Business Class Flights To Madrid Spain

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Business Class Flights To Madrid Spain – BEN SAYS: Although not an industry leader, Iberia offers a solid business class experience with comfortable seats, good and affordable Wi-Fi, and reasonably good food and service. I would not hesitate to fly with Iberia again if the price is right or the schedule is good.

To begin our trip to Oman, we first flew from Miami to Madrid in Iberia Business Class. I went into the flight with low expectations, and I must say that my expectations were exceeded… a little. The cabin was cool, the Wi-Fi was good, and the food and service were better than I expected. Because of the value we have, I would not hesitate to fly with the profit of Iberia.

Business Class Flights To Madrid Spain

Business Class Flights To Madrid Spain

We booked the flight from Miami to Madrid as a separate itinerary as we were spending a few nights in Spain before traveling to the Middle East. I booked business class for 42,500 Avios Iberia Plus plus $132.60 in taxes, fees and carrier surcharges per person:

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For what it’s worth, Iberia Plus has a distance-based award chart, which is an off-peak price between Miami and Madrid. I bought these Avios Iberia Plus by transferring them from British Airways Executive Club, which is possible as long as both accounts are open for at least 90 days. On the other hand, Iberia Plus is a transfer partner for Amex Membership Rewards and Chase Ultimate Rewards.

Even if I could have booked this flight directly through British Airways Executive Club, the carrier would have charged over $700. Meanwhile, the Iberia Plus program has more reasonable premiums for Iberia flights. Iberia Business Class billing

We arrived at Miami airport around 8:00pm for our 10:45pm departure to Spain. Our experience started well as we hardly had to wait at the business class check-in counter and were quickly issued boarding passes without weighing our bags (always a risk with foreign airlines and never ending).

Unfortunately, it quickly went downhill from there. As a result, Iberia does not participate in TSA PreCheck. Wait, what? In 2022?! I don’t bother to check the TSA list of airlines before the trip because I can’t remember the last time I flew on an airline that didn’t participate. Heck, there are airlines that participate in TSA PreCheck that I’ve never heard of (what’s Key Lime Air?), but how could Iberia not?!

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Don’t think it’s a big deal, except tonight was literally the longest security line I’ve ever seen in the world in my entire life. For example, the line of defense in court D stretched all the way to court J. I am not exaggerating when I say that I have never seen a line of defense that is half that. I can’t help but wonder what exactly is going on here?!

Fortunately there is a CLEAR checkpoint. I no longer enroll in CLEAR because I can’t remember the last time I was at the airport where I actually saved time in CLEAR. Fortunately, Ford and I had our Amex Platinum cards with CLEAR credit, so we were able to check in quickly. Despite being CLEAR, it still took 45 minutes to get through security.

Iberia Premium Class passengers at Miami Airport have access to the American Flagship Lounge located on Concourse D. I have reviewed the Flagship Lounge Miami before, so I will not write a full review again. However, this is my first time reopening the salon, so I’ll share some thoughts.

Business Class Flights To Madrid Spain

The Flagship Lounge now offers guests a glass of champagne upon arrival at the lounge, which was much appreciated after our security experience. In this case, Piper Heidsieck is suggested.

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I was also impressed with the food selection, which was as good as when the main lounges opened.

After a little work and a couple of drinks, we headed to the departure gate.

Our flight departed from Gate E21 and according to the boarding pass, boarding was scheduled to begin at 9:45 PM, one hour before departure. To get to gate E21, you need to take the train.

Like most airlines, the boarding times shown on the boarding passes don’t seem to be the time you actually have to board, which is really annoying. Boarding closes at 22:20, 25 minutes before departure and 35 minutes after the published boarding time. Business class passengers are invited to board first.

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Interestingly, all the notices on the door are in Spanish; I didn’t hear any announcements in English. Again, this is true for a flight between Miami and Madrid.

We boarded the Airbus A330-300 through the second set of doors and turned left into the business class cabin. The Iberia A330-300 business class cabin consists of 29 seats arranged 1-2-1. As expected, every seat has direct access and is completely flat.

The window seats alternate between closer to the aisle and closer to the windows, and if possible you’ll want to choose one of the seats closest to the windows because it’s more private and comfortable.

Business Class Flights To Madrid Spain

I chose seat 6L, the “real” window seat facing the rear of the cabin (Ford sat behind me).

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The seats closest to the aisle feel open because there is no partition between the aisle and the seat. Especially when several people are sleeping on these seats, the legs just stick to the aisle because there is no bulkhead, which can be difficult.

In the center section, the seats are closer to the aisle and closer to the center. The seats closest to the aisle are further away and are probably the least desirable seats in business class.

Meanwhile, if you’re traveling with someone, you might want the honeymoon seats in the center section, which allow you to be out of the way and closer to your travel partner (there’s a bulkhead that can be raised if you’re sitting next to . in). of a stranger in these seats).

Regarding the seating details, above the ottoman there is a TV that cannot be moved.

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The ottoman itself is huge and you don’t feel like you’re trying to sleep well.

Next to the chair is a desk with an open storage box on top, and below are entertainment controls, seat controls, and a small storage box.

The tray table curves out from the side of the front seat. You need to open the tray table and then move it down.

Business Class Flights To Madrid Spain

Regarding the toilets, there is one toilet at the front of the cabin and one at the back of the cabin opposite premium economy. The toilets are pretty standard and not very clean.

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A pillow and blanket await each seat on board. The beds are adequate but nothing special – the duvet is soft and not too warm and the pillow is not too thin. There are definitely better sheets out there, but these aren’t bad.

Comfort kits that include earplugs, eye shadow, socks, combs, dental kits, lotions and creams are then given out.

Despite the late announced boarding, the main cabin door still closed at 10:45 pm. The flight was quite full. Business class has 23 of the 29 seats occupied, and economy also seems quite full.

At 22:50 we started to retreat, where the security video was played. We took a taxi at 11pm. we boarded the plane at 7 o’clock for a 30 minute flight to Madrid. Entertainment and Wi-Fi Iberia Business Class.

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After the flight, I checked out the in-flight entertainment options. Although the selection is very good, the system is quite slow to respond. There are many movies and TV shows to choose from. While not as good as, say, Emirates ICE, it’s still solid.

What impresses me the most is the Iberia Wi-Fi situation. The last time I flew Iberia, the airline charged for Wi-Fi based on data usage, in complete disgust. This is no longer the case. Iberia pays for this flight

€20.49 for a full flight Wi-Fi pass or €13.49 for a four-hour Wi-Fi pass with no data limit.

Business Class Flights To Madrid Spain

Also, the Wi-Fi speed is very good. While flying at night when you want to sleep is not as valuable, for many the best price can replace a flight during the day where you can stay productive without paying.

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Since the flight was at night, most of the passengers decided to go straight to sleep. The seat belt signal went off just five minutes into takeoff and the crew quickly got ready for dinner service.

At 23:35 the flight attendant was at my seat and offered me dinner. Interestingly, Iberia doesn’t have a business class menu (I think it’s a coronavirus cutback), so the flight attendant explained the options to me, including

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