Buying A Used Semi Truck

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Buying A Used Semi Truck – However, if you do your research you can get a good deal on a good used truck.

I know how the truck was maintained from new and what the truck’s problems are if any.

Buying A Used Semi Truck

Buying A Used Semi Truck

Buying a used semi truck is not a bad thing. It is possible to get a good vehicle that serves you well and is reliable.

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Before you invest your money, here are 8 things to consider when buying a used big rig.

Today, new trucks are out of the ballpark for some owner-operators, so used equipment may be the answer.

If for any reason you must buy used, make sure it has been well maintained and has the right engine and driveline specifications for your needs.

Having the right specs is a must, so don’t buy it because it’s a bargain, as lacking power for heavy loads will be a costly mistake.

Types Of Semi Trucks & How To Buy The Right One For Your Business

Most decent engines will last a million miles if properly maintained, but there is no predicting when an engine will need an overhaul.

By getting a complete picture of the truck’s “health,” the buyer can also budget for repairs and upgrades.

Unless you know the original owner and maintenance history, I recommend dealing with a reputable truck dealer rather than a private individual.

Buying A Used Semi Truck

I once sold a trailer to Aero Truck Sales, the largest heavy equipment dealer in North America.

Should You Buy A New Or Used Truck?

When I asked for certified payment for the sale of the trailer, they scolded me and told me that they have a bad reputation.

Yes, they fixed the situation after a week, but after a lot of stress, pain and expense.

They refused to refund me all bank fees and expenses incurred as a result of the bad cheque.

Lesson: Don’t trust anyone as much as you should. When it comes to used truck companies, company size is not an indicator of quality.

Used Semi Trucks For Sale

Most of the time, although there are exceptions, dealerships want your money, and they want you gone. It seems that repeated efforts are not considered for some people.

An extended warranty through the dealership is often an option and definitely worth checking out. Sometimes it can save a lot of grief.

Be prepared financially, as extended warranties can be very expensive, and may not provide good coverage on key components.

Buying A Used Semi Truck

Some trucks last only a short time when they are built new – what I call disposable trucks, with almost no resale value after the initial purchase.

Pedigree Truck & Trailer Sales

Learn to identify the earmarks and manufacturers of these types of trucks. Look at the initial build quality or lack thereof.

Research the availability of the specific make and model, including the specifications of the vehicle you are considering, on the used truck sales market.

The product is built to last and built to go the distance. I have had good experience with their vehicles.

If you can’t get the used semi’s history from the seller, or at least talk to the truck driver, walk away.

Tips For Buying A Used Semi Trailer

It can be involved in an accident and even running while it is lying on its side in a ditch (the engine of this vehicle can be seriously damaged).

Big dealers like them because they can buy them cheap, repair them cosmetically and sell them at a decent profit.

Buying direct from a fleet that is upgrading to a more current model can be a good way to go.

Buying A Used Semi Truck

But, on the other hand, company drivers can be very strict on vehicles they don’t own.

The Definitive Guide To Semi Trucks

If they’re using the same car, just a newer model, that’s a sign that it’s probably a good car.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people will buy a Class 8 vehicle, new or used, just because they like the color.

Color will have little effect on its earning potential, although it will have little effect on repeat sales.

When buying a used big rig take the time to do the necessary research to ensure you have made a good choice.

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Buying A Used Semi Truck

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Buying a used semi truck has many advantages over buying brand new. Follow these five guidelines for buying a used semi truck to avoid mechanical problems, get the best semi truck financing, and get the most out of this long-term asset.

Buying A Used Semi Truck

If you talk to successful owner-operators, you’ll find they have one thing in common. Everyone is already planning to buy their truck. Your truck will be at the heart of your business. Making wise purchasing decisions will set you up for success in the long run.

What Is The Best Semi Truck To Buy

What should you consider before buying your truck? Start by estimating your needs based on the cargo you expect to carry and the length of your route. For example, you’ve decided that work-life balance is important to you and you should be home with your family at dinner time. You can choose to transport light weight cargo over short distances with semi-taxi trucks all day long.

On the other hand, one may decide that it is more economical to transport the bulk goods over a longer route. He would prefer a semi-truck with all the bells and whistles to sleep, eat and drive. Semi trucks like Volvo VNL, Western Star 5700XE and Peterbilt 579 Ultraloft have comfortable sleeper cabs, advanced navigation tools and powerful engines.

After you’ve decided on the type of truck that fits your needs, you’ll want to budget for a new purchase. In addition to the truck, you need cargo handling equipment and insurance. Include these items when you want to save for a down payment of at least 10% of the price of the truck.

When looking for a used semi truck for sale, the options are vast. You’ll find one that meets your needs at dealerships, with fleet operators and with other owner-operators. Each group has something to offer as well as some downsides.

Semi Trucks For Sale

Dealerships usually have a selection of semi trucks for sale, and those vehicles usually fall within a certain mileage and age range. Trusted dealer representatives will share their in-depth knowledge of the truck brands and models the company carries to help you make a buying decision.

When it comes to their trucks, fleets value reliability the most. That is why they sell and exchange their vehicles on a regular schedule. If you decide to get low mileage, use a semi truck

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