Best Business Class New York To London

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Best Business Class New York To London – My trip from London to New York on American Airlines was one of the best flights I’ve ever encountered on the world’s largest airline. This review highlights Business Class on the 777-300ER.

The flight is part of a $300 basic economy ticket from Zurich to Los Angeles via London and New York. I installed the version using Integrated System Update.

Best Business Class New York To London

Best Business Class New York To London

I have shared all the stories surrounding child tickets, so skip the direct flight.

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American Airlines 105 London (LHR) – New York (JFK) Wednesday, January 6 Departure: 12:35 Arrival: 15:45 Time: 8:45 10am Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER Seats: 3J (Business Class)

The reversible fish seat used by American Airlines is my favorite business class seat in the sky, aside from the Qatar Airways QSuite. The cabin is divided into a small cabin with 8 seats in first class aft and a large cabin with 44 seats, kitchen and separate toilet for a total of 52 seats in business class.

Let’s say the plane is poorly packed. In fact, there are only two passengers in business class. We had the front cabin to ourselves, but could have most of the back cabin too!

The seats have power slots, luggage compartments in the arms and legs and side storage pockets, shoe storage and dual reading lights (along with ceiling lights). The IFE screen appears. Although I was sitting in the front row, I found plenty of space in this room.

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American Airlines uses a capsule that sits over the seat in a sealed package. I didn’t sleep during the flight, but I was a little crooked and the blanket was very warm. Business class chairs convert to bunk beds.

The seat is 43 inches in the upright position and 75 inches when fully flat. The seat is 20.5 inches wide.

I want to give a shout out to all the staff, but especially Augustine and Julia who took care of me (and my wife when we moved… more below).

Best Business Class New York To London

She is very attentive and kind. The smile under the mask was unforgettable and she showed so much warmth and care that it made me forget all about my snafu.

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Sure, she was attentive at lunch (like her colleague Lorraine), but she was active and always checking on us. It feels like a private jet experience…the cabin is for us and the service is at our pace.

Speaking of Augustine IFE, it was actually six hours of repeated Mickey Mouse cartoons. We don’t have a TV in our house, he doesn’t spend much time on my computer or phone, so flying is a special treat for him.

American has a few Mickey Mouse cartoons in its in-flight entertainment library, and you should hear Augustine laugh. Suddenly he burst out laughing, which really pleased him at the flight attendant. It was a cartoon about a race that ended in a crash…he couldn’t stop laughing at the crash, and he played the cartoon dozens of times during the flight.

Of course, there are other options, such as an extensive library. I watched Chris Nolan’s latest movie Tenet (and like all his movies I need to watch it again…). There is a huge library of movies, TV shows, music and games.

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AA uses Bang and Olufsen headphones which work well and I like the old Bose headphones.

Wi-Fi is theoretical, but I tried several times and it didn’t work. Fortunately, I finished all the work before the flight.

Immediately after take-off, service began with selected beverages and packets of smoked almonds (no hot nuts or hot towels during outbreaks). The menu is also distributed.

Best Business Class New York To London

I pre-ordered a meal for me and Agustin (and Heidi…), my favorite feature on American Airlines. Sea bass for me and chicken for Augustine.

International Flights New Business Class And New First Class B777 300er Seats

Lunch comes immediately after each course closes or closes. While the vegetables start and the lemon tart isn’t great, the main course of grilled sea bass with mustard greens, hot potato salad and asparagus tips is very tasty.

The menu said there was cappuccino and I asked the salesperson when it arrived. She made me happy, even though she was only shown “technical” for first class (one non-rotating seat and seven seats in first class).

Halfway through, I helped myself to the self-contained “buffet” located between the business class cabins. The smoked nuts are addictive and I eat a lot of bags!

Before landing, a choice of Thai noodle salad or beef BBQ sandwich is offered. I love BBQ beef, but ordering this sandwich was a huge mistake… it was too heavy with the toasted bread. I was also offered a plate of noodles, but satisfied and declined. At least potatoes and fresh fruit are delicious.

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While I sat in business class for the first and last part of the flight, my wife took business class in the middle of the flight. To be clear, I offered her an entire plane seat, but she refused and insisted I sit in the store with Augustine #bigwife. She was sitting with little Claire Marie in economy class, which was completely empty.

But I spent a few hours in the middle of the flight, including ice cream. Augustine was allowed to stay in his seat, but he followed me (and started watching Disney cartoons in economy class) ..) and at one point Heidi wanted to talk to me so we were all in economy class.

Bottom line: This six-hour day flight is perfectly functional in economy class, though I prefer business class.

Best Business Class New York To London

The 777-300 bathroom is spacious in business class and has a large farm-style sink with (fake) wood floors and plenty of room to move around. Loved lemon soap from CO but no other facilities. The bigger, the less.

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I really enjoyed my flight on American Airlines and look forward to another AA Business flight on the 777-300ER, especially with the restored nonstop service between London Heathrow and Los Angeles. Overall, I’d say American offers a better product than British Airways with seats, BA’s new Club World suites, even playing field. But the highlight of my flight was Julie … she was for American Airlines.

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Like airlines around the world, Delta is in the process of upgrading its long-haul fleet with new business class suites and new specialty economy seats.

It all started with the amazing Delta One suite on the new Airbus A350s, making the long journey to Asia. Delta then began upgrading its Boeing 777s and gave them the same treatment. But perhaps the oldest upgrade is the airline’s Boeing 767, one of its oldest aircraft, which it uses on most of its flights from the United States to Europe.

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Delta CEO Ed Bastian has hinted that the planes will also get the Delta One Suite treatment. But it doesn’t look like that.

Delta announced Thursday that it will begin flying its first refurbished 767s from Boston (BOS) and New York-JFK (JFK) to London-Heathrow (LHR) in November. And here’s a first look at what the 34 business class seats will look like on those flights.

It’s clear this isn’t the same Delta One scene we’ve seen before. At least not like that. Instead, it looks like a modified version of the suit – without the doors. As it stands, the new business class cabin will remain in a 1-2-1 layout, meaning all passengers will have direct access.

Best Business Class New York To London

Although the absence of a door is surprising, it makes sense. These planes are narrower than planes with closed-door suites. Putting a door on a 767 business class seat can take up valuable space or make the seat feel claustrophobic.

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Apart from some details like the size of the console area and the new business class seat controls, it is identical to the Delta One suite.

However, these new seats on the Boeing 767 are larger.

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