Business Class Flights To Madrid

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Business Class Flights To Madrid – Benji Stawski is a former blogger, covering everything from miles, credit cards, travel and flights.

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Business Class Flights To Madrid

Business Class Flights To Madrid

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Review: Iberia A330 In Business From Madrid To Boston

After a quick trip to Mallorca, Spain, it’s time to head back to the States. Usually, my first choice is to fly the Spanish national airline, Iberia, which has a hub in Madrid.

Iberia is known for offering some of the most competitive redemption prices between the US and Europe – especially for flights out of its fleet. What’s more, Iberia often offers special flight deals, where you can book a business class on the Atlantic for 25 miles or 500 miles one way. Even though there were no prizes for sale at the time, there were plenty of deals in Boston (BOS) for the dates I needed, and they qualified at low prices, so I didn’t hesitate to book.

One of the best ways to book Iberia Business Class awards is through the Iberia Plus loyalty program. As mentioned before, the recovery rate varies depending on the time of year you are flying and the distance, but to give you an idea, business fares don’t rest with altitude over the Atlantic usually from 34,000 to 43,000 Avios one way. .

Getting the miles needed to book Iberia flights is easy, because Chase Ultimate rewards and American Express rewards can be transferred to Spanish carriers at a 1:1 ratio (or more if there is a transfer fee). It depends

American Airlines New York Jfk To Madrid (jfk Mad) Business Class: Flight Review — Roaming Cactus

See, Chase points convert to Iberia Avios instantly, while Amex points take up to 48 hours to arrive, which is the plan I chose to convert from my points. If I really wanted to use my Amex points to save, I would convert them to British Airways Avios and then redeem my Avios for British Airways Avios. In Iberia Avios. . buying recommendations.

The total cost of a one-way ticket, which includes a Blue flight (lower economy class) from Palma de Mallorca (PMI) to Madrid (MAD) and a business class flight from Madrid to Boston, was about 38,500 Avios plus $125 in taxes and ‘peace. Based on our Chase score, I actually paid $895 for this card, which is amazing in my book. I used my Chase Sapphire card to pay taxes and fees, so I was covered for a smooth trip if anything went wrong.

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Business Class Flights To Madrid

Even though I took a bus from Palma to Madrid, I was able to use the business check-in line in Palma. I was very happy with it, because the standard control line gradually expanded on the cable.

I Head To Madrid To See Iberia’s New A350 Business Class Seat

My flight from Palma was delayed by about 30 minutes, so I only had 20 minutes until my next flight. In addition to transferring to the main Terminal 4 on the satellite (about a kilometer away) and checking the visible passport, I wanted to make a quick stop at the Velázquez Premium Lounge in Iberia, so I needed to run. And when I say I run, I mean it. Fortunately, the tram to the satellite building was fast, and without waiting for a transfer, miraculously I arrived at the terminal in 10 minutes. However, I recommend planning at least 20-30 minutes for the call.

The Velázquez Premium Lounge in the T4 Satellite Building is the home of Iberia and was completed at the end of 2017, so I had high expectations. However, it was like a high-rise apartment, at least – by European standards at least.

At 26,900 square feet, the lounge was certainly a good size, but it was also packed with people — and that was after most of the American passengers had left. The AvGeek in me appreciated the awesome street style from the floor to the windows.

Although there was not much room in the bedroom, there was no shortage of electricity and USB sockets.

Review: American Airlines Business Class New York To Madrid (jfk Mad)

The cold buffet during the afternoon visit consisted of salads, cold cuts, cheese and sandwiches.

Hot options are limited to mushroom and quiche. The local food was good, but I was expecting something bigger, based on the previous announcement about the renovated cabin. “Food service is the main focus of the new space,” he said.

In the back there is a private dining room, offering a bit of a la carte, but only dinner, starting at 9pm. It was very little, considering that the long flights to Iberia leave in the afternoon. During the day, the dining room was perfect for those who wanted to get some work done. Although there is a dedicated work area in the room, it is not quiet.

Business Class Flights To Madrid

There was a nice wine room upstairs, but like the dining room, it was open in the evenings.

Iberia A330 Business Class: Stockholm To Madrid (2022 Review)

After a good look around the room, it’s time to run again. American Airlines departs from the end of the terminal, a five to 10 minute walk from the terminal.

The check was already done when I got to my gate, but because SSSS (Special Secondary Security Check) was printed on my ticket, I had to go through an additional check, which took another six minutes. Although it was my first time being selected, it’s not unusual to be separated when traveling on a one-way ticket – even if you’re enrolled in the American loyalty program.

From there, it was time to go. By this time, economy class passengers were starting to board, but since I was traveling in business class, I was able to skip the long line and the ferry right away.

Our Airbus A330-300, registration EC-LZX, was delivered to Iberia in March 2014 and is named Madrid, after the Spanish capital where we fly.

The 12 Best Ways To Fly Business Class To Europe On Points

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The A330 flight from Iberia features Business, Premium Economy and Economy. In business class, the seats are arranged in a 1-2-1 arrangement, which means that each passenger has direct access to the aisle. The seats are similar to what you’ll find in business class on Asiana and Alitalia, as well as on Air Berlin’s former Virgin Atlantic A330s.

There are four different locations to choose from, due to the nature of the stairs. In the middle, the seats alternate between “honeymoon”-style positions (E and G on odd-numbered rows) and horizontal-straight ones (D and H on even-numbered rows).

Business Class Flights To Madrid

The side seat was clear enough for a passenger and a companion, but not bad for a solo passenger as it had an important section that could be raised for privacy. On the other hand, the single numbered seats are arranged on the bridge and offer privacy.

Iberia A330 Business Class Review: Madrid To Medellin

The window seats are alternated with seats in the same row (seats A and L) placed near the wall of the car and opposite the seats in different rows (seats C and J) on the side of the road. As with the central event, the seat facing the canal is a bit exposed and should be avoided, if you can.

I was sitting in 4A, one of the “window” seats that was blocked off from the corridor. This type of seat should always be your first choice if you are traveling alone. In addition to standard seats with doors, such as Delta One’s new suites, Qatar’s QSuites, or JetBlue’s Mint seats, these are some of the most exclusive in business class.

The bed is 6 feet by 5 inches when placed in place. There were no seat covers or mattresses to sleep on, but it was fine.

Many new-class products fill the gap, but that’s not the problem here. I had plenty of bedrooms to turn to when I wanted to sleep.

Review: Business Class On Iberia’s A350, Jfk Mad

When folded, the tray table had enough space to work comfortably on my laptop while I carried a drink.

Apart from the space for my shoes under my feet, the space saved was limited to the shelf to the right of the chair, a small room for small things and a small group.

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