Business Class Flights To Kuala Lumpur

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My review of Malaysia Airlines A330 Business Class on medium-haul flights shows that they are good, but there is still room for improvement! Although not the fastest business class, Malaysia Airlines offers an easy and fast connection from Kuala Lumpur airport. Malaysia Airlines’ A330 business class is good and I found it more valuable than Korean Air’s 2x2x2 seats. If you can pull one of the beds in, you basically have the perfect set for you.

Business Class Flights To Kuala Lumpur

Business Class Flights To Kuala Lumpur

Note: I used these flights in the years before the outbreak of Covid-19. Travel and work have slowed down significantly over the past few months, so I’ve had some time to write these reviews. I hope you enjoy it! The aircraft has been in service since mid-2019.

Review: Turkish Airlines A330 Business Class

After a day in Seoul, I arrived at Incheon Terminal in Seoul about 2 hours 30 minutes before my flight. Strangely, although there is no online agent, the MH website says that there will be an agent 3 hours before departure. While I was waiting, many people wondered why there was no agent on the MH account. When checking in 2 hours before departure, there were 40 people in tourist class and 4 people in business class. After checking in, I went through security and passport control.

Malaysia Airlines passengers can enter the Asia Business Lounge area. Even after one visit to the resort, it was full of vultures. There were no free seats in the dining room and I had to sit at a long table. At least it had power and allowed me to do a few things before the flight. Overall, the resort experience was remarkable and exciting, so I will add this as a comment.

My flight was supposed to depart from the Seoul terminal. Although we started from the lower level gate, it was only a walk to the door. People lined up in economy class, knowing that the flight would take no more than 30 minutes. I sat for a while and people watched and spotted many families on this plane. When the premium passengers were asked to board, all hell broke loose. People started changing from economy class to business class. Gate agents turned them all away and denied early boarding as planned. People thought they could still get in and slowed their climb. I was finally able to sit down and from there I turned left to the business class door.

The cabinet is placed in alternating rows in a 1x2x2 or 1x2x1 configuration. Other airlines use this structure, which means that not all seats are created equal. The seats on the right side of the plane are the best seats. I caught one. These are basically open rooms and there is plenty of personal space.

Turkish Airlines Is Bringing Its New Business Class To Singapore And Kl

The seat is not very wide, but it is comfortable. I have small feet, no feet, and it’s still hard to put them in. He couldn’t turn to the side because his legs didn’t fit. This is a huge design flaw for me because I like to sleep on my side. On the side of the seat are the controls for the seat controls and IFE. Two blankets (one thicker than the other) and a pillow were waiting for me. There was a pair of noise-canceling headphones in the side compartment, but they were so bad that you couldn’t hear the movie dialogue. The IFE screen is crisp and high quality, and one of the largest screens I’ve seen on this type of chair.

During boarding, the cabin service manager introduces himself to the passengers. He was very kind and very friendly considering the flight delay. The flight attendant on my route came with water, champagne or Malaysia Airlines’ signature drink. I can’t remember what it was made of, but it tasted like kiwi and lemon and was very refreshing. Check-in took place 10 minutes before departure. He returned about 2 minutes later and we taxied to the runway in a cloudy Seoul night.

This flight was odd in terms of food choices. After take-off, the airline offers the Snack Atlas service, followed by breakfast before landing. The list is as follows:

Business Class Flights To Kuala Lumpur

The flight attendants came and asked the passengers what they wanted to drink, I wanted to do business, so I ordered a Coke. Drinks came with packaged nuts. The satay truck soon arrived and served three pieces of chicken covered in a rich peanut sauce. I was still hungry after the mini atlas, so I ordered ramen. I was expecting ramen bowls on other airlines, but I was pleasantly surprised by the perfect plate ramen bowl. Although I like my ramen spicy rather than salty, this hit the spot.

Review: Emirates A380 Business Class

Then, when he was almost there, the servants served breakfast. I pre-ordered the food on the Malaysia Airlines website and found that it was wrongly delivered on ICN. I chose what was offered and it was good. The diet started with fruits and grains. The fruit was bland and the cereal was like popcorn with a little milk. If I don’t eat properly, I skip the fruit and eat the grain.

The dish we ordered, Malaysian nasi goreng, was mistakenly served as North Korean short ribs. It wasn’t terrible, but the meat was chewy and the rice was too much. The butcher’s salad is like nothing else. Overall disappointing.

Malaysia Airlines A330s business class seats are comfortable enough for short flights on A330s. The seat is not very soft or comfortable on the sky, so it can be a bit uncomfortable if you have this problem. Another problem I had was that the shoe rack was too small. I’m a size 11 shoe (US) and my feet don’t fit well. The blanket was quite warm as it was cold in the cabin. The pillow is tucked in for a comfortable sleep.

Malaysia Airlines does not offer Wi-Fi on its A330s, at least not yet. IFE is more comprehensive but not as good as Cathay or Singapore Airlines programming Studio CX. Since I slept most of the flight, I had an action map when I woke up.

Malaysia Airlines A380 Business Class Flight Review

The airline does not provide any facilities for the 5-hour flight. I asked if they had sleeping masks or wetsuits and the staff said they weren’t ready for the short flight. Surprisingly, this is one of their longest routes if you save their flights from Sydney and London.

The staff were very attentive and nice, but not very active. They often went through the cabin to make sure the passengers got what they needed, but they didn’t give anything in advance. The only issue I have with the crew is that they are very nice and often pass by the stand while eating.

As we were about to land and head to KLIA, the captain informed us that there was a storm south of the airport. Since this was our approach, he instructed the crew to prepare the cabin earlier than usual. The landing was arranged in 25 minutes. The captain wasn’t kidding when he said there was a storm because the landing was very stormy. Normal overcast night over KLIA after breaking through the cloud cover. We stopped at our gate at the international terminal and a few minutes later I boarded the immigration train.

Business Class Flights To Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia Airlines has a good product on the A330. Given that they mostly fly regional routes, the product offered on board is often of a competitive standard. My only concern is the lack of amenities, which would have been nice on a longer flight. Personally, I wouldn’t hesitate to fly business class with them again, and to avoid another dining mistake, I would avoid pre-booked dining. Overall a pleasant flight and a good experience.

Flight Review: Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737 800 Business Class, Kuala Lumpur

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