Building A Business Without Social Media

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Building A Business Without Social Media – “When Covid-19 reduced my income as a living painter from conferences, I was so glad I took Leonia’s course.

“My course is just up and running (with great feedback so far) and I’ve made over $8,000 since launch (8x more than I’ve ever run a course).

Building A Business Without Social Media

Building A Business Without Social Media

“Everything Leonie told me to do gave me quick results. Leonie gave me concrete steps and advice that fueled my business growth. She knows what she’s talking about. She taught me a different way of doing business. I can honestly say that Leonie was the reason I was able to quit my teaching job and build my own business.

Everything You Need To Know About Restaurant Social Media Marketing

“Leoni’s razor-sharp insights and business strategy leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating a business and a life you love.”

No! It’s now part of the Brilliant Biz & Life Academy, so you need a membership for that (just $99 USD per year). The best part is that you have access to all my courses!

Q: What happens if I have already purchased some (or all) of your courses? Can I get the Academy for free? Can I get a refund?

If you have already purchased a course, you will have constant access to it (as long as the course is offered).

Make It Last: 15 Tips For Building Stable Social Media Connections

With the Academy, you have access to it for 12 months (or as long as you maintain your Academy membership).

You are welcome to purchase an Academy membership – this gives you 12 months of access to anything you haven’t already purchased. You will continue to have permanent access to fully purchased courses.

Yes. There are many ways to do this. And many people and companies who have already done so.

Building A Business Without Social Media

A good life, indeed. You will read more books. Craft sea. Do things. Meet your goals. Learn something new. Be even more awesome. Write sticker-soaked letters to friends like it’s the 1990s. Have fun in the meadows. You love being a Victorian woman, with fewer prohibitions against women, but just as much plague. Build a LEGO castle. Hard workers stare at the small screen and choose hobbies like before the days when you were addicted to thumbs up and down for hours. Enjoy better mental health and a sense of satisfaction.

What To Post On Business Social Media

This was my main concern about leaving social media. I got it. In my experience I have not lost any money. My income continues… but with less expense and more time. I am on track to have my biggest year in 4 years!

This is the experience of many other companies that choose not to use social media marketing. There are thousands of ways to market your business. Social media is just one of them.

What if you found creative and thoughtful ways to serve your people and grow your audience without social media?

That’s why I’m offering you this guarantee… if you do all your homework and don’t see results… I’ll give you your money back.

Social Media Marketing Services For Small Businesses

So you can make this purchase with peace of mind knowing that you will get a great return on your investment!

I followed Leonie. I sent a message to everyone in the world! I have many of her tips to implement!

My aha moment was a 2 page marketing plan. It helped me better understand marketing my service.

Building A Business Without Social Media

I love Leonie, she is who she is and keeps telling us to “make a terrible move”, or “make do with what you’ve got” or “keep your head up”.

How To Build Up Your Influence On Social Media

The biggest AHA moment for me was realizing the impact SM had on me. I knew I wasn’t getting results, but I didn’t realize how much it was draining my brain power and creativity.

The biggest change is that I now think I have the tools I need to build my business without SM and that it is actually doable.

A change in my own thinking to be able to develop my business without SM and in my own creative way.

I took a closer look at what was working (and what wasn’t) and realized that there are many good reasons to focus on my online and offline marketing without spending time on social media.

How To Build A Successful Business Without Social Media?

Many of my clients felt liberated when I broached the subject of becoming more visible online without the added anxiety of SM.

I joined the Chamber of Commerce of my city because I like personal marketing, I like people, and the personal element works well for me and my business. I’ve already been asked to do a webinar for them… no SMS posts needed!!!!

For 3 years, all I did was use social media in my new job and hated them and myself more and more.

Building A Business Without Social Media

Now that I have a major, having previously been in tech as a software engineer, I’m sure Fuck SEO and more can benefit.

Benefits Of Social Media For Business

I went from being calm, frozen in place, to creating an action plan for myself that was already being implemented.

I should see results, money wise, before September, so here’s my bank account fat and shiny.

A love letter to me in the form of a job that makes a difference in my quality of life and the lives of my clients.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the tools to do so. Best $99 spent ever.

Building A Social Media Strategy For Your Solopreneur Business (cheat Sheet Included!)

I deleted my personal social media in 2014 (couldn’t recommend anymore), but I’ve been running social media for my business since 2016.

Aha moments: I added a FAQ to my website, I added a chat box to my website. I love blogging and have gotten into a weekly cadence!

I started the course interested in finding ways to market my business on social media. Personally, knowing that I have a love/hate relationship with social media, I thought I’d approach it as a way to diversify.

Building A Business Without Social Media

However, after a few lessons, I was confident that I would be pulling my business from Instagram and Facebook next quarter.

Social Media For Small Business: A Guide For 2021 And Beyond

There is no return of time, energy and effort. And I don’t enjoy it. It seems like a daily slogan just to keep up with the Joneses.

Not funny. As the owner of my own business, my time would be better spent on other marketing avenues.

There are so many options outside of forgotten social networks, and I fully plan to explore the options that will save over time if I don’t create post after post.

Before, I was so worried about what to do on social media that I didn’t realize that none of my work was coming from social media.

Social Media Campaign Template

It was shocking to see how much work I actually get from Instagram and how much time I have to put into posting!

I realized how much space Instagram takes up – I decided to ditch Instagram for my business and keep my personal account for fun (with strict usage limits).

I think the best strategy is to continue to focus on search engine platforms like YouTube and Pinterest.

Building A Business Without Social Media

I’ve been thinking about cutting back on social media for a while now, so this came at the perfect time.

Your Complete Guide To Building A Brand On Social Media

I love how direct she is when answering tough questions. Her course is organized, easily accessible and beautiful. She took a breath of fresh air.

The course has already been paid for! My husband is on board because you make perfect sense for him too.

I love that you are so generous with your experience and wisdom and encourage us to use it.

Leonie has a way of making people feel like they can do anything (and she’s funny!)

The 3 Non Negotiables For Your Small Business Social Media Strategy

Working with you in this way has been inspiring, challenging, lovingly exhilarating, exhausting, heart-melting, amazing and energizing.

Overall, I really like your courses and down to earth honesty! I’m a total Leonie freak, I have to admit: I’m a “Leoney addict”!

Leonie Dawson is a great creative! She knows when to be strong and when to be soft in the direction of creatives.

Building A Business Without Social Media

Her great sense of humor and lightheartedness are a goddess send. She is a rare combination of divine femininity and completely practical!

Making The Most Of Social Media

“Nothing like an Aussie chick to give you a kick to finish things off!”

Webinars are fun times and a mastermind group is a great way to stay motivated.

I didn’t expect it to be so interesting. If only Leonie had told me to do it for all my creativity.

It makes the flow of me. I love and accept myself. Very inspiring and magical to translate the creativity of imagination into reality. Thank you!

How To Build Your Social Media Marketing Strategy For 2020

Leoni’s courses helped me overcome many internal blocks, low self-esteem and resistance.

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