Best Businesses To Start In Texas

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Best Businesses To Start In Texas – Get fast and easy services with $0 plus state fees to file your Texas LLC quickly and accurately online

Want to start your own business as an LLC? Texas is a pro-business state, as limited liability companies (LLCs) are an easy business idea. This allows entrepreneurs credit protection without the burdensome corporate structure. It’s like getting the best barbecue in town without waiting in long lines.

Best Businesses To Start In Texas

Best Businesses To Start In Texas

However, forming an LLC in Texas requires you to follow certain steps and meet certain requirements, which can be intimidating if you have never started your own business before. That’s why we’re here to walk you through the process.

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The Texas Secretary of State has some rules if you want to set up your LLC easily, quickly and without costly penalties. To show you how to start an LLC in Texas, we’ve compiled five basic steps (think of Texas as steps two and steps three):

If that seems like a lot, don’t worry. In this article we will explain how to start an LLC in Texas. Plus, for those who don’t like government red tape (and who does?), we’ll show you how our services can help you start, manage and grow your business, including LLC. arrangement. Country. from Texas

Note that these instructions are for starting a domestic LLC, incorporated in the state where you live. A Foreign LLC is one established abroad. To register a foreign LLC in Texas, you must complete a Foreign Liability Company Registration Application and follow a separate process.

If the purpose of your proposed business is to provide licensed professional services (such as medicine, architecture, accounting, etc.), a Texas professional LLC (PLLC) may be an option for you. We do not offer a PLLC structure and follow a slightly different process than other Texas LLCs. However, you can visit our Texas PLLC page for more information.

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The first step is to find an LLC name. Texas is only one state, and your Texas limited liability company must have a unique name. Any business name in the country must be unique. It must also follow the Texas limited liability company name guidelines.

How do you know the name you want is there? Follow the instructions on our Texas business search page and enter the LLC name of your choice. If no one picked it up, great! If not, keep watching.

If you see a name that isn’t mentioned on the site, it’s also a good idea to call ahead to confirm that the name is available, as the system is not perfect, unfortunately. The Secretary of State can give you an advance decision on whether your name is available by calling (512) 463-5555 or However, you are cautioned not to spend any money or do any business under the name until your Certificate of Incorporation is received.

Best Businesses To Start In Texas

Remember that Texas law requires that your name be “distinguished” from other business names, meaning punctuation, capitalization, or adding an “ha” in front of your LLC name will not do. minor changes. Similar noise is also problematic (eg, “express auto” versus “express auto”) unless there is a clear difference in meaning (eg, “Jones Tires” versus “Jones Tires”). Common sense will guide you here, but you can also check your state’s registration laws on the Secretary of State’s website.

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Some Texas business name laws are intended to protect the public. You cannot use wording that suggests your LLC is a government agency or that it was created for an illegal purpose.

Other words can be used in your company name as long as you have the proper documentation. If you are a banker, lawyer, engineer, doctor, university, architect, insurance, or any profession that requires a degree of some kind, the government wants you to avoid putting such words in the border of the you. license. Texas. The name of the credit company.

Texas also prohibits “any offensive business name”. State law isn’t exactly clear on what that is (but we’re curious). See what we said about letting your mind guide you above.

Have you ever wondered what those words or abbreviations after your business name (eg, “Inc.”) are pronounced? They are pointers, and they show what kind of legal business entity you are. Texas requires one after the name of your LLC.

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You can use “Limited Liability Company”, “Limited Company” or an abbreviation of one of these phrases. “LLC” is more common, but LC, LC, LLC, LTD. Company Limited, Company, Limited Liability Company or Limited You can also use Liability Company. Note that Texas Code does not allow you to use the words “limited” or “company” in the name of your LLC.

Having a different group is not enough to distinguish one business name from another in the eyes of the government. If Kramer wants to call the LLC “Kramer’s Kolaches, LLC,” but is already Kramer’s Kolaches, Inc. If anyone is there, it has to be more creative. Likewise, you can’t include a confusing denominator, such as adding “inc.” If you are an LLC or “non-profit,” you are a nonprofit business.

Trademarks are not recognized in national surveys. The state may recognize your LLC name and you can spend a lot of money on signage, business cards, advertising, etc. The service is to let someone know that they are infringing their trademark.

Best Businesses To Start In Texas

Search the US Patent and Trademark Office website to see if your LLC is nationally trademarked. You can also try to apply for your trademark, but this can be a long process.

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To see if your name is trademarked at the state level, visit the Trademarks and Service Marks section of the Texas Secretary of State’s website. For a fee, the office can conduct a state trademark search for you. For more information call 512-463-9760 or email

You can apply for your country’s version. This type of mark will only be valid within the borders of Texas, but it is easier to obtain than a federal mark.

We must mention here that none of the methods mentioned above guarantee that no one will file a criminal complaint against you. The more research you can do about the business name you want (Googling, looking in the phone book or talking to a business attorney, etc.), the better.

If you come up with the perfect name for your LLC, but don’t want someone else to use it before you officially start your company, you can keep the name for 120 days. Visit website of the Secretary of State, complete the application, and pay the required fee.

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Even easier, you can use our business name storage service. Not only will we reserve the name for you, but we’ll also do an initial search to confirm it’s available.

Even if your business has little to do with the Internet, it is still important to have an Internet presence. When your customers search for your business or businesses like yours, they will often do so online. So when deciding on a name for your LLC, consider choosing one that is compatible with a usable domain name that you can use for your website.

Of course, if your first choice domain name doesn’t have an available domain name, but your second choice does, you can seriously consider using your second choice.

Best Businesses To Start In Texas

When evaluating your business name options, consider whether the name you want is available online as a domain name. Having a business name that is also available as a URL means that you will have a website that is easy for customers to find and remember.

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Our domain name search tool will help you see if the domain name you’re looking for is available as a URL. When you find an available domain name that you like, it’s a good idea to secure it before someone else does.

You might consider social media and see what tools are out there. Many businesses advertise on Facebook, Instagram and similar websites, so having the right social media name can help you with your online marketing.

If you need help, we have a domain name service to help you find and buy a domain name for your business. We can also help you set up a hosting website and provide domain privacy.

If you plan to do business under a name other than your company’s legal name, you will need a DBA or “doing business as” name, also known as an “assumed name”. Texas. .

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You can register as a DBA by completing a Fictitious Name Certificate and mailing it to the Texas Secretary of State for a small fee.

Sometimes companies use a DBA if they want to open a new store or start a product line under a different name. We can manage the process with our DBA service.

Still having trouble finding the right name for your new business? See How to Name Your LLC for more instructions.

Best Businesses To Start In Texas

Next, select a registered agent for your business. The government needs to be able to access your LLC. They need a name (individual or business entity) and a Texas address for your business

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