Business Class Flights To Korea

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Business Class Flights To Korea – I went to gate L2 where I was greeted by the cabin manager and escorted to the first cabin by one of the flight attendants. The Korean Air 787-9 comes in a light configuration. Business Class has just 18 seats, all Apek Suites (some of my favorite seats in Business Class), spread across three rows in a 2-2 configuration -2.

Then there is the first class room, which has only one row of seats, in a 2-2-2 configuration. Weird things? First Class also includes Apek Suites, which means the hard products are the same in First and Business Class. This is the second time the airline has shared first and business class seats, which is unusual.

Business Class Flights To Korea

Business Class Flights To Korea

Although it is disappointing that the hardboards are the same in First and Business Class, the best part is that the window seats in the Apex Suites configuration are among my favorite seats in Business Class, the which is not all bad.

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The two middle seats of the house do not have the special opportunity of window seats, although you are traveling with one, you will benefit from the actual use of the seats, which may be appreciated by some.

Then there are two aisle seats on the window side. If I’m traveling alone and can’t get one of the window seats, I’ll probably go for one of these because it’s more comfortable, so you feel special.

Then there are the window seats, which is why I really like this arrangement. The window seats are found directly in the corridor as they enter a small passage.

The seat may not be wide, but there is plenty of personal space. A large personal TV is mounted on the ceiling and there is a large platform that also becomes part of the bed when you lie down.

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There is also plenty of space under the ottomans, so you can tuck them under the couch if you want.

It allows you to control the privacy, which is why I love this seat because it is as private as any first class seat.

My biggest gripe with the seats is the lack of individual air vents, which annoys me when it comes to maintenance (though thankfully this isn’t a problem in this plane).

Business Class Flights To Korea

When I boarded, there was only one other first class passenger in the window seat on the other side of the cabin. That guy slept the whole flight and no other passengers did. It felt like I had a private cabin because I had two flight attendants just to see me.

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As soon as I was seated, all the first class passengers came to introduce themselves and welcome me to the plane, informing me that the flight time was 10 hours and 15 minutes.

When I entered, there was already a large pillow and a main blanket on my chair. Guests are provided with extra bedding and turndown service.

A little later, I was given a Gianfranco Ferre bedroom set. The pajamas are quite nice, although I’m warm.

There was also a set with Davy products. The set includes toothbrush and toothpaste, shoe polish, eye cream, eye cream, hand and body cream, eye gel, aftershave and lip balm.

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I was asked if I wanted anything to drink and I decided to just order a water. I was also advised to add macadamia nuts.

Although the entrance was good, it took a long time to close the main door of the building. About 8 p.m. The captain apologized for the delay and explained that the bags had to be unloaded because the passengers did not show up. Finally the doors were closed at 20:15 and we came back at 20:20.

I was really tired at this point because I had gone the night before. So I appreciated how quickly they started feeding.

Business Class Flights To Korea

Then he offered a drink. I ordered a glass of Perrier-Jouet Belle Époque 2008, which was absolutely beautiful.

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As you would expect, with the two pilots looking after me, the service was perfect. The first is crab meat on grape sugar and a drink.

I was surprised to see the progress of the caviar. While Korean Air does offer some great food, I didn’t think caviar was served on Korean Air before, it was really nice. They served Italian oyster caviar, and I loved the presentation, including the mother-of-pearl spoon, the little display case that held the caviar tin, and even the way onions and eggs were given.

One of my favorite things about Korean Air’s first meal is their salad bar, which you don’t see on most airlines. It’s great that you can customize your salad. This was perfect because there was an empty seat next to me, although I wonder how the pushchair delivery would work if someone was sitting in the aisle.

I ordered a salad with everything but the pork and it came with soy sauce dressing.

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For the main course, I ordered the fried chicken platter with tomato shallot vinaigrette, served with mashed potatoes and vegetables. It was delicious, although I would say it was probably the weakest side of the dish considering how great everything else was (I know, I probably should have gone for the Korean).

The flight attendant then rolled the cart under the cheese and fruit. At this point I was so full that I passed (plus I already had a photo of the food).

However, I ordered this dessert which consisted of a white chocolate mousse cake and ice cream. I had a few bites.

Business Class Flights To Korea

At the same time, a liquor, coffee and tea cart rolled down the hall. I felt a little disappointed that they had arranged it all because I was the only one to eat. Now that I’m looking at the cart, I can’t help but feel that it should be better than Lipton tea.

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The food was amazing and the service could not have been better. I know that Korean Air’s flight attendants are very good and willing to please, and this crew is not united. The meal was done within 90 minutes of take off, and that’s pretty impressive considering the size.

After dinner I told them to make the bed. It’s a nice tip about the layout of the house. The toilet for the first passengers is on the right side of the cabin, so some prefer to sit on the right side closer to him, while others prefer to sit on the left side away from him. to him. However, there is a small passage in front of the middle seats in the first row, so you don’t have to go to the galley to go to the bathroom.

When I returned to my seat, I was done sleeping, with a shiny window and a thick blanket. Apparently the bed was a bit tight for international first class, although I found it comfortable.

By the time I slept about 8 hours and 30 minutes in San Francisco we were already in the east of Japan.

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I slept well, although to be honest, I was very tired. I slept for almost seven hours straight, which is almost unheard of on a plane. I suspect it was due to the fact that the house was empty (hence the lack of noise, smell, etc.), the smoothness of the ride, and the fact that the house was very cold. I didn’t wake up until 90 minutes after we arrived in San Francisco.

I had never seen the entertainment system before so I decided to check it out. Korean Air’s entertainment system is called Beyond, a strange name for what could be described as a secondary system.

There were only a few dozen pictures and only four jokes. Although not the worst choice, it is far from the best.

Business Class Flights To Korea

I missed the dessert menu (I can’t imagine wanting a mid-flight meal on a plane like this), but it was time for breakfast (a typical meal (except if you are trying to adjust to California time, although it is correct to Korean time). The pre-landing menu is as follows:

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A few minutes after waking up, the flight attendant came to my seat and asked what he could get me. I ordered a cappuccino to start.

And after about 20 minutes I asked for breakfast. I ordered a coffee with milk, as well as a sweet yogurt with grapes.

As for the main course I had the teomlet with mushroom soups and stewed cherry tomatoes, fried pork sausage,

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