Better Business Bureau In San Antonio

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Whether you’re looking for a plumber or a printer, she’ll point you in the right direction. Find trusted businesses in popular categories.

Better Business Bureau In San Antonio

Better Business Bureau In San Antonio

As a recognized company, your company ranks as a trusted company that operates with integrity and excellence. Increase the visibility of your TRUST profile by applying for credentials.

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Thank you very much for your help. I appreciate you and all those who serve you in the Office, thank you for caring not only for the best companies, but also for those with good quality and communication with customers. Again, your help is greatly appreciated.

“It’s important that our company is a part of this, as reputation and trust are the most valuable reasons people choose our company to look after their home and pets when they’re away.”

“It is very important for us to be part of it, because it gives us credibility and helps us get more customers.” You’ve heard it many times. Before doing business with any company, check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Here’s what a BBB rating really means.

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SAN ANTONIO, Texas – The first thing people check when looking at a Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​profile is the rating.

It works like letter grades in school; A+ is the best and F is the worst. Many factors determine the grade of a paper.

“There’s a rating system that we follow, including complaint scores, company size … all of those factors are part of what the rating looks like,” said Jason Meza, BBB regional director.

Better Business Bureau In San Antonio

Some companies will have “NR” or “No Rating” due to insufficient information or an ongoing review. The BBB considers the following in its assessment:

Comerica Bank Plaza — Msg Management

You can also find out if the company has BBB accreditation. If there is, there will be a flashlight stamp next to the company name. Here’s what this seal means:

“A lot of checks, licenses. We scratch profiles, make sure everything is top to bottom and correct,” Meza said. “Also, we expect more from our companies. We expect them to deliver on their promises, to advertise honestly, to do things to be a trusted company in our market.”

Not every business is eligible for BBB accreditation. A business must be able to complete, maintain and approve the BBB Code of Business Conduct to qualify for accreditation. A company pays a BBB fee upon recognition.

Look for customer reviews in the middle of the profile. Ratings are based on a five-star rating system. Click to read customer experiences with the company. All comments are moderated

What The Bbb Rating Means

“We want to make sure the review is legitimate,” Meza said. “We ensure market integration.”

Find customer complaints in the brand center below. You can also see if and how the company responded.

“If you don’t respond or don’t respond effectively, it can and in many cases does affect your letter grade,” Meza said.

Better Business Bureau In San Antonio

Business contact details are on the left hand side of the page. More details about the company can also be found below in the profile. It will list license information, type of business, parent company, names of owners and managers, and who to contact.

Explosion Originated In Underground Home On Southeast Side Property

Every business has a free BBB profile. It’s a red flag if you can’t find a business on the BBB website.

If you have a question The Witness would like to know, email us at EWTK@ or call us at 210-377-8647. A Wharton man told the Better Business Bureau that a full tank of Buc diesel was responsible for $8,500 in damage to his vehicle’s fuel system.

A La Feria woman told the nonprofit she bought a container of cinnamon honey at a New Braunfels Buc-ee only to find it had “fingerprints or tongue marks and what looks like lip marks on the inside of the lid.”

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Bbb Accredited Construction Near San Antonio, Tx

These are just two examples of nearly 100 customer complaints and opinions about the Texas-grown chain that have been filed with the Better Business Bureau since 2006. Many of those customers, unable to resolve the company’s problems, turned to institutions charitable.

Dan Parsons is president of the BBB of Greater Houston and South Texas, serving as a mediator on behalf of consumers and working with them to resolve their complaints.

By law, companies are not liable to BBB and their customers. With the exception of Whataburger, Garden Center of Houston and Buc-ee’s, most businesses responded, Parsons said.

Better Business Bureau In San Antonio

Buccaneer didn’t “respond and they told us they weren’t going,” Parsons told the Express-News. “This is unusual. I have two companies in my market that have officially told us to our face that they will not respond to complaints.”

Better Business Bureau Says No ‘lavish Spending’ By Wounded Warrior Project

Among the complaints filed with the BBB are against Buc-ee’s shoppers who were charged for gas or snacks they didn’t buy, or who spent months unsuccessfully trying to contact customer service representatives, the nonprofit reported.

On: ‘I walked into my nightmare’: Father on the street says daughter almost ran over daughter at Buc-ee’s in Alabama

Other complaints include spoiled food products and car damage that people say was caused by Buc-ee fuel or car washes.

Jeff Nadalo, general counsel for Buc-ee’s, told the Express-News that unhappy customers can go to our store to speak with a manager, and we welcome them to communicate with us on our website.

Why Does Texas Based Usaa Have An ‘f’ Rating From The Bbb? And Why Doesn’t The Company Seem To Care?

He added: “I would challenge them to go into the store and speak to the manager. They are there 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

A customer told BBB she found a nail in her closet. When she brought it up to the manager, “he told me I had 10 minutes to leave his property or he would call the police.”

Another customer told BBB that he tried to exchange some “defective” food and drinks but was not allowed to.

Better Business Bureau In San Antonio

After a complaint in 2020, a customer’s credit card was declined. The purchase was paid for by her husband, who has another card from another bank. A few days later, she was charged $103.56 from her account for a declined purchase at the store.

Don’t Shop On Price Alone’: Better Business Bureau Warns Last Minute Holiday Shoppers To Be Vigilant

“No one answers the phone, no one in the store can be contacted and I just want my money,” the person wrote in the complaint.

Others damaged their cars at car washes or bought gas, resulting in expensive repairs to engines and fuel systems.

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A customer told the BBB that a few days after buying diesel for his car in January 2020, the check engine light came on and his dealer found “sulfur in the fuel.”

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The man contacted Buc-ee, who instructed him to send a report to the mechanic. The company revealed that the diesel fuel sold at Buco is not of “inferior quality”. He said Buc never asked for a fuel sample.

Still, the complaints “are not overwhelming,” Parsons said. “They’re not too serious or too bad. They’re little things.”

“They’re building the next great pyramid,” Parsons said. “If you want to do this, come up with something like this. And with more customers and more interaction, you’re going to struggle. Just talk to the customer. It’s not hard to do.”

Better Business Bureau In San Antonio

“I bought a smoked turkey at Buc-ee’s in Bastrop, Texas. The crack made a lot of people sick and it had a pure chemical taste. We contacted the company several times and all we got back was that they asked for transaction information. Nope refunds applied No. follow or explain why the food tasted like floor cleaner.

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“I bought a package of Southwest Buc’s formula at a store near Fort Worth on Interstate 35. Unbeknownst to me, there was a foreign object in the package that broke two crowns in my mouth. I contacted customer service and asked for teeth cleaning only. Fixed. . I sent them detailed photos of the foreign object and also the damage. They denied my claim because they see nothing wrong with their product. So now I have to file a lawsuit against them.”

“I went through a car wash on the Katy Freeway on August 2, 2021 around 3pm. The car wash damaged my car and refused to pay for the damage. The car had a mold on the car that was not even a year old. Oni saying no they deviating

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