Arizona Federal Credit Union Credit Card

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Arizona Federal Credit Union Credit Card – Show the Red Sea with every purchase! Desert Financial is the official credit union of the Arizona Cardinals. Once you join the team and open a free account, you can access the game with an exclusive Visa® Arizona Cardinals debit card!

Our contactless Cardinals feature the latest in click-to-pay technology. You can pay with your mobile device for secure, easy and touch-free payment methods – so you can get the best Cardinals and more. Available.

Arizona Federal Credit Union Credit Card

Arizona Federal Credit Union Credit Card

There are many benefits to using a debit card for daily purchases and large purchases, and for consumer debit cards, we offer cardholders three benefits.

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If the eligible retail purchase is stolen or damaged within the first 90 days, the purchase protection card can be replaced, repaired or refunded to the cardholder up to $ 500.

Existing warranty can be doubled up to one year, in addition to a warranty valid for three years or less. Cardholders can claim a maximum of $ 10,000.

Anti-theft cards can provide up to $ 5,000 in compensation for lost wages, fees and other costs if the owner’s identity card is stolen.

For more information and to get the benefits of your cardholder, please contact us at (602) 433-7000. Please note that cardholder benefits are not available for corporate debit cards.

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Debit cards can still work the way you always do (swipe the card or insert it into a chip reader). We have added the latest payment technology as another option for our members for a more secure and convenient payment method!

Contactless technology is safe, secure and convenient! Most merchants offer a touch to pay when withdrawing money, but if the merchant does not have the option to pay by click or you want to use the chip, you can use your card at the chip reader. We are committed to providing solutions that make life easier for our members and are excited to offer contactless technology on all of our Visa debit cards in the future!

Yes! All non-contact operations are protected by the same secure encryption technology as any chip operation. A number of other security measures have also been put in place. Because the card does not leave the customer’s hand, there is less chance of it interfering with other card data (such as card number or CVV).

Arizona Federal Credit Union Credit Card

No, you cannot double-drag if you have more than one contactless card. The contactless reader is specifically designed to connect to a single card and perform a single operation at the same time. One transaction must be completed or canceled before a second payment can be initiated.

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Can I make a purchase without knowing I am walking past a reader and have a contactless card in my wallet?

No, to process your unrelated card transaction with the authorized transaction amount must be kept within four centimeters of the card reader for more than half a second. As you walk past your unrelated card reader you will not be charged for the purchase.

If you do not have Desert Financial Visa Contactless Debit Card, you can go to your local branch and get the same day print. ** Alternatively, you can order Visa Contactless Debit Card through our manager at In online and telephone banking. You can contact the Member Experience Center through the widgets or through the Online Banking Message Center Chat or by calling 602-433-7000.

** Please note that HSA and ATM cards cannot be printed on the same day. You can go to your local branch or call our Member Experience Center to order an HSA or ATM card.

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In this section you will find frequently asked questions about your Visa Financial Desert debit card. This section applies to all Desert Financial Debit Cards, including unrelated Debit Cards.

I am going abroad. What should I do to get my card declined?

Members can log in to their online banking service or phone and click on ‘Card Administrator Widgets’. From there, you can enter the date and location of your upcoming trip to make sure your card is valid overseas.

Arizona Federal Credit Union Credit Card

Some merchants may allow an amount other than the amount you paid, and once the transaction is canceled, the pre-authorized deposit amount will be released and the total amount you have paid Pay will be the amount credited to your account. This is not uncommon when paying at a gas station or restaurant where your tips are not part of the pre-authorization amount. If this happens:

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My card was blocked because I entered the wrong PIN too many times. What can I do?

For your security, your card will be blocked after three (3) unsuccessful attempts to enter your PIN. To unlock your card, you must contact the Member Experience Center at 602-433-7000 or visit your local branch.

The general practice of Desert Financial is to send a new card about 45 days before the card expires. To make sure you receive your card, go to Internet Banking and make sure we have the correct address and phone number.

If your card has expired and you have not yet received a new one, go to your local branch and get a new Contactless Visa Debit Card issued on the same day. You can contact our Member Experience Center via chat, text messaging, or by calling 602-433-7000.

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If you are having trouble activating your Visa Financial Desert Debit Card, please contact our Membership Experience Center via online chat or 602-433-7000. You can also visit your local branch for card activation assistance.

If your debit card is lost or stolen, you can call 855-578-5801 to report your card and order a new one. You can also report lost or stolen debit cards through online banking or mobile phones in the card manager widget.

When you report your card missing or stolen, your existing debit card will be closed and a replacement card will be ordered. It usually takes 7-10 business days to receive your new card by mail. Once the card is closed, it cannot be reopened. You will be given a new card number.

Arizona Federal Credit Union Credit Card

If a fraud has occurred on your account, our team will guide you through the steps to oppose a transaction.

Arizona Financial Credit Union, Scottsdale, Az

At Desert Financial, we work to track debit card transactions for fraudulent activities. When we notice suspicious activity in your debit card transaction, we may contact you via SMS asking you to answer yes or no once:

Important Information: Desert Financial will not ask for your personal or account information. For more information on scams, see the FAQs below. Notifying you of possible fraudulent activity is another way that Desert Financial can help protect you.

All members who provide or provide the current phone number to Desert Financial and have SMS enabled are automatically registered in the service.

Desert Financial provides this service to you free of charge. However, messaging and data charges may apply.

Reloadable Debit Cards: How They Work

Request personal or account information via email, SMS and / or phone call. An SMS will ask you to confirm or deny the new charges on your debit card that may indicate fraudulent activity. We ask you to answer yes or no as the only answer.

If you receive a suspicious message from Desert Financial asking for information other than yes or no, then it is a scam. Do not answer; To report an incident, call 602-433-7000.

Where can I update my phone number or email? How do I know if my information is up to date?

Arizona Federal Credit Union Credit Card

Updating your contact information with Desert Financial is essential so that the service can properly notify you of possible fraud. You can view and update your contact information through your online banking account by following these steps:

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In addition to SMS, you can receive emails and / or phone calls when suspicious activity is detected in your debit card transaction. You can also receive an email notification that fraudulent notifications have been sent via SMS.

The primary account holder must meet Desert Financial’s membership and credit terms, including opening a member savings account with a minimum balance of $ 25. Inspection is free; However, late fees such as deposit or NSF fees may apply. See published terms, conditions and press releases for full terms.

You must be a Rewards member or Rewards + member for at least six months of the calendar year to receive the annual bonus (“Member Return Bonus”). Additional restrictions apply. See Terms, Conditions and Press Releases for details.

Refer to the cash offer only to friends who are valid for a limited time. New members (“friends”) must submit a completed referral form and open a member’s savings and monitoring account when opening an account. New members cannot have an existing account (parent or co-owner) in the last 12 months. A referral and a friend can not initiate a loan.

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