Beyond Cybersecurity Protecting Your Digital Business

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Beyond Cybersecurity Protecting Your Digital Business – Protect your business wherever it is or has grown, using web security designed for the most distributed businesses.

Vulnerability is everywhere, risk is everywhere. We provide cybersecurity solutions designed to protect our customers wherever they are and as their network grows. We cover the cybersecurity gaps of traditional vendors, protecting all types of transport, including satellite, telephone, remote and highly distributed corporate networks.

Beyond Cybersecurity Protecting Your Digital Business

Beyond Cybersecurity Protecting Your Digital Business

Recognized in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant for Managed Web Services and Frost Radar: NA Managed Services Reports. Accelerate big ideas without big budgets (or big headaches)

Digital Attack Surface

So we give generous businesses the freedom to grow. We help growing businesses move from small or home-based security solutions to enterprise-level protection without building their own. Get 24/7 SOC-as-a-service monitoring to have a team of cybersecurity experts always monitoring your business.

The goal of cybersecurity should be good business, not just better cybersecurity. Therefore, they focus on effective cyber security for highly distributed businesses. With over four decades of experience in many of the most successful business outlets, hotels, restaurants, QSRs, gas stations and other distributions, we understand how to improve the Internet security of enterprise networks.

We provide managed services that make cybersecurity the foundation of your business, not just perimeter protection, so every tracking object has a secure path. We work with you as a business partner to deliver managed services that best suit your goals. No matter where your business goes, or how complex it grows, managed cybersecurity helps you define the path and protect it.

More than a developer. We are your partner – we help you achieve your strategic goals. Contact us to find out more.

Latest Cybercrime Trends & Predictions For 2022/2023 And Beyond

An advanced managed security provider can complement your existing security/IT workforce by providing the experience, capabilities, resources and technology to enhance your security operations and allow your business to grow.

As a leading provider of Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) Software services, it offers Unified Threat Management (UTM)/Frewallia services, which provides world-class security tools from companies such as Fortinet and Cisco Meraki. For your needs, products include:

The Accurate Detection and Response (MDR) service protects against cybercriminals through proactive, real-time incident response interventions and risk control. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have the right technology, processes, and people in place to help you prevent, detect, and respond to cyberthreats on your corporate network and devices.

Beyond Cybersecurity Protecting Your Digital Business

By monitoring the network endpoint using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, our Security Information and Events (SIEM) platform with SOC can fight against cyber attacks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The Impacts Of Cybercrime: Beyond Financial Loss

With an advanced SIEM dashboard, you can clearly see the security of your network in real time. Receive monthly summary reports detailing key changes, updates, corrections and observations on a daily and weekly basis (depending on your level of service). And rest assured, SOC cybersecurity experts are working around the clock to reduce focus fatigue and false positives, so your team is only alerted to priority 1 issues with recommendations for improvement.

It has comprehensive coverage that also includes managed IT security practices, such as managed firewalls, border protection and server monitoring.

Most industries are required to comply with certain security-based regulations, whether it is to ensure that customer data is protected or to ensure proper financial practices. As an MSSP, you can reduce risk and improve operational efficiency by automating the steps required for compliance and reporting. Retain records for up to CD days to support audit documentation:

If you already have a network platform (Firewall/SD-WAN), you can provide “over-the-top” security to allow your IT/security team access to SOC resources and resources. SOC as a service (SOCaaS) allows your team to hire analysts to help monitor the network for incidents and make recommendations for improvements.

Who Are The Best Managed Cybersecurity Service Providers?

While SASE is still a new concept, other managed services providers may consider integrating with SD-WAN and other WANs. Find out more about this new duo in our review.

In the second post on SASE, we will focus on security. As legacy networks compete to keep up with changing IT security needs, especially the latest threats, you may want to consider how you can protect your business.

In the ancient world, connectivity is now greater than ever. Explore what SASE and SD-WAN can do to solve your broadband network challenges.

Beyond Cybersecurity Protecting Your Digital Business

In this final article in the SASE series, learn how security integration and connectivity can take over the future.

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However, even the smallest charity can help with digital goods for free, thanks to the numerous resources available for free.

But in order to understand what your charity needs, you must first understand why a group is being disproportionately targeted.

Earlier this year, Oxfam Australia announced that it had suffered a data breach after a malicious third party gained access to the charity’s data.

The Tech Top 50: Top 50 Digital Trust & Cybersecurity Companies

Oxfam has not yet confirmed the number of people potentially affected, but the affected data includes names, addresses, birthdays, messages, phone numbers, genders and in some cases historical donations.

Even the most security-conscious organizations can still fall victim to a brand breach due to the risk of a third-party failure.

A high-profile ransomware attack on fundraising data collection service Blackbaud in 2020 affected many charities and non-profit organizations that use the site to collect data from supporters.

Beyond Cybersecurity Protecting Your Digital Business

The Blackbaud attacker “removed a copy of the database from our environment (private cloud),” adding that he paid a price to remove the database, a practice widely opposed by infosec experts.

The Digital Vigilantes Who Hack Back

Although the company said it had no record of being used in a criminal case, it has mobilized supporters of many charities around the world, including cancer treatment provider NHS Christie’s and the American charity Pediatrics at Children’s Minnesota.

David Cummins is vice president of MEA at Tenable, a US-based cybersecurity company that works with many charities, including an international humanitarian drive.

“The sad truth is that cybercriminals are just as likely to target a third party as anyone else,” Cummins told Daily Swig.

“A report from the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport found that 26% of charities will experience a cyber breach or attack in 2020.

Privileged Access Management, Cyber Security, And…

“Based on the tenable analysis of cyber breaches in 2020, known vulnerabilities continue to be the most popular method of attackers.

“This is the advice we give to our clients, including a number of charities, that is the foundation of acquiring the right to resist a major cyber threat.”

Cummins noted that user awareness, malware detection, and system backups are key defenses against cybercriminals, however, “the most effective way” is to establish basic cyber hygiene practices that all employees can follow.

Beyond Cybersecurity Protecting Your Digital Business

“This requires that organizations consider their infrastructure, identify critical assets and systems, determine vulnerabilities in these key areas that are actually being exploited, and update these systems to fix those flaws faster,” added Cummins. .

Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference Architectures

“By comparison, the focus should also be on securing accounts – employees, service contractors, temporary workers, account managers and others – and their general access and authority to systems.”

Cyber ​​Helpline is a UK-based charity run by volunteers who warn citizens about security issues such as phishing and cyber threats.

In order for the charity to monitor the best plan and avoid attacks, its director told Daily Swig that it has invested in the electronic platform to provide modern training with realistic, real-life examples on how the security event could be.

Mark Belgrove, CEO of Internet consultancy Exponential and founder and director of online support, told Swig Daily that it’s important for volunteers to get the necessary situational response training.

Common Cybersecurity Mistakes To Avoid For Your Business

He said, “In other words, they definitely understand the technical aspects of the digital threat landscape. When they have this knowledge, they have the highest level of support for victims who are struggling.”

Belgrove added, “This way our volunteers develop a better view of the latest developments in the threat landscape as they happen.”

In recent years, government security agencies around the world have provided free resources to charities and small businesses.

Beyond Cybersecurity Protecting Your Digital Business

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