Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It

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Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It – Classic eyelash extensions are very popular among lunatics all over the world. While there are other beautiful lash styles such as volume and mega volume extensions, classic lashes never seem to go out of style. An ultimate natural and timeless look that provides classic eyelash extensions, loved by many eyelash lovers.

As an eyelash artist, we’re sure you get a lot of requests for classic eyelash extensions. In this article, LivBay Lash gives you all the information about classic lashes that will help you answer your client’s questions during your consultation and give classic lashes like a pro.

Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It

Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It

Let’s start from the beginning and go through the process of creating a classic set. Compared to other eyelash extension styles, the classic is the easiest to create. The technique is simple – working on classic eyelash extensions involves attaching a single false eyelash to each natural eyelash. This approach is often referred to as a 1:1 or 1 to 1 strategy.

Eyelash Extensions Guide: The Cost, How Long They Last, Before And After Photos

Now let’s talk about the tools you’ll need to make the ultimate classic kit. Let’s take a look at the types of lashes, bangs and teasers that work best for a classic look.

Because we only attach one lash extension to the client’s natural lashes, the diameter of the extension is relatively wider than a volume or mega volume. You can use eyelashes from 0.15 mm to 0.18 mm for a classic set. The exact width depends on the strength of the client’s eyelashes. In terms of length, you can choose anywhere from 8 mm to 16 mm. We recommend that you talk to your client about their wishes, ask them what kind of look they are going for, and choose the length of eyelash extensions accordingly.

When working on an eyelash extension kit, including the classic one, you must use eyelash glue. Considering the fact that tons of mascara produces strong foams, you need to make sure that your client is not allergic to any of the ingredients. We recommend that you ask about latex and carbon black sensitivity (these ingredients are more likely to act as allergens). If your client seems sensitive to one or both of these chemicals, consider using a clear adhesive that does not contain them. Your client has no allergies, congratulations! You can use high quality glue for their classic eyelash extensions! Be sure to choose one suitable for the humidity and temperature of your location to ensure you get the most out of your mascara. You can check out some of our favorite florals here.

When it comes to choosing tweezers for a classic lash set, there is usually no wrong tweezer for the job. Since it does not require you to make a fan like the volume and mega volume sets, there is no need to use curved tip tweezers. In fact, some lash artists prefer to use plain, good old straight tweezers for the 1:1 technique. The only suggestion we can make is to use spoons that fit your hand. Never forget that holding the eyelash tweezer should not put too much pressure on your wrist. So your classic eyelash set will never go wrong if you choose one that has the right grip and fits your hand perfectly. If you still haven’t found your perfect fit, check out some of LivBay Lash Artist’s favorite teasers.

What’s The Deal With Eyelash Extensions And Are They Worth It?

Sometimes a client may come to the salon looking for a classic set, but when we examine their natural lashes, it seems that the classic style is not the best option for them. Classic eyelash extensions are perfect for clients who have natural eyelash lines. Classic sets will give them extra length and enhance the shape of the eyes.

The condition of your client’s natural lashes is also very important. Considering the lashes we use more for classic set weight than volume and mega volume lashes, you need strong, healthy natural lashes to work with. 0.15-0.18mm eyelashes are less likely to lose weight. Classic eyelash extension services are not recommended for those with weak eyelashes.

If your client’s lashes lack volume but still wants natural-looking eyelash extensions, you can offer hybrid eyelash extensions. Hybrid lashes are a combination of volume and classic sets. We use a volume fan to add length to lashes and classic lashes. As a result, we get eyelashes that look both natural and full.

Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It

There is an ongoing debate about whether eyelash extensions cause natural eyelashes to fall out. In our experience, if the work is done by an experienced beautician and the extensions are properly cared for by the customer, eyelash extensions will not cause any damage.

Getting Your Lashes Done? Here Are Some Tips On How To Protect Eyes And Avoid Allergies

Many customers feel that the extensions hurt their lashes when they find the sticks falling into the pad. What most people don’t realize is that natural eyelashes go through a growth cycle and fall out naturally after they are finished. Eyelash artists usually prefer to attach eyelash extensions to full grown eyelashes because they are thicker and ensure a stronger connection. Once these lashes finish their cycle, they fall out naturally, with lash extensions attached to them. If the lash artist provides quality services, the client’s eyelashes will not suffer short-term or long-term damage.

As a lash artist, it is your responsibility to explain to your clients that how they care for their eyelash extensions also affects their natural lashes. It is important to wash your eyelashes daily, avoid makeup, never miss a refill session and never remove them at home. Here is our step-by-step eyelash extension care guide that you can share with your clients to ensure that both natural lashes and extensions are well maintained.

For some, it may be a bit simple, but classic eyelash extensions have stood the test of time and have proven that they will never go out of style. So it doesn’t look like eyelash artists will be getting less requests for classic eyelash extensions anytime soon. We hope our little guide will help you find your way from the classic lash and your customer’s questions about the service. You answer. Have long, luscious lashes… and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Gone are the days of sticky, temporary sheets. Now we have the luxury of eyelash extensions. If you haven’t treated yourself to these beauties yet, you should.

From boosting your confidence to spicing up your routine, here are 5 reasons why you owe it to yourself to invest in eyelash extensions.

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Eyelash Extensions

If you want to up your game, the lashes are a great place to start. Not only do they add a natural pop to your face, they help create an overall more youthful appearance. Your eyes will look bigger and brighter. Also, eyelashes enhance the color of your eyes. You’ll look younger + healthier and you’ll feel better + braver…we guarantee!

You can do anything with eyelash extensions. From sweating it out in fitness class to taking a dip on your next vacation, these bad boys are waterproof so you don’t have to worry about keeping the wrong mascara or mascara on or causing discomfort.

Believe it or not, eyelash extensions are comfortable. In fact, after a few days you’ll almost forget they’re there…except when you catch a glimpse of those cute babies in the mirror! The lashes do not weigh down your eyes and are very light which makes them comfortable to wear all the time.

Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It

It’s nice to be light, but sometimes this natural look just can’t be broken. The beauty of eyelash extensions? They give you that minimal and natural boost without all the products. Eye extensions give you a natural, fresh look with very little effort. And that means they also cut down on the time you spend getting ready each day!

Three Reasons Eyelash Extensions Are Worth It

After all, you deserve some self-love. While mascara does wonders for looks and confidence, the process is really relaxing. So, if you’re visiting, we highly recommend taking some “me time” and kicking yourself some balls… your only regret will be not doing it sooner!

TLDR: Lashes will give you bigger, brighter eyes every day, and they’ll save you prep time, reduce the amount of product you use every day, and boost your confidence. Overall most women don’t have the patience or time to apply false eyelashes every day (even we don’t have enough time to get mascara or eyelash curlers). While no makeup product or tool lasts more than a few hours, it’s no surprise that eyelash extensions are an increasingly popular trend and all the rage in the fashion world. If you haven’t tried these beautiful filter filters yet, here it is

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