Business Class Flights To Sydney From London

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Business Class Flights To Sydney From London – Three years and a pandemic since British Airways launched its new business-class club suites in 2019, spacious cabins and sliding doors have finally arrived on the Sydney-London “kangaroo route”.

Many travelers on flights BA15/BA16 will be surprised to see the narrow end, dormitory-like Club World business class, and its 2-4-2 setbacks.

Business Class Flights To Sydney From London

Business Class Flights To Sydney From London

Instead, Club Suites offer everything you’d expect in today’s international business class—from the 1-2-1 configuration to sliding doors—plus a few thoughtful touches to keep you from worrying during those long 24-hour days. Weight gain journey.

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Not that you have to go all the way to London: the BA15/BA16 Sydney-Singapore route is an often-overlooked option for Qantas and Singapore Airlines, depending on the route.

But there is a catch: at the time of writing, the club suites on the Sydney-Singapore-London route will only be available until the end of March 2023, when BA transitions from the current Boeing 777 to the Boeing 787-9 lower class world class club .

While the Dreamliner excels in passenger comfort and good jetlag-reducing technology that handles cabin pressure, humidity, airflow and filtration, it’s a step up in business class.

Going back to Club Suites, so you’ll end up seeing Club Suites on Macropus routes regardless of which plane BA flies.

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Before departure from Sydney, British Airways is directing its business travellers, as well as all eligible passengers, such as senior citizens on flights, to the family lounge.

Located near Gate 51 at Sydney Airport’s Terminal C (the smaller wing of T1, commonly used by Emirates and Star Airlines), the house used to be the Etihad Airways lounge and is now operated independently. Gallery from Aspire.

From the Qantas lounge. You’re probably at least wondering where the best times to fly are.

Business Class Flights To Sydney From London

When BA flew from Sydney to London in November 2016, House was still updating a pretty good pre-pandemic à la carte menu, and the buffet was also very average.

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BA16 Business Class passengers, Silver BA Executive Club members and their oneworld Sapphire members also have access to the Qantas Business Lounge (although the food is arguably better, it’s certainly denser and the furniture less comfortable).

That makes House more of a “least worst” choice, but I’d still suggest both stories.

Of course, if you hold BA Executive Club Gold (or Oneworld Emerald) status and hold a BA16 boarding pass, the Qantas First Lounge is where you get a three or four course meal in a restaurant plus some wine or champagne or even a spa The perfect destination day treatment.

The first leg of the BA16 left Sydney at 4.30pm and landed at Changi Airport eight hours later – at 9.30pm Singapore time.

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You’ll have plenty of time to relax in your Club Suite and become acquainted with the many upgrades to Worldwide Long-Haul Club Seats, which put BA in line with the first-class experience on most other airlines.

Because each seat is rectangular when viewed from the porch and reclines within its own tall cabin, there’s a lot of privacy until you get to that sliding door.

But those sliding doors, since they’re the same height as the walls, are less about privacy for those walking down the hall and more about keeping you away from the rest of the room, especially when sleeping.

Business Class Flights To Sydney From London

Unlike previous-generation Club World seats, BA’s Club Suites offer ample personal space and storage options, including a shoulder compartment and a convenient vanity mirror in the door.

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Another thing about the suite stack is the number of Boeing 777s – there are 76 suites in total (almost a third of the 777’s total seating capacity), spread across three cabins.

Our tip: If you want a little unique ambience on the go, try the first “mini stove” in rows 5, 6 and 7.

Later, although it was close to 6pm in Sydney, “lunch” was served, starting with the obligatory nut concoction and refreshing Canard-Duchêne Cuvée Léonie Brut NV champagne.

I gave the camera my dinner choice from the menu when I was already dining at the Qantas First Lounge, but ended up asking to be served in my passenger.

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While British Airways class meals often get a bad rap, I found nothing wrong with BA16 fares.

Tasting options include delicious seared tuna (my choice), goat cheese salad, pumpkin soup, and roasted pumpkin and barley salad.

More important after this time: While the lasagna and roast beef looked tempting, I opted for charred salmon fillets (not too dry to taste) served with a warm Kipfler salad of potatoes, kale and macadamia nuts.

Business Class Flights To Sydney From London

That left plenty of room on the table: from the usual white fruit, savory (cinnamon) and sweet, I opted for a caramelized banana toffee pudding.

Qantas (sydney To London)

It’s easy to stay in a spacious Club Suite, based on the same popular Collins Aerospace Super Diamond platform as Etihad Airways’ new A350 Business Studio (and many other aircraft).

The shelf opens to reveal two handheld cradles, one containing a universal AC outlet and two USB outlets, and a cinema screen remote.

The narrow slit under the CARDINAL lid means you can close this lid to free up bench space without ‘running’ AC or USB cables from your laptop, tablet or phone.

The smaller of the two cutouts is the ideal spot to keep your phone connected when not in use.

Singapore Airlines Business Class

The almost invisible table, which slides quietly under the 17-inch high-definition video screen, is also thoughtfully designed.

You’re securely anchored, and when you’re stuck with your laptop, no one can let go or trigger that old World Club map.

If you want to leave your seat with the table unfolded, for example, when your laptop is outside or at a party – simply slide the table back towards the monitor until it snaps halfway, leaving enough room for your entry and exit. seat.

Business Class Flights To Sydney From London

Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi service is overpriced and frustrating: BA charges $9 an hour, up to $42 for an entire flight, but I never found speeds above 1 Mbps.

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Towards the end of the BA16 Sydney-Singapore segment, we were treated to a light meal and baked goods; a chicken wrap or vegetable panini; and a chocolate and salted caramel mousse cake.

I was so happy to find them and decided to have a decent dinner at a restaurant during my layover in Singapore. Speaking of…

Like flight BA15 to London, flight BA16 from Sydney made a short stop at Singapore Changi Airport to collect fuel, new crew and new food and drink before all passengers boarded (carry-on luggage and personal items required) . article).

And when we say ‘quick connection’, we mean this: the Sydney-Singapore leg of BA16 is scheduled to arrive at Changi Terminal 1 at 21:30 and en route back to London at 23:05.

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If you leave room at Changi Airport and return to your gate by 10.30pm (since security is at the gate), you will only have an hour on the ground, if not less than an hour. You can spend your time at your own discretion.

Given that the BA16 frequently arrives at the gate at Changi T1 – in fact the gate is usually the furthest away, taking 10 minutes round trip – timing is of the essence.

Here’s our expert tip: Skip BA’s own lounge and the adjoining Qantas Business Class lounge and head to the Qatar Airways premium lounge.

Business Class Flights To Sydney From London

On top of the C-Gate wing, the tight signage above “C Transfer Lounge” is easy to miss, especially if you’re following the crowd on autopilot.

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But we’ll thank you when you enter this charming lounge, which restricts entry to business and first-class passengers (although high-profile frequent flyers are also excluded).

The restaurant offers an extensive à la carte menu including satay, sushi, grilled beef tenderloin or lamb chops, green chicken with jasmine rice and Thai stew (click this link to view the current menu).

Please note that there are only five showers in the Qatar Airways Singapore Lounge. So if you want to get up before your flight, you’ll need to be one of the first in the lounge – or head to the Qantas Singapore Business Lounge, which has 20 hookups for a shower and a quick snack (two in addition to the buffet daily specials) of which the laksa has always been my favourite).

Others use it when visiting a British Airways or Qantas business class lounge close to them

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Five minutes walk

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