Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe 2020

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Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe 2020 – Work often plays a major role in our lives, after all it takes up a third of our time! However, most of us don’t want our professional attire to take over our wardrobe. That makes building a corporate professional capsule wardrobe your best option.

This is not an easy task! But I’ve found a design formula that will get you far. I caution that this is more business formal than business casual, but you can easily change up some of these pieces or take a more casual version (e.g. a sweater instead of a blazer).

Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe 2020

Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe 2020

I also don’t rely on shoes, jewelry, or handbags to create different outfits, so I haven’t included that in this capsule. To be honest, it seems like cheating to say that a handbag makes people forget that I wore this outfit yesterday.

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But to deal with shoes, I would recommend having at least 3 pairs of work shoes, even if they are the same shoes. You want to move them so they don’t get tired and always have time to breathe when you’re on your feet. No one likes ladies with scars on their feet.

A blazer is a fun, business-like, formal layer with plenty of wiggle room. In most offices the air conditioner is too high to not wear a shirt without an extra layer, so having a pair of blazers is a must.

The blazer you choose can vary depending on your style or you can have the same three in different colors. If you work in a formal office, I would stay away from a blazer that has a big fashion as it can look a bit small.

It is important to have clothes on hand for spring and summer. I recommend buying sleeveless or short sleeve dresses for versatility. In the winter you can just put on a blazer or cardigan and other shades if it’s really cold.

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Unfortunately, there isn’t much flexibility in the clothing styles of business professionals. You may want to stay away from shirt dresses, swing dresses, skater dresses, bodycon dresses, bandage dresses, etc.

If you really want to push or just hate dresses and skirts, you can get away with just six blouses and six pants.

Why not 5 instead of 6? By the way, we all know how weekends can go sometimes and you don’t always have time to do laundry. The sixth is the brain of your finger.

Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe 2020

Shells and blouses are not limited in style, but they are important items. You don’t want soft or clingy clothes. See-through blouses are rarely allowed, and even pairing them with a cami still looks casual.

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You may have a fitted blouse, but if it is so flat that I can clearly see the shape of your blouse, it is not appropriate. Save it for the next task.

6 Trousers, same as blouse. So totally different! I like good pants.

There are countless options for pants, and you can’t go wrong with most of them. The fit/cut is up to you, and the pants are great, but follow the same strict rule. I also recommend looking for a high waist if you plan to tuck in your blouse.

In a corporate professional wardrobe, I would usually avoid any kind of leggings advertised as slacks or ponte pants. These are usually tight and show a panty liner or barbie crotch.

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When buying pants, consider the climate of your region, as the fabric is important. If you have winter weather, try to get wool or wool pants. When it’s colder, I stick with cotton or polyblend.

Love them or hate them, to complete your new skill wardrobe you should have a few skirts in your arsenal. Divorcing will greatly increase the number of clothes you wear!

You’ll want to be incredibly careful with the length of your skirts, so check how they sit, stand, and bend. Business professional skirts usually have pencil skirts, sometimes with a back guard. Stay away from those with side slits, they tend to be more dangerous.

Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe 2020

Not all offices are suitable for a vest, so it is optional. Even if you are allowed to wear cardigans (which are almost always, but not always very comfortable), you don’t have to. So, if you’re on a tight budget, save it for later.

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Currently popular sweater blazers are a good choice because they have more structure. Although you might like what I like to call a “librarian style” sweater, which is a classic style that falls to your waist and has little buttons.

Avoid draped or lavish cardigans, business attire is not a soft and sad sweater.

Now that you know what you want and why you want it, let’s talk about color and statement pieces. You can use color as your statement piece to make this wardrobe fun, or stick to neutrals if that’s your thing (raise your hand!).

If you want bias, just stick with it. Your clothes go with everything in your capsule wardrobe.

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If you want a color palette, I recommend just choosing a color palette. Don’t feel deprived, as this is a small part of your wardrobe, you can always change it later. By choosing one bright color and keeping the rest of your capsule neutral, you guarantee great versatility.

Depending on your colors, you can have anything that goes with everything, or you can have very few clothes that don’t.

My advice if you want a pop of color (all the designers are rolling their eyes) take any of the six different colors and make it colorful. The remaining number should be neutral. So, for example, 5 neutral blouses and one colorful one.

Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe 2020

Alternatively, if you’re feeling brave and can wear it in your office, make it colorful instead of neutral. So purple blouse, green blouse, red blouse, yellow blouse, blue blouse, orange blouse and pink blouse. If all your other pieces are neutral, like black, gray and khaki pants, you still have a versatile capsule wardrobe. I will show examples of two types below.

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And don’t feel like you can only get solid colored items. Small prints such as dots are always suitable, large prints should be played by ear if it is a large print and.

For my neutral lovers who want to experiment, try a little color in your jewelry and shoes. A little colorful pendant or some new shiny heels can get you out of the black and white groove.

Colors are also a fun yet simple way to add interest to your capsule wardrobe. Something in tweed, or with a tie, wool trousers, silk blouse, the possibilities are endless!

Here’s an example I made with 21 pieces. Note that I chose to use a neutral color palette with one element of color in each type of item (green dress, green blazer, green blouse, etc). Again, for the sake of diversity, I have tried to differentiate neutrally in each type of item.

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So I didn’t use three gray blouses, but opted for white blouse, gray blouse, black blouse, green blouse etc. It also adds versatility and prevents your outfit from looking the same or too monochromatic. If you choose three gray blouses and gray pants and a gray skirt, you’ve actually cut ten different clothes, unless you want to wear ten-grey. The neutrality is great, but there is a difference.

Frankly, I was shocked when I did it. The long image shows all the outfits you can make with these pieces. You can get 10-11 pieces for half that price, and enough clothes for about three months. If you use the entire capsule, you have enough clothes for six months. I’m sure no one will remember what you wore six months ago!

If you’re on a tight budget and plan to buy fewer than 21 pieces, choose loose items (skirts, blouses, pants) over dresses.

Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe 2020

This is also not a zero number. I don’t believe in combining each piece to achieve the maximum, because most wardrobes like this have different clothes

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Go, but don’t go. I got rid of clothes that paired a navy blouse with a navy blazer or a green blouse with a green skirt.

I left a few monochromatic pieces in it, like a green blouse and green pants, because they matched. The gray turtleneck looks great with gray trousers or a gray skirt. But the other black dresses were too similar, so I didn’t include them. If all your jam is dirty, do it!

If you click on the image of the dress, you can download and zoom in all dresses at your convenience, because

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