’t see the flight attendants again until I left. We took off a few minutes early and the captain told us that we would land in Rome about 45 minutes before our scheduled time. Flight attendants arrive to provide a tray of drinks, a glass of prosecco and an appetizer and wine menu.

Alitalia From Jfk To Rome

The seating arrangement says 1-2-1 and I got a window seat in business class.

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The Bulgari beauty kit includes body lotion, aftershave, antioxidant emulsion, lip balm, Vibrant Radiant Regeneration Concentrate, Bulgari Man Eau de Cologne, ear plugs, eye care and socks.

The menu includes dinner options, Italian wine pairings and information about local products sourced from different regions of Italy.

Dinner was even better, it was my favorite meal on the plane and the service was exemplary. I loved how the two flight attendants worked together to place your plate in front of you. Presentation is also good. I chose pasta with tomato basil sauce and seafood.

Pasta is my favorite dish and the sauce is delicious. I love how they put my crab cakes in my place, adding the noodles, potatoes and parmesan cheese right in front of me.

Alitalia Airplanes Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

For the main course, work and service are the same technology. Both dishes are rolled out in the corridor and your choice is ready at your seat. Olive oil is added for better taste…

The main course was equally delicious and I really enjoyed the wine from Sardinia.

You will notice that there are two options for the main dishes on the menu: a chicken dish and a seafood dish. The driver in front of me was a vegetarian and had a huge plate of pasta with lots of dishes. I don’t know if there is a separate vegetarian option or not.

Alitalia From Jfk To Rome

15.4 The in-flight entertainment system is packed with more than 40 movies with updates. You can connect iPhone/iPod (not iPhone 5) directly to the device.

Alitalia A330 Trip Report Jfk Rome (fco)

The seat reclined into a perfectly comfortable bed and there was plenty of room to stretch your legs. The lower comforter was comfortable and the pillow even bigger, even though I took a new one from the free space in front of me to prop my head up. The bed is very similar to the one made on a Delta 777. I didn’t sleep much, but I relaxed and watched three movies before landing in Rome.

It was a great flight and one of my favorite trips to Europe. I enjoyed the food, the bed was comfortable and perfect for relaxing and watching movies on demand. I didn’t go into the plane with high hopes, so it was pretty cool. I would definitely choose an Alitalia product over a similar Delta flight to Rome or Milan in the future, and I wouldn’t have made that statement two years ago! Not to mention that it recently launched Air France and KLM’s transatlantic products. What’s more, I was lucky enough to book my parents Alitalia business flights from JFK using Delta SkyMiles in August!

My memory card was damaged at the end of this trip and I lost some of my Alitalia photos. Big thanks to Enrique from for filling in the blanks with seat and food photos from his Alitalia flight to CCS.

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