Can Business Save The Earth Innovating Our Way To Sustainability

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Can Business Save The Earth Innovating Our Way To Sustainability – Here are some summer reads for education and fun: A new look at the continuing influence of ancient Roman political thought; delve into the health problems of priests; and the story of how an African-American architect came to design Duke University’s new campus. These books and more (plus a movie) are new to Duke authors this summer. Half a dozen of these books were written by new professors at Duke Kunshan University.

Many of the books, including new editions of older titles, can be found on the “Duke Authors” shelves near the Perkins Library print desk. Some are available as e-books for quick download. Most of them can also be purchased in a Gothic bookstore.

Can Business Save The Earth Innovating Our Way To Sustainability

Can Business Save The Earth Innovating Our Way To Sustainability

[Duke will provide similar updates in the future. If you are a Duke faculty member or staff member who will be publishing a book of interest to a wide audience, please send us a message about this along with a brief description of your publisher.]

What Is A Billionaire’s Role In Saving The Planet?

Atkins, assistant professor of archaeology, provides a fascinating guide to Roman political thought and its enduring relevance to modern liberal democracy. The introduction to this topic shows how the Roman world developed political ideas of lasting importance, from constitutional ideas about the separation of powers, political legitimacy and individual rights to important international relations ideas such as “imperialism, just war theory”. and cosmopolitanism..

Many of these books are available in the Duke University Libraries or the Gothic Library. To help you learn more about books, we’ve created a list of master books.

Duke Law School faculty draw on their academic and professional experience to provide a rigorous first-year course covering intentional torts, negligence, and strict liability. The text is designed to develop students’ skills in legal processes, including improving their ability to produce a variety of materials, develop and analyze arguments and evidence, and work on stage. the procedure that governs the litigation process.

DR. Cheryl D. Bushnell, Associate Editor; dr. Jodi Dodds and Aaron Loochtan, Contributors: “Neurological Diseases and Pregnancy: An Integrated Care Model for Optimal Management” (University of Oxford)

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The booklet, which is the first to provide a comprehensive guide to neurological conditions related to pregnancy and childbirth, contains two chapters co-authored by Duke Neurology Drs. Jodi Dodds and Dr. Aaron Loochtan. The chapters, written with the help of neurology assistant professor Dr. Cheryl Bushnell, focuses on stroke management.

Chakrabarty, William H. Young Professor of Engineering, offers readers a guide to designing, testing, and optimizing 2.5D integrated circuits. He is also co-author of the recently published “Computer-Aided Design of Very Large Scale Microfluidic Biochip Integration (mVLSI)”.

Business leaders are increasingly tasked with developing new products, services and business models that reduce environmental impact while supporting economic growth. It’s a tall order. Based on more than a decade of research and collaboration with companies, Professor Chatterji of the Fuqua School of Business argues that a green future is only possible with incredible innovations in the field, many of which are happening at the same time. A wider ecosystem of actors including innovators, regulators, consumers, investors, activists and governments must play a role in achieving this goal.

Can Business Save The Earth Innovating Our Way To Sustainability

Christensen, professor emeritus of environmental science and policy, joined co-authors Lissa Leege and Justin St. Juliana is giving a generation of students reason to be optimistic about environmental challenges by emphasizing the role science plays in solving environmental problems. The new edition features “You Decide,” which presents complex environmental issues and challenges students to take a stand and consider the consequences of their stance.

Earth Day 2021: How Hollywood Invests In Environmental Sustainability

Gibson, an associate professor of art practice, art history and visual studies, premiered his film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in June. This feature with music by Professor John Supek (Department of Music) is the secret to a successful spin.

Amy Laura Hall, “The Devil’s Laughter: Seeing the World with Julian of Norwich” (Duke University Press, 10 August 2018)

The writings of the medieval mystic, believed to be the first woman to write a book in English, live on in Duke Amy Laura Hall’s theology book, which also offers stories from Hall’s personal life about raising children and teaching. The period from the 14th to the 15th century was “a time of holy evil,” writes Hall. “It was a time full of despair and sad pressure. Julian kindly wrote about this intersection. It is one of the reasons why people return to his words and now the church is known by his name.”

Research and knowledge about fungi has grown rapidly following recent advances in genetics and genomics. Prepared by the Chair of the Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, this book creates new insights with existing data to stimulate new scientific questions and advance fungal scientists to the next level of research.

Here’s How To Save The Planet And Make A Profit

Commented by scholars and experts, the book systematically compares 13 international courts operating in Africa, Latin America and Europe, as well as internationally. The writers grapple with the new form of international institutions that the book proposes. Helfer is Harry R. Chadwick, Sr. Professor of Law.

King, the university’s founding archivist, tells the story of how an African-American architect came to design new campuses for Duke University in the South in the 1920s. Abele serves as the principal architect of the Horace Trumbauer architectural firm in Philadelphia, selected by funder James B. Duke. Since there are no records of the building’s construction, King’s essay weaves together interviews and oral history articles scattered over a long period of time to place Abel’s role in the context of his life and times, which was also a period of unique place in the history of American architecture. The account is both institutional and historical with contributions from Julian Abele Jr. and the family of Julian Abele Cook, whose son and daughter graduated from Duke.

Knight, the Frederic Cleaveland Professor of Law and Political Science, brings together essays from various perspectives on representation, political ethics, conflict, negotiation, and various forms of compromise. By exploring these questions and more, “Engagement” presents a new perspective on the critical question of the importance of engagement in social and political affairs.

Can Business Save The Earth Innovating Our Way To Sustainability

Kimberly Lamm: The Other Woman’s Object Series: Textual Relations in Women’s Art and Writing: Rethinking Art History

How Can Earth Observation And Artificial Intelligence Help People In Need?

Lamm, associate professor of gender, sexuality and women’s studies, looked at how three artists, Adrian Piper, Nancy Spero and Mary Kelly, used text and images in the 1960s and 1970s to challenge feminist ideals. The book uses the concept of “other women”, a utopian desire to reach out to women and be like them in their similarities and differences. It puts the artists in correspondence with three writers: Angela Davis, Valerie Solanas, and Laura Mulvey, who also discuss the limited images in which women can appear.

MacEachern, a professor of sociology at Duke Kunshan University, is helping to research the local cultures of origin of the Boko Haram insurgent group. MacEachern is also co-editor of the recently published “Manuel de teren en Archéologie africaine” (Musée Royale de l’Afrique Centrale).

For a church or movement that “sings its theology,” Charles Wesley’s magazine is essential. Part of a series dedicated to providing the most comprehensive print collection of Charles Wesley’s manuscripts beyond his sermons and verses, this volume was edited by Divinity School Professor Randy L. Maddox, Professor Emeritus Richard P. Heitzenrater, and the late Frank Baker, who was Professor Emeritus of English Church History at Duke Divinity School.

Miller, a professor of humanities at Duke Kunshan University, considers how Taoism, China’s indigenous religion, can provide us with the aesthetic, ethical, political, and spiritual tools to address the root causes of our environmental crises in order to build a sustainable future. Miller believes that the environment seamlessly integrates nature and culture, instilling in modern rational terms a solid vision of how the earth materially and spiritually supports human development.

How Going To Mars Can Pave The Way To Saving The Earth

Nelson, associate professor of business administration, provides an evidence-based organizing framework for the special analysis group’s findings. The framework focuses on team effectiveness and design thinking in product creation and is illustrated with real case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of managing an on-site analytics team.

Animals have developed incredible biomechanical and physiological mechanisms that allow them to make rich movements. Associate Professor of Biology Sheila Patek and her co-author, Harvard Professor Andrew Biewener, provide fundamental insights into animal locomotion through a broad comparative approach, including mathematics and physics, examining new and existing literature, taking into account conventional methods and cutting. , and emphasizes the basic concepts that consistently form the basis of the complexity of animal behavior. Watch the mantis shrimp power box video here.

G. Sujin Pak: “Reforming Prophecy: Modern Interpretations of the Old Testament and Prophetic Prophecy”

Can Business Save The Earth Innovating Our Way To Sustainability

Pak, an assistant professor of Christian history at Duke Divinity School, emphasizes the centrality of the Protestant Reformation’s use of the prophet and biblical prophecy to its goal of promoting the authority and evidence of scripture.

Businesspeople Must Reconnect With Nature To Save The Planet

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