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Better Business Bureau San Antonio Tx – The Better Business Bureau is issuing a public advisory advising consumers to exercise caution when dealing with San Antonio-based Accents of Salado. Repeated complaints and refusal to correct business practices resulted in nearly $200,000 in customer disputes, earning the company an “F” rating. Consumers in 12 states previously filed a formal complaint against the company, which is headquartered in Salado, Texas.

Of the 16 complaints filed against the company in November 2020, 14 say they never received the furniture they paid for, and two consumers never received all of the furniture they ordered. These consumers also allege that Accent of Salado employees intentionally misled them about the status of their orders. In August 2022, the company changed its name to Custom Furniture of Texas and moved to San Antonio.

Better Business Bureau San Antonio Tx

Better Business Bureau San Antonio Tx

After numerous customer complaints were investigated, the company’s investigation team was unable to demonstrate that the company was operating from its last known address in San Antonio. In August 2022, the company’s website was launched; However, the company’s phone number is used with an automated message that includes the new name, location, and business hours.

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In the last 30 days, the company has received 96 inquiries about Custom Furniture of Texas/Accents of Salado and posted a consumer tip on their company profile. Company officials initially responded to messages related to the Better Business Bureau’s business practices and customer complaints; but repeated attempts to establish contact were unsuccessful. Inconsistencies between the ownership claims of individual companies and the Texas Secretary of State and Bexar County Clerk of State documents create confusion and difficulty in determining who is ultimately responsible for purchasing the products that customers purchase.

Initial discussions with the self-identified new business owner focused on changing the business name to help remove online reviews of Salado’s Accents. One person said the name change was intended to start the business with a clean slate, but the documents needed to prove ownership of the company were not provided, and the Better Business Bureau said the company was not making a good-faith effort to fix the previous problem. Customer complaints.

“This has all the hallmarks of a typical wash, rinse and repeat company that doesn’t want to deal with customer disputes,” said a member of the investigation team. “Once a certain amount of negative emotion is directed at a company, it just moves on, changes its name, and masquerades as a ‘new company’ when it really isn’t.”

At this point, Salado advises consumers to exercise caution when purchasing products from this company, known as Accents, Texas Custom Furniture or Custom Furniture & Imports. Consumers who have had a negative experience with this company are encouraged to contact the Better Business Bureau to report their experience or file a complaint online. Consumers who purchase unclaimed products from this company are advised to file a complaint with local law enforcement. A Wharton man told the Better Business Bureau that a full tank of Buc-ee gas was responsible for causing $8,500 in damage to his car’s fuel system.

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A woman from La Feria said she bought a box of cinnamon honey inside a new Braunfels Buc-ee, and the honey inside “looked like fingerprints or a tongue mark and lip marks on the inside of the lid.” “

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These are just two examples of nearly 100 customer complaints and reviews filed with the Better Business Bureau since 2006. Many of these customers turned to non-profit organizations when they were unable to resolve their issues with the company. for help

Better Business Bureau San Antonio Tx

Dan Parsons, president of BBB of Greater Houston and South Texas, mediates on behalf of clients and works with them to resolve their issues.

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Businesses are not legally obligated to respond to the BBB and their customers. Parsons said most businesses responded, except for Whataburger, Houston Garden Center and Book-e.

Buk-ee did not respond to Parsons Express-News and told us they would not. “This is unprecedented. I have only two companies in my market that have officially said they will not respond to complaints to our faces.”

According to the nonprofit, complaints filed with the BBB against Buc’s include customers who have been charged for gas or groceries or have had no success with customer service representatives for months.

Self: ‘I had a nightmare’: Father who was driving says girl was run over at Buck-e-e in Alabama.

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Other complaints have been caused by food defects and by people using Buc-ee gasoline or car washes.

Jeff Nadalo, Buc-ee’s general counsel, told the Express-News that disgruntled customers “can be directed to our store to speak with a manager, and we encourage them to contact us on our website.”

“I ask them to go to the store and talk to the manager. They’re open 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” he said.

Better Business Bureau San Antonio Tx

A customer told BBB she found a nail in a sandwich. When she reported it to the manager, she “told me I had 10 minutes to leave her property or she would call the police.”

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Another customer told BBB that she tried to exchange several “defective” foods and drinks, but was not allowed to do so.

According to the 2020 complaint, the customer’s debit card was declined. The man used a different card from another bank to pay for the purchase. A few days later, she received a $103.56 credit from her account for a rejected purchase at the store.

“No one answers the phone, no one at the store can be contacted and all I want is a refund,” she said.

Others damaged their vehicles at car washes or bought gasoline, resulting in expensive repairs to engines and fuel systems.

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A customer told BBB that within days of purchasing a diesel for his car in January 2020, the Check Motor Light appeared and the dealer’s mechanic found “sulfur in the fuel.”

The man contacted Buck and told him to send the report to a mechanic. The company said the diesel sold by Buc-ee was “not reduced.” Buk-e said he never asked for a fuel sample.

Better Business Bureau San Antonio Tx

Still, the protests “won’t shake the ground,” Parsons said. “They’re not too serious or too bad. They’re little things.

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“They’re building the next great pyramid,” Parsons said. “If you’re going to do this, be prepared for what comes next. More clients and more interactions you will have. Just direct them to the customer. It’s not difficult.

“I bought a smoked turkey at Buk-ee’s in Bastrop, Texas. The mess made many people sick and it tasted like chemical cleaner. I have contacted the company several times and have not received a response other than to ask about the transaction. No refund offer. There is no explanation or explanation as to why the food tastes like floor cleaner.

I bought the Southwest Trail joint at the Buc-ee’s near Fort Worth on Interstate 35. Little did I know that there was a foreign object in the package that broke two crowns in my mouth. I just contacted customer service to get my teeth fixed. I have sent detailed pictures of the foreign product and the damage. They rejected my request because they didn’t see anything wrong with their product. So now I have to file a complaint against them.”

“On August 2, 2021, around 3:00 p.m., a car was involved in a car wash on the Katy Freeway. They washed the car, damaged my car and refused to pay for the damage. The car wrecked less wallet than my summer car. There is a sign saying they are not responsible for “decorative” damage and they say the hood is “decorative”… the newspaper works and is not considered “decorative” for the car. So I’m confused, why is this company refusing to pay for the damage they caused? When I asked Donna, the claims manager, to explain what her policy considered a break, she ignored me. “There is no response from him yet and he refuses to pay compensation.”

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“On February 2, 2020, I got gas from the ice. I barely got home. I had two mechanic friends who couldn’t tell me what was wrong with my truck.

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