Can An Rn Own An Iv Hydration Business

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Can An Rn Own An Iv Hydration Business – Dehydration is a common health problem in several patient groups. But people in poor health aren’t the only ones who can benefit from intravenous irrigation therapy.

Every day, nurses show up at a patient’s bedside to start their IV hydration business. As IV therapy grows in popularity, more and more people are turning to IV nurses to feel better, look better, and be energized.

Can An Rn Own An Iv Hydration Business

Can An Rn Own An Iv Hydration Business

Intravenous hydration companies are especially popular with athletes, as a few drops are known to improve athletic performance and speed muscle recovery.

Mobile Iv Drip Hydration Therapy Near You In Florida

Other groups that have embraced the IV hydration trend include health-conscious people looking to improve their physical beauty, party-goers looking for a quick hangover cure, travelers hoping to quickly reverse the effects of jet lag, and other healthy people in need of help. – Above.

With the increased interest in IV hydration therapy, there is a void in the IV hydration business. But some painful questions remain:

In this article, we’ll clear up the confusion for aspiring IV nurses by answering the questions above and providing a practical guide to starting your own IV hydration business.

The beauty of starting an IV hydration business is that just about anyone can benefit from IV hydration.

Private Practice & Iv Hydration Business Masterclass

The benefits of intravenous hydration therapy are highly dependent on the particular drip cocktail administered. Depending on the specific treatment, IV hydration can provide a wide range of health benefits, including but not limited to:

Depending on the specific drip treatment, IV hydration can provide your body with many health benefits. Nurses using IV therapy should provide information about the benefits of each drip therapy chosen.

When it comes to IV drips, no way. All IV nurses must start with normal saline and make vitamin shakes. Of course, there are some rules that nurses working with drips must follow, but the principle remains.

Can An Rn Own An Iv Hydration Business

In addition to the basic hydration cocktail of normal saline or a lactated Ringer drip, nearly all successful IV hydration companies offer several popular drip procedures, including:

Iv Therapy Scottsdale Az

If starting your own IV hydration business sounds appealing to you, then the question of what it takes to start an IV hydration business is definitely for you. Depending on the US state where you practice, starting an IV hydration business can be easy or difficult.

For example, some states require an IV hydration nurse to work under the supervision of a medical director to perform IV hydration procedures, while other states allow nurses to practice and own their own hydration business without a physician referral.

If you are an NP or RN and want to learn how to become an IV hydration nurse, you need to do your research. We recommend that you consult an attorney to ensure compliance with state laws.

Also, potential IV nurses should take classes or courses to learn about IV hydration so they understand all the moving parts needed to run their hydration business – that’s where we come in!

Iv Hydration Business Class — Fatima Francesa

We give you a head start on your IV hydration business by providing you with a comprehensive ‘done for you’ service to get your business off the ground. From the early stages of starting your IV hydration business, to website development, legal expertise, and more, we’re with you every step of the way to give you the best possible foundation in learning to become an IV nurse.

Do you want to be more actively involved in the creation of your business? We can help with that too. Our DIY IV Hydration Business Model provides you with guidance and professional advice on how to start an IV Hydration business.

If you need a little guidance or would prefer us to take the reins, we’re here for you! Schedule an introductory call today to learn how to become an IV nurse with a profitable hydration business.

Can An Rn Own An Iv Hydration Business

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We use cookies to ensure maximum convenience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we assume that you are satisfied with it. Well. If you’re on TikTok, you’ve probably seen Hydreight’s viral stories about how they left their bed to work as mobile IV therapy for a company called Hydreight. Did you know what would happen if you could actually start your own IV hydration therapy business without having to work for a company like Hydreight? Here’s proof – Tina Mulholland actually opened her own IV hydration clinic! We interviewed her to find out how!

Tina Mulholland, BSN, RN, 34, of Springfield County, Delaware, is the founder and owner of Elevate Wellness, an IV hydration clinic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you haven’t heard of IV hydration clinics, you need to catch up because they are extremely popular in the health and wellness space right now.

Iv Infusion Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

One of the exciting aspects of IV hydration clinics is that they can be established and operated by registered physicians under the supervision of a licensed physician, medical director, so those who have a passion for health and wellness and an inclination to run IV clinics apply for an opening. up. own clinics.

Mulholland is one of them — in fact, he says running dribblers is his “best skill.” it happened

Mulholland shares that, like many others, she has wanted to be since she was a child. “I just loved taking care of others,” she says. “I would watch shows like ER with my dad and reality shows on TLC about doctors and dream of doing the same thing someday!”

Can An Rn Own An Iv Hydration Business

Despite her love for her job, she says she felt an urge to “go big” in her nursing career. She thought there was more to her than advanced nursing practice, so she enrolled in graduate school to become a pediatrician. But with just one clinical rotation left, she realized that the pediatric NP track wasn’t really what she needed.

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“It’s hard to admit, because I’m not lazy and I always finish what I start,” he admits. “However, I had one son at home and another on the way, and I knew how precious my time was.”

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So he did some introspection and prayer, which he says led to a few nudges from God that this path might not be right for him. So, she decided to continue with what was “more” for her, spending time with her growing family, welcoming three beautiful boys into the world, and exploring a new passion for natural medicine.

She found that exposure to essential oils opened her eyes to a new world of health care that was more focused on health promotion and prevention. This prompted her to delve into what she loved most about nursing, which boiled down to three main things:

Iv Therapy To Your Door Operating In Unregulated Grey Area

The combination of these three passions, he says, led to him having to take intravenous vitamins and IV therapy. And after his fourth son was born in the middle of the pandemic and his wife was laid off a week before his birth, Mulholland knew it was time to take the leap and open the business he had dreamed of for years.

While starting a business with four children is certainly a challenge, Mulholland knew she was up for the challenge. He saw his parents start successful businesses and says entrepreneurship is in his blood. “It wasn’t easy, but their determination was very inspiring,” shares Mulholland. “I also knew that my business was a direct result of this work!”

To open her own clinic, Mulholland first tried working with IV vitamins and hydration to learn everything she could about IV therapy. Since all regulations governing an IV hydration clinic are state-specific, it can be difficult to find the right people to help you navigate the laws surrounding this type of business. But Mulholland says God answered my prayers again and led him to an agreement.

Can An Rn Own An Iv Hydration Business

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