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Allsouth Federal Credit Union Hours – We started as Fort Jackson Federal Credit Union in 1960 and will celebrate 60 years of service next year. From the beginning, we have been committed to helping people and guided by our mission to make dreams come true and make life easier by making every day possible. As a credit union, our customers are members. Our priority is our members and we recommend the best team to serve them. Whether it’s helping our members buy their first home, save for their first child or go on a great vacation, our goal is to provide a great experience and build lasting relationships.

Our team’s compassion and commitment to providing exceptional service sets us apart from other financial institutions. We understand that everyone’s financial situation is different. Making our products and services easy to understand and equally accessible ensures that we provide the best solutions for our members. We aim to make things simple and easy, including buying a car or opening an account at your convenience, with easy loan and account applications available from a mobile phone. You can apply for, check and sign a loan directly from your mobile phone.

Allsouth Federal Credit Union Hours

Allsouth Federal Credit Union Hours

People are sometimes surprised to find that we offer the same convenient product and service options as a large national bank. Online and mobile banking, Mobile Deposit allows you to make checks on the go and Mobile Wallet provides a secure and convenient way to make purchases from your AllSouth card using your smartphone, manage your accounts 24/7 from anywhere. We offer a variety of products and services, including interest-bearing accounts, mortgages, money market accounts, auto loans, personal loans and other accounts that offer solutions that help you be make things possible for you and your family. You can start today and open an account online at or visit us in person at one of our 23 locations across the Midlands.

Getting Down To Business: Allsouth Federal Credit Union

We care about the communities we serve and are dedicated to giving back. For more than 23 years, we have raised more than $300,000 through our annual Soldiers and Vets Charity Golf Tournament. Over the years, proceeds from the tournament have been donated to the Fisher House, the USO, PAALS, the American Red Cross and other charities. As a company, we serve our community through employee volunteer and employee programs for a cause, and we have collectively supported organizations such as Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity, Hope Food Bank, and other local disadvantages. Help those with problems such as family crisis, homelessness or hunger. It’s late and you have to stop at the store to pick up some things for dinner. You get to the checkout to pay when you suddenly realize that your card is missing from your wallet. You immediately go into panic mode because you can’t remember where you put your card or the last time you used it. We can relate as we’ve all been there once or twice. The good news is, the next time something like this happens, you can put your mind at ease and reduce stress with the CardControl app. CardControl, the mobile banking app, gives you the power to manage your AllSouth debit card anywhere, anytime from your smartphone. This includes features that allow you to easily turn your card on or off, track your transactions and set spending limits. CardControl protects your cards from fraudulent activity by blocking certain transactions and alerting you when your card is used. It’s a great way to know what’s going on with your card at all times. CardControl Features Turn Your Card “On” and “Off” This feature allows you to temporarily turn your card on if it is lost or stolen. Disabling your card when not in use can prevent fraudulent activity as no transactions are allowed when set to this feature. You can easily restart your map when you see it or when you are ready to use it. Control where your card is used The location control feature lets you block transactions based on where your card is used or your phone’s location. There are three location options: My Location: If GPS is enabled on your phone, a transaction outside of your phone will not be processed. Your mobile phone and the merchant’s site must match to authorize the purchase. My Areas: You can set up different areas that allow you to make purchases in these areas. All purchases made outside of the designated areas will be declined. Country: This option allows you to select the countries where transactions in the store are allowed and protected. All transactions made outside the selected country will be rejected. You can also limit the types of stores – department, entertainment, gas stations, grocery stores, personal care stores, restaurants and travel – you can use your card. Card Contol Track Your Transactions lets you set up alerts to notify you when you make a purchase with your AllSouth debit card. Get real-time alerts that tell you immediately when you or a fraudster is using your card. The alert shows the location, date, transaction amount and the card used for the transaction. You will also receive a notification if you reject the transaction. Managing Your Expenses Let’s say you tend to spend a lot or need help sticking to your budget. If so, this feature will help you manage your finances better. It allows you to set spending limits for each transaction based on business categories such as supermarkets, restaurants and gas stations. Exceeding the set spending limit will result in the transaction being rejected. Getting started Setting up card management is quick and easy. Before using the CardControl app, you must download the AllSouth Mobile Banking app. After downloading and registering for both apps, you can set the features based on your preference. The mobile app is available in the Apple App Store® or the Google Play™ store. The next time you lose your card or just want another tool to help you better manage your finances, CardControl can help you feel comfortable and stay on budget. It allows you to manage your cards and your finances.

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Mobile Wallet: The Help Guide Today, it’s all about adding your payment and credit cards to your mobile wallet… At AllSouth, our goal is to provide products and services that help you get to your destinations. Save your money and continue with your AllSouth. -Look like. The bank does. From buying your first car to buying your dream home, we are here to help you throughout your financial journey and give you the best banking experience. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy when you choose AllSouth. Meet the needs of members. Whether you’re looking to finance your home or open a specific savings account, we’ve got you covered. Our core products and services offer the lowest rates and the best rates. We offer a variety of checking and savings accounts with options to help you manage your finances and save money. For example, we offer a 12-month add-on certificate that can be locked with a $100 deposit, and this allows you to deposit any amount you want at any time. If you are ready to buy a home or car, we have mortgage loans and car loans to help you through the process. For example, we offer a first-time home buyer program to help you buy your home with no down payment. In addition, we offer IRAs to help with retirement savings, VISA® credit cards with cash back rewards, and more. Comfort. Members have many convenient ways to manage their accounts through online and mobile banking, ATMs and telephone banking. With online and mobile banking, you can enjoy the convenience of managing your accounts from anywhere (with internet access) and at any time (day or night). Online and mobile banking allows you to open accounts, apply for loans, make transfers, check your balance, deposit checks, view your statements, pay bills and more. Members have access to 75 ATMs across the Midlands region. From our ATMs, members can withdraw money from their accounts, make transfers, check their balance and more. “The exceptional personal attention of AllSouth staff enhances our lending experience,” said AllSouth member Fred. Personal work. Are you newlywed and ready to get into finances, but don’t know where to start or which accounts to work with?

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