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Business Case Studies And Solutions – Ah, the case study: one of the most important pieces of marketing material for a company and, more often than not, the most boring. The problem with that is you lose readers and you lose customers. It doesn’t have to be this way!

In this guide, I’ll show you how to write a case study that prospects will actually want to read. Engaging, inspirational and persuasive case studies that turn readers into customers.

Business Case Studies And Solutions

Business Case Studies And Solutions

Case studies are stories of how real customers solved their problems using your product or service. Notice how I use the word history. Marketers are obsessed with the idea of ​​”telling a story” (often without actually telling the story), but a good case study is one with a protagonist (your customer) who ultimately wins despite the problem.

Case Study For Business Plan Services Ppt Slides Example

By the end of the case study, the reader should be able to imagine himself as the hero of his story. They should relate to your customers’ specific problems and ensure that they achieve their goals by using your product or service.

Case studies may not be as sexy as viral blog posts, so they’re often overlooked over other types of content. This begs the question – why create a sales survey?

It varies by industry (a kitchen remodeling company’s software invoicing solution might tell its whole story in a picture, not so much), but here are some guidelines:

Case studies are a visual, data-driven, objective resource for potential customers to gain confidence in your business. Now they are gone.

Case Study Book

Now that we know what marketing case studies are (and aren’t), and why you should produce them, let’s talk about how to write a case study worth reading.

Let us understand each of the above steps in detail using fictitious examples. Our company is Kumbo Digital and our client is Currigate.

It should be like a newspaper headline that gives very important news. Subheadings containing support details or customer quotes are optional.

Business Case Studies And Solutions

Currigate is a software service that offers customized subscription packages to banks, brokers and investors in the mortgage market. 4. Communicate problems, results and doubts

How To Write A Case Study — Acorn Studio Marketing & Co

Explain the client’s problems or difficult goals as well as negative outcomes.

This high-level configuration sets Currigate apart from its competitors, which also require multiple applications with heterogeneous data and heavy manual work. Account owners spend a lot of time managing invoices, leaving little time to build, stay on top of, and sell to customers. This leads to lower profit margins and lower customer service.

Include customer testimonials as well as any questions they have about using a product or service like yours.

“We’ve come a long way,” said Melanie Grigham, Currigate’s VP Operations. “Our customer relationships were starting to deteriorate, and we knew we had to do something. But the idea of ​​tampering with one of our sources — let alone seven. There’s so much random communication and so much confidential information that we can do that.” Don’t risk breaking it all.” 5. Define the solution

Case Analysis: Format, Definition & 3 Case Analysis Examples

Grigham found out about Kumbo Digital through a Google search and decided to get in touch. “It was scary to explain everything, but [the MP] was relieved to serve my sentence!”

What specific product or service they chose, how they implemented it and how the customer used it. Stay small!

After understanding the details of the situation, the Kumbo team proposed a custom solution that integrates all data sources into a single dashboard. “I was skeptical at first, but they showed me a small example to understand how it works. I appreciated how patient they were with me when it took me a while to make a decision.” Grigham followed suit. It took three weeks to install the dashboard and just one day to migrate. 6. Share results and benefits

Business Case Studies And Solutions

Share how customers have used your product/service, what the results were, and the benefits. Include direct quotes and clear evidence (statistics, before and after photos, time-lapse videos, etc.)

How To Write A Case Study: From Outline To Examples

With the new platform, Currigate account managers can access all seven data sources – as well as generate, track, send and approve invoices – in one place. Time spent on billing has gone from days to hours, leaving them time to interact with customers and achieve strategic goals. “Our employees are less disruptive while being asked to pick up more customers—which is unheard of.” An updated and robust product catalog (206 product codes instead of 1,024) made it easier to sell them and recommend combinations for specific needs. “Sometimes our new customers don’t know what they want and it’s okay to give them a starting point.” Additionally, Carriaget was able to identify $12,403 of value that they did not receive. “Now, our customers can be sure they’re getting the right price (which is good for us) and service that meets their active needs (which is good for them). It’s a win-win.” 7. Word advice and CTA with a conclusion

Share the customer destination, additional words or compliments and/or advice for similar potential customers.

Today, Currigate’s single subscription model is as strong as ever. Also thinking of opening a new market. “We didn’t think we’d get to this point so quickly – we thought the new market was years away,” says Melanie. When asked what advice he has for other businesses like his, he talks about combining belief with reality. “You have to do your research to find a reliable supplier, but at the end of the day it comes down to a leap of faith and sometimes you have to.”

Well, this is a basic example of a case study, but there is more to it than words. Here are eight tips for writing great articles that potential deals will want to read and help.

Case Study Template

In addition to asking for feedback, it’s important to make the process as clear and easy as possible for the customer. When you’re in touch, ask if you can use their success story as a case study for your business.

The more you explain the painting to them, the more receptive they will be to sharing time with you.

As good as a case study story is, you don’t want to keep your reader until the end. You want them to know the results right away, and then they can read on to find out how those results were achieved. In the example below, a simple image is labeled with a caption (

Business Case Studies And Solutions

Unlike kitchen renovations and website renovations, case studies are difficult. But there is always room for creativity.

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The more compelling your data, the better the story. The better the story, the more interesting your case study will be. In the MailChimp case study example below, the client’s name (Good Die Young), a catchy title, and an expressive image come together to bring this case study to life.

Your angle is the “hook” that grabs your audience’s attention, but it’s important that your audience relate to and identify with the issues facing the “protagonist” of your study. This means you’ll be in tune with your core demographics and target market and solve your customers’ most common problems.

We already know that case studies don’t make very interesting reading, so don’t spoil them by throwing lots of text and numbers on one page. A good case study can be done, observed and handled.

Whatever format you go for, use it for all your case studies. This not only helps you streamline the process, but also makes the information easier to digest.

What Is A Business Case Study And How To Write With Examples?

The hero of the story – your customer – overcomes his obstacles. There are two reasons why this approach works so well. First, you want your audience to imagine themselves as the main character in the case study. This is difficult if you keep talking about how great your company or product is. Second, using a more polite tone will help increase your credibility in the reader’s mind.

As a storyteller, it’s your job to craft an overarching story about how your particular customer overcame the forces of evil by using your product or service, but that doesn’t mean your characters. does not have its own voice.

Let them tell the story in their own words and include direct quotes in your story. This breaks up your text, builds credibility, and makes your character a relatable character that readers can relate to. Take the interview form and use the definition and

Business Case Studies And Solutions

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