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Best Master In Business Analytics – College Choice’s “Best Big Data Degree” ranking places it in the top 10 in the nation – and for the Master of Business Analysis – making it Connecticut’s only top 10 school.

Our MSBA program provides students with the modern, innovative education they need to become successful leaders in business and beyond.

Best Master In Business Analytics

Best Master In Business Analytics

According to College Choice’s 2019 “Best 50 Big Data Degrees” ranking, the university’s Master of Business Analytics (MSBA) program ranks in the top 10 in the nation and the best in Connecticut. Carnegie Mellon University, Johns Hopkins University, University of California at Berkeley, Villanova University, Pennsylvania State University and Boston University also round out the top 10.

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The ranking balances cost, reputation, quality of education and graduation success rate. Includes data insights for sorting

, National Center for Education Statistics and Also included are data from a national survey of freshmen released by the Institute for Higher Education Research at UCLA, in which students rated “academic reputation, financial offerings, cost, overall scholastic performance, and graduation success rate.”

Business analysis refers to the skills, technologies, applications and practices of continuous iterative exploration and investigation using data and statistical methods to better understand and improve business planning. The MSBA program is designed for busy professionals who want to advance their organization through sound strategic decisions based on a deep understanding of data and statistical methods.

“Our ever-changing society needs professionals who can analyze the myriad of data critical to business success,” said Shan Li, dean of the Dolan School. “Our MSBA program provides students with the modern, innovative education they need to become successful leaders in business and beyond.”

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The College Choice ranking is the latest of several awards for the university. In February, The Princeton Review named it one of the best in the country for return on investment, internship opportunities and alumni networks. Also named #1 in the North

Breaking News The university contributes nearly $1 billion a year to the local economy, and Philip J. Read the article Lane, PhD, P’10, April 12 Read the article Win the Four Stags MAAC Basketball Award Star. Team: AdXR Augmented Reality Ad Network Launch Read Article March 21 Black Abolitionist Conference in Ireland Read Article Students Bring Kakuma Refugee Experience to Colleges Christian Engagement, March 22, Article Program Read Academic Directors The Smart Use of Data it is at the center of business decisions today and the engine of social and economic evolution in the coming years. This is perhaps one of the most important themes of our time. Analysts estimate that data-related businesses have generated nearly $10 billion in recent years and will generate more than $30 billion in the coming years. Job growth is huge: companies and organizations will need 200,000 data scientists and business analytics leaders in the coming years. Furthermore, the exponential growth in content generation will generate a huge demand for highly skilled people with in-depth knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the technical and business challenges driving the AI ​​age and digital revolution. Recent business studies converge on the approximate need to train millions of data scientists and leaders in the next decade. That’s why two prestigious French business schools and CentraleSupélec have joined forces to offer this very innovative and comprehensive program. We believe that truly innovative leaders must be both business savvy and data savvy. We therefore offer a unique program where students learn and integrate key skills in innovation and wealth creation that are increasingly sought after by companies. This master aims to develop strong mathematical modeling, computer science and management skills for committed students with a deep understanding of data science and business analysis methods. Guillaume Chevillon Nicos Paragios Laurent Alfandari Fragkiskos Malliaros Abdelmounaim Deras

This hybrid program combines the faculty resources of a leading business school and a leading engineering school in Paris and Singapore to offer a unique and innovative program over 2 years (M1 + M2) or 1 year (M2 only). ), according to you . Degree and background.

Best Master In Business Analytics

To master data science and business analytics techniques, the program has a strong scientific orientation and aims to provide students with a holistic view of these complementary and inextricably linked fields, for a comprehensive understanding of the underlying challenges of the digital age. To develop them into fully functional professionals.

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The duration of the Master in Data Sciences & Business Analytics is 2 years (Master 1+Master 2) or 1 year (Master 2 only), depending on your education and your last degree.

Bac+3 or License 3 minimum: You will complete the course in 2 years (M1+M2).

Bachelor’s or Master’s in 4 years minimum: you will complete the program in 1 year (M2).

If the committee board feels that your education is strong but not comprehensive enough in some of the required aspects, we may ask you to participate in a two-year program (M1 + M2) to build your strength and ensure your success.

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Master 2 (M2) One year to learn data science and business analytics techniques and tailor the program to your specific career goals

Based on the theory, methodology, uses and applications of data science and business analytics, this pedagogy introduces students to the technological and business challenges that underpin the AI ​​age and digital revolution. The faculty combine academic and professional perspectives for teaching excellence, and most lecturers hold doctorates and are therefore internationally recognized experts in their fields. Year 1 (Master 1; M1) Depending on your education and your most recent diploma in France and CentraleSupélec France, you will start the program in M1, the total duration of the program is 2 years (M1+M2). To help you develop your strengths and build your foundations, you’ll begin the program with a first period of foundations in business, mathematics, statistics and computer science at Supelec’s central campus. Sample courses: Analysis Statistical Probability Optimization Intro to Economics, Accounting Intro to Economics In the second quarter, you will take core courses in the same subject areas on the France campus, as well as a hackathon organized by Echimetrics and Artifact. During this first year, you will be able to discover your professional interest to help you decide which course to choose in year 2 (M2). Sample courses: Advanced Coding Algebra Statistical Inference Managing IT in the Digital Age Strategy Marketing Analytics You can do a 4-6 month internship at CentraleSupelec France, Asia at the end of year 2 of the M1 (Master 2; M2). Pacific (Singapore) Depending on your background and your most recent degree, you will start the program in M2, the total duration of the program is 1 year (M2) or continue until the second year of the program (M2) if you started . In M1. This year (M2) is divided into two academic terms to master data science, business analysis and digital strategy techniques. Courses are tailored to your specific career goals, being highly qualified in content and responding to recent trends and challenges. Period 1: Build your foundations in and around Supelec in central France. Regardless of your later choice, you will always start the program in France. In the first semester, from September to December, you will take refresher courses and common basics. Sample Courses: Algorithms, Techniques, and Optimization of Big Data Platforms Predictive Analytics Fundamentals Machine Learning Fundamentals Term 2: Choose your major/minor course in France, Central Supelec, Singapore. Specialize. You must take at least one major (4 courses) and one minor (2 courses). 3 Major Data Sciences Business Analytics Digital Strategy 2 Minor Data Sciences Business Analytics To secure a complete program, you must complete two courses, Data Sciences and Business Analytics. Depending on your choice, you will continue your program at one or more of our three campuses, and you will also have the option to take courses or minors from other directions, giving you full and comprehensive skills. There is no upper limit to the number of electives and a dual major is possible. Term 2 includes an international excursion during which students explore a specific industrial hub and interact with companies. Examples of Data Science major/secondary courses at Central Supelec (Paris area), France: Big Data Algorithms, Techniques and Platforms Machine Learning Advanced Deep Learning Reinforcement Learning Network Science Analytics Examples of Location Optimization in France (Area of Paris)

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