Best Printer For Business Cards And Flyers

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Photo printers are the last step in the digital darkroom, capable of turning images from ideas into tangible, gallery-worthy works of art that can last a lifetime. We recommend the Epson SureColor P700 for photography enthusiasts who want to make professional-quality prints at home. This inkjet printer uses long-lasting ink pigments to deliver excellent results. The P700 can print on any type of paper up to 13 inches wide and was the fastest printer we tested.

Best Printer For Business Cards And Flyers

Best Printer For Business Cards And Flyers

The P700 delivers high-quality prints with long-lasting pigment ink. It also offers a color touch screen and other attractive features. However, the need to replace the ink early is not easy to use.

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The Epson SureColor P700 consistently produces beautiful, high-quality color and black-and-white prints that accurately reflect original images on a variety of media types, using pigment-based archival inks designed to last a lifetime. It also includes two features not found on competitors: a color touch screen that is useful for maintaining and monitoring the printing process, and a transparent panel and internal light that allow you to see the progress of the print at a glance. really fascinating

The Pro-200 uses dye-based inks that produce sharp prints at a fraction of the cost, but don’t last as long as pigment-based inks.

If you’re on a budget, the Canon Pixma Pro-200 produces vivid prints with slightly less color accuracy than the Epson SureColor P700. Compared to most printers, it’s relatively easy to operate, with helpful on-screen operating tips and QR code links for more complex instructions. The dye-based inks used by printers and printers are more expensive than our printer and printer options. However, dye-based inks generally do not last as long as pigment inks, and while they may last a lifetime, they may not make it to the next generation.

Erin Lodi is a professional photojournalist, writer, and photographer with extensive experience researching, testing, and writing about photography trends, techniques, and tools, including her role as DPReview’s Mobile Image Editor. Erin and her colleague Amadou Diallo have spent a lot of time researching and testing dedicated photo printers since the first edition of this review in 2013. In addition to the expert insight we talked about in previous versions of this guide, Erin asked Taylor McAtee, print expert and owner of Seattle print shop Stretch and Staple, for a final test print to give his opinion on overall quality. per print. I heard.

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True photography enthusiasts who love to play with new material and intend to shoot often will love seeing their images come to life in large gallery quality prints. But be careful. A dedicated photo printer of this size and scope is not for the average photographer, let alone at this level of investment.

In other words, printing can help you become a better photographer, just like spending time in the darkroom. Understanding the entire process will take you through camera settings, the editing process, and how your work will be displayed, from pressing the shutter button to seeing your image come to life on a matte 13 x 19-inch art gallery-like print. for the coming decades. If you are used to selecting and editing images that are consumed in a fleeting moment on a small phone screen, this change can be revolutionary for your development as a photographer. And if you’re stuck with the type of photography you’re doing, a dedicated photo printer can open up a world of new possibilities and perspectives as you consider how your work will look when printed on different media and sizes. .

We spent a lot of time researching inkjet photo printers for this review. We read reviews from reputable sources like Digital Camera World, Northlight Images, PCMag and TechRadar and scoured the internet for customer reviews on Amazon and other retail sites.

Best Printer For Business Cards And Flyers

We showed print expert Taylor McAtee recent test prints to get his feedback on the output quality of each printer we tested. Photo: Erin Lodi

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Our research and testing for this round of this review and previous iterations has allowed us to narrow down the contenders in this category to three printers for extensive hands-on testing. The Epson SureColor P700, Canon Pixma Pro-200 and Canon imagePrograf Pro-300 were compared by printing dozens of images of each model on various media.

Print on glossy and matte papers up to 13 inches wide using the ICC profile provided by your printer supplier. To print in black and white, use the printer driver’s black and white mode at its default settings, and turn off the color management options in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. We printed the images at the printer’s native resolution and worked with expert Taylor McAtee to view the prints in a variety of lighting conditions, including professional lighting at our Seattle print shop. Although using the highest setting produced more accurate results in our tests (significantly longer print times), the difference was small enough to recommend the default setting in most cases.

I started with RAW format files shot on a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, printed in Lightroom and Photoshop, and tried free downloadable software from Canon and Epson for comparison.

Ink usage is difficult to quantify accurately because usage varies depending on the type and size of images being printed. Therefore, in order to compare the operating costs of various models, we calculated the cost per milliliter to determine the size and price of the cartridges.

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We set up each printer on our home Wi-Fi network and compared speeds using wired and wireless connections. The latter was much slower, but Wi-Fi worked well enough with each printer, and I found it more convenient to wait a little longer than to keep fumbling with USB cables.

The Epson SureColor P700 produces beautiful, high-quality color and black-and-white prints that are perfect for hanging at home or in galleries. Tested time and time again, it matches your color-calibrated computer screen. Color prints showed impressive detail and accurate skin tones, while black-and-white prints displayed the full range of tones more consistently than the competition without color.

The tilting 4.3-inch color touchscreen is useful for maintaining and controlling the printing process while displaying images. Touchscreens make changing paper type and size feel more flexible than competing printers that only offer physical buttons for those tasks. Graphical instructions provide step-by-step help and explanations. Transparent panels and internal lighting allow you to see each print in progress. This feature was as fascinating as watching the images appear on the tray in the darkroom.

Best Printer For Business Cards And Flyers

The P700 can print on media up to 13 inches wide and 1.5 mm thick. We found this to be a delicate condition, but the results were excellent on all the papers we tried, from the bright silver Moab Slickrock Metallic to artistically textured matte papers like Hahnemühle’s Photo Rag Bright White, which almost looks like watercolor. I did so. the paper The P700 can also use roll paper for printing large landscapes. All of the printers we tested can also create CD/DVD labels, a feature that feels very dated in 2021.

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When Epson announced the P700 in the fall of 2020, it introduced a new range of pigment inks for the printer that promises better color gamut (richer displays in all colors) and deeper blacks. Thanks to the improved 10-channel print head, you no longer have to switch between matte ink and black photo depending on the type of paper you are using. Epson. Surecolor P600. Each 25ml ink cartridge replacement costs about US$38 and US$1.52 per ml. With a total of 10 cartridges, you’ll spend almost half of the full price of your printer to get your first full set of ink. This means the cartridge should last twice as long as the Canon Pixma Pro-200, which costs $1.11 per ml of ink. However, the Pixma Pro-200’s cartridges are smaller (12.6ml), so you’ll need to change them more often, and since they use dye-based inks, there’s no guarantee they’ll last as long as the pigment types, but they should still look good. they would still immoderate Decades of pigment-based ink will last a lifetime or more when printed on art paper, and you’ll pay more for that longevity.

The Epson SureColor P700 is the only printer tested with a tilting color touchscreen that allows you to easily change paper type and size. It’s also fun to see how images look on screen when printed. Image:

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