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Best Computer For Vinyl Cutter – The Graphtec CE7000 vinyl plotter series is now available in 3 widths: 15″, 24″ and 50″. It is positioned as one of the most cost-effective cutting designs in clothing decoration, signage graphics. , publications and car markets, etc.

The CE7000 series has advanced features such as a registration sensor for print marks and cutting function, cutting ability, and cutting accuracy of more than 15 feet at a highly competitive price and low cost.

Best Computer For Vinyl Cutter

Best Computer For Vinyl Cutter

Save time and reduce the chance of production errors by using barcodes to automate many tasks with the click of a button.

Best Vinyl Cutter Software In 2023

Separate positions for contour and cutting tools ensure blade and cutting durability while creating decals and graphics that easily peel off sheet and media. Easily allow for punching or punching.

A new USB port has been added to accept thumb drives, so jobs can be edited and edited without the need for a computer. Select a barcode function or select a file directly from the main drive.

The Graphtec CE7000 uses the same advanced commercial design software as the top flatbed printers and includes the Cutting Master 4 plug-in which allows you to run designs from software such as Adobe Illustrator and the CorelDRAW graphics suite .

Easy-to-use software for creating original designs. It includes advanced features such as automatic shapes, shading and editing functions. It can also configure cutting positions and other plotter settings. EPS/Ai/CMX/PDF file compatibility allows users to import existing designs.

Leica Ta 410 Vinyl Plotter Cutter With Computer And Software Working Condition

This is an easy-to-use software for Mac OS to create original designs. Drawings can be easily created using program icons arranged around the drawing area.

Cutting Master 4 is a plug-in software for Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW graphics suite. Send cutting information to planners, view cut views, add registration marks, change equipment/work conditions and more. This easy-to-use plug-in lets you get the most out of your design.

Newly developed Automated Registration System, or ARMS, for print and die applications. The Datalink barcode system is a new addition to ARMS. Barcodes can now be displayed and printed as part of the design making it a hands-free process. Reading registration marks quickly increases productivity.

Best Computer For Vinyl Cutter

Save time and reduce the chance of production errors by using barcodes to automate many tasks with the click of a button. DataLink supports any combination of RIP software and printers and includes software for Cutting Master 4 and Graphtec Pro Studio. The CE7000 requests barcode data from the operator’s computer or USB flash drive, opens the appropriate file, sets the cutting conditions, and starts cutting automatically.

Graphtec Ce7000 60 Vinyl Plotter/cutter

This function is implemented in addition to the field compensation of the current section of the x-axis direction. Midmark is available not only for X but also for Y axis alignment.

Expands the planting area to include objects outside the area enclosed by registration marks. Production efficiency is increased by reducing media waste. Orders in excess of available stock are processed as special orders, which require additional processing and shipping time and are not eligible for returns.

Roland DG Camm-1 GS-24 Desktop vinyl cutter with a digital servo motor, a folding cutter for thick materials and a slotted cutter for outgoing stickers. The GS-24 has 40% more cutting power than the GX-24 thanks to a new head design. The GS-24 is Roland DG’s most advanced desktop vinyl cutter to date.

The desktop model Roland DG CAMM-1 GS-24 is perfect and works very well. With a fully adjustable cutting motor and blade holder, the GS-24 offers great stability and a weight reduction of 350 grams. Translation: you can cut more than ever, even on thick, dense substrates. Pictures of cars. Signs and stickers. embroidered clothes. Structure graphics. even more. With advanced capabilities and unmatched reliability, backed by a 3-year hassle-free warranty, the GS-24 is the best Roland DG desktop mixer yet.

From Printer To Vinyl Cutter

With a newly designed LCD panel, a blade groove on its apron for easy manual cutting, and an included roller base that keeps the feed straight, we’ve made sure the GS-24 is as easy to use as possible. technologically advanced.

With a redesigned cutter carriage and blade holder, the GS-24 isn’t just for cutting vinyl. It accepts a wide range of additional tools (from two to 27.5 inches in diameter), including paint masks, aggregates, heat transfer and sandblasting tools. The GS-24 does it all.

The GS-24 has advanced top cutting (up to 10 times), half or hole cutting, and line color cutting capabilities. Now, complex work processes are easier than ever. Strength comes from within. The GS-24 flexes its muscles with a force of up to 350 grams (an increase of 39.5%) and makes thick substrates like magnetic materials a piece of cake.

Best Computer For Vinyl Cutter

Equipped with an optical registration system, the GS-24 desktop printer recognizes cut marks, aligns the media precisely to produce accurate cuts every time.

Cricut Maker White 2003925

The included Roland CutStudio plug-in is specially designed to work seamlessly with Roland Cutter, allowing you to display cut images quickly, easily and accurately, including and resize, position, rotate and mirror the image. The GS-24 also cuts large images using an improved tiling system and cuts true-size fonts without the need for detail. CutStudio supports BMP, JPG, STX, AI and EPS file formats and can cut directly in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. Cut Studio works on both Mac and PC.

Thanks to a highly innovative digital servo motor, the GS-24 can handle vinyl cutting jobs as well as cutting jobs involving other types of materials at a speed of 20 inches per second. But speed means nothing without accuracy. That’s where our curve smoothing feature comes in – precise cutting at high speeds to improve productivity and efficiency.

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