Business Class Flights To Copenhagen

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Business Class Flights To Copenhagen – This is part of my 18,000 Miles for Good series. I hope you’ll stick around for the rest of the post:

Since the trip to Djibouti was planned at the last minute, I had already planned the places before and after the trip. This limited my options for flights. My first choice was the daily non-stop SAS Scandinavian Airlines flight between my home airport Washington-Dulles (IAD) and Copenhagen (CPH), where the relief mission was to begin.

Business Class Flights To Copenhagen

Business Class Flights To Copenhagen

Unfortunately it was not available. One of my favorite tips is right here. When I start planning a trip, I always think about how I can optimize my itinerary. Of course, the increased change fees are more difficult for non-elite and less-elite members of airline loyalty programs these days.

New York (nyc) To Copenhagen, Denmark Flights

I currently have 1K status with United Airlines, which means I don’t pay change fees on award routes. After booking a less-than-ideal award route on United, I used ExpertFlyer to automatically search for my preferred flight. A day or so later, ExpertFlyer notified me about the availability of that nonstop SAS flight.

A one-way flight in business class would cost me 70,000 miles and $5.60. One of the biggest factors in choosing this flight? I can see my daughter playing field hockey and my son playing football. value for money!

The flight departs IAD after 17:00 and reaches CPH around 07:30 the next day. This compared to the first one I prefer for red-eye flying, not ideal for sleeping. After spending a few minutes in the Turkish lounge, we boarded on time. We left just as the sun set on a clear day.

The new SAS Business Class product looks beautiful. I like the color scheme. The scheme is mostly dark with brown accents.

First Class Flights To Copenhagen

The cabin configuration is a 1-2-1 arrangement allowing direct aisle access for all passengers. The middle two seats offer less privacy than the window seats. However, there is still plenty of privacy if desired. The middle seat is ideal for a conversation between two passengers if you lean forward. But it’s unlikely you’ll see the person next to you during dinner.

When I reached my seat, there was an amenity kit, a pillow, a quilt and a mattress pad. The amenity kit includes all the standard items you’d expect.

There were some small touches that I enjoyed. For example, the rack area is illuminated and controlled from the seat console. This really added to the warmth of the sitting area. Little details like this make for a more enjoyable experience. There’s a small container for bottled water and a shelf that allows for smaller items like glasses.

Business Class Flights To Copenhagen

There’s a panel for seat controls where you can make various adjustments. The reading light moves to position as needed. He also included another set of controls next to the side table. When I woke up it was very easy to adjust the seat.

Flight Review: Air France 777 300 Business Class Jfk Cdg.

The side console also houses a universal outlet and a USB port. Finally, there’s a small remote that you can stick on for the IFE. However, I found the touch screen to work fine.

The tray table slides under the side console. This is probably the biggest flaw in an otherwise perfect posture, and I’m really mad. The tray table doesn’t fit on the armrests so it’s a bit wobbly when typing on the computer. But it’s a lot sturdier than the trampoline version that United introduced in its revamped new domestic first class.

Next to the in-flight entertainment (IFE) screen is a coat rack and a small pouch that can hold small items like a magazine or two.

Fully reclined, the seat had plenty of room for me in both width and length. I’m 5’9″ and a bit skinny (though not recently!). So, I’m definitely not the best judge of such things. Someone with very large feet might have trouble sitting down. Good leg height Makes for sleep. Moving around. However, I didn’t have any issues.

Cheap Business Class And First Class Flights To Copenhagen From Usa

I think the seat would have been better for sleeping without the mattress pad. And I loved that the comforter was long enough to cover me.

I really liked the quality of the headphones provided. It wasn’t Bose, but I’m not 100% sure what brand it was. Olufsen scared? It was comfortable and provided excellent sound quality. It appears to be different from the headphones seen in other blog reviews (like this one).

I liked the image quality of the IFE. The selection of movies was great, with 22 new releases and over 50 movies in total.

Business Class Flights To Copenhagen

My flight was equipped with Wi-Fi. Business Class passengers enjoy free Wi-Fi. I had some trouble getting online. Once I did that, I found the speed to be good. I didn’t try to stream movies or other bandwidth heavy tasks. I’ve been working on emails and blog posts for a long time and I’ve never had any problems. Paid Wi-Fi access costs $12 or 3,000 points.

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I chose the Poached Lobster Tail as my entree. It was a simple presentation, but the best start I’ve had on a plane in a long time. The use of colors was wonderful. Mango and radish make a delicious combination of textures. The lobster was topped with just a touch of basil oil, which let the natural flavors shine through.

I asked the flight attendant if it was possible to choose another starter. He quickly counted on his cart to see how much he had left. I sat halfway into the cabin, so he thought that was enough. He was happy to give me a plate of veal loin to try.

Veal is best cooked and served cold. The tuna sauce was an interesting addition, but if I’m being honest, it didn’t enhance the dish. The favorite beans were good but could have used a little more flavor. Anyway, veal was another good option after lobster.

I debated whether to choose swordfish or chicken for my main course. As a general rule, I find that I’m almost always disappointed when I order steak on a plane. I’m not a big fan of beetroot, so ruled out the ravioli.

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I like the idea of ​​burgundy sauce, but that’s usually how chicken is served on airplanes. Was Swordfish high quality? My flight attendant assured me that customers in the past had liked the swordfish option. He said the purple potatoes weren’t as purple as they were a few weeks ago.

I heeded his recommendation and ordered the swordfish. Oh dear! Let me start by saying that almost every piece of fish I have on the plane is dipped in sauce to keep it moist. I was a little worried when I saw the swordfish swimming by.

It was perfect, probably one of the best fish I’ve ever had on a plane. The mashed potatoes were tasty, but not over-seasoned. Those who know us well will also know that I have not tried Shatavari. While the cheese course and dessert were still to come, I’ve already had the best business class meal I’ve ever had on an airplane.

Business Class Flights To Copenhagen

To be clear, I don’t expect great food on a plane. I guess high expectations for airline food lead to disappointment. But, the SAS really excelled in catering to them.

The Sas A350 Starts Flying Today From Chicago To Copenhagen

I tasted 3 wines. That’s a lot more than I would normally do on a flight. I usually don’t drink that much on an airplane, I don’t like how I feel after a long flight with a few drinks.

The Charles Hedczyk Brut Reserve Champagne is wonderful. It was the perfect accompaniment to chilled, poached lobster.

I was curious about the Bibb Gretz Casematta Rosso SAS Special Blend from Tuscany. As the description read, it was not very pungent (I mean I like my red wine). It might be a bit heavy for Swordfish, but it worked well for me. I really enjoyed that wine. It was a pleasant surprise.

On the recommendation of my flight attendant, I tried a glass of Château La Riviere Sauternes. For wine lovers, this was a classic Sauterne. I guess I was expecting something else, which was really my bad. I love dessert wines, but love selections like Inniskillin’s Ice Wine Vidal Blanc and especially their Ice Wine Cabernet Franc.

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While I didn’t sample the ice cream, I did decide to sample both the Bakewell Pie and the Vermont Raw Milk Cheddar.

I don’t know if I’ve ever eaten a Bakewell tart. It’s topped with almonds and topped with a butter crust. Orange creme anglaise was a wonderful accompaniment. It was very refreshing with just a hint of orange.

Shortly after having dinner, I got up to use the toilet. i saw a “snack bar” area

Business Class Flights To Copenhagen

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