Can I Sue A Lawyer For Lying

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Can I Sue A Lawyer For Lying – The lawyer handed Donald Trump a handwritten note. He asked Trump to read it aloud.

The mogul sent a memo to a reporter who objected to the story that Trump had a “small minority stake” in a Manhattan real estate project. Trump claims the word “tiny” is a misnomer. Trump continued, “I wrote, ‘Is 50% too small?’”

Can I Sue A Lawyer For Lying

Can I Sue A Lawyer For Lying

“This [note] is to show that you have a 50% stake in the project, is that correct?” said the lawyer.

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For the first time that day, Trump almost got caught saying something that wasn’t true.

On the morning of mid-December 2007, an investigation like no other in the public record of Trump’s life began.

Trump brought it himself. He sued his reporter, accusing him of negligence and dishonesty in a book that questioned Trump’s fortunes. The reporter’s defense team turned the tide and brought Trump in for testimony.

Over the course of two days, they took turns asking questions about Trump’s integrity, a common theme.

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Prosecutors confronted the tycoon with his past statements and often his company’s internal documents showing that those statements were false or fabricated. The lawyers continued. Trump, a larger-than-life behemoth, was cornered, quiet, and vulnerable to swearing.

Trump misrepresented the sale of his condo building. He raised the price of a membership at one of his golf clubs. While increasing the depth of past debt and the number of employees.

The 170-page testimony provides incredible insight into Trump’s relationship with the truth. Trump’s lies were non-strategic. It’s redundant, too specific, and easy to refute. When caught, Trump sometimes blamed others for mistakes or explained that the lies were actually true because he viewed the situation more positively than others.

Can I Sue A Lawyer For Lying

“I try to be honest,” Trump said. “I am no different than a politician running for office. You always want to do your best.

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In his presidential campaign, Trump has tried to make his own truth a selling point. He nicknamed “Lin’ Ted” Cruz, his primary Republican opponent. He called his own Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, a “pathological liar”! In a recent Twitter message. “I will present the facts clearly and honestly,” he said at the start of his speech at the Republican National Convention. “We couldn’t be more politically correct.”

Trump had a habit of lying during his presidential campaign. The Washington Post Fact Checker gave him four Pinocchios at No. 39, which he announced bids for last summer. In many respects, their statements mirror the 2007 testimony. They are specific, verifiable, and wrong.

Trump initially said he was against the war in Iraq. he didn’t He said he never mocked a New York Times reporter with a disability. That Trump also said the National Football League sent him a letter saying the presidential debate was scheduled for a football game. didn’t

Last week, Trump claimed to have seen a video of a plane dropping large sums of cash from the US government into Iran. It was filmed in a top-secret location and released by the Iranian government. He didn’t have it. Trump later admitted he had made his mistake. He watched a TV news video showing an airplane while an inmate was being released.

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But even taking this campaign into account, Trump has never had an experience quite like the December 19 and 20, 2007 testimony.

Timothy L. O’Brien, author Trump argued.

The Washington Post (WP) sent the Trump campaign a detailed list of questions about the testimony, listing each time Trump was caught with false or unsupported statements. The Post asked Trump if he wanted to dispute these findings and if he regretted making them.

Can I Sue A Lawyer For Lying

Left: “Trump Nation: The Art of Being The Donald” by Timothy L. O’Brien Right: Andrew Ceresny (above) and Mary Jo White (left) (Open Road Integrated Media; Mark Lenihan/AP; Seth Wenig/AP )

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In 2005, New York Times reporter O’Brien published a book called “The Trump Nation: The Art of Being Donald.” In the book, O’Brien cited people who questioned Trump’s claim on the basis of his identity that he had a net worth of over $5 billion. O’Brien said he spoke with three people who estimated the figure to be between $150 million and $250 million.

Trump sued. He later told the Post that his intention was to hurt O’Brien, whom he called a “low life sleazebag”.

He said, “To be honest, I haven’t read [the book]. . . . I didn’t read it. “I saw some of what he said,” Trump said later. “I said, ‘Go and sue him. It’s going to cost a lot of money,’ he said.

By filing the lawsuit, Trump has not only opened himself up to questions, he has opened the door to the opaque and secretive company he runs.

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O’Brien’s attorneys include Mary Jo White, current Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, and Andrew Ceresney, current Executive Director of the SEC. The suit gave them the power to demand that Trump hand over internal company documents, and they used it. He arrived at his statement after he had already admitted that Trump’s public statements did not align with his personal truth.

“30 percent equals more than 30 percent,” Trump explained. His 30 percent stake seemed more valuable because he initially decided he didn’t have to pay.

“Are you saying that 30% in a limited partnership translates to 50% in the real estate industry?” Seresni asked.

Can I Sue A Lawyer For Lying

TRUMP: I got over a million dollars because his campaign expenses were for my benefit. In other words, they preach on billboards, newspapers, and radio. I think through television. Yes, through television.

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And they spend money. Again, I have to ask, but they probably spent at least 1 million or 2 million or more on Donald Trump’s campaign.

Attorney: So when you say publicly that you received more than $1 million, do you include the publicity they pay for that amount?

Attorney: Are you serious when you say publicly that you received over a million dollars?

When asked how much Ceresney was paid to speak at the Learning Annex, a continuing education center in New York City, in 2005, Trump said, “I got over a million dollars.”

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Trump said his personal math has unavoidable publicity value. The Learning Annex heavily advertised his speech, and Trump thought it helped his brand. So even though the actual payment was $400,000, he was paid more than $1 million in his mind.

As the testimony continued, Trump’s lawyers brought one case after another of Trump exaggerating his success.

Donald Trump (right) is interviewed by Larry King during a taping of “Larry King Lives” on October 7, 1999. (Marty Leatherhandler/AP)

Can I Sue A Lawyer For Lying

The lawyer played a clip from Larry King’s talk show where King asked Trump how many people had worked for him. “More than 22,000,” Trump said.

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“No, not directly,” Trump said. He said he was counting employees from other companies that act as suppliers and subcontractors for his business.

In another O’Brien book, Trump was quoted as saying “I borrowed zero from [his father’s] estate… I promise.”

“I think there was a small amount a long time ago,” Trump said. He said, “I think it was around the $9 million mark.”

In another of his books, Trump said of one of his golf courses:

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“We sold some for hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Trump said. Then Trump said, “We sold a lot. I think it’s 2:50.”

The attorney had internal Trump documents showing the exact figure, “$200,000 per member,” Ceresny said.

But you can take her as her witness, and I’m sure we’ll take her as her witness. Because I asked her to turn what she wrote into her “billion dollar debt” and she probably forgot.

Can I Sue A Lawyer For Lying

Trump: I read it very quickly. I didn’t see it. I tried to fix it, but I didn’t see it.

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In some cases, Trump has admitted he was wrong but not guilty. Instead he tried to shift his responsibilities to someone else.

When confronted with another false statement, Trump said, “The person who wrote it was probably Meredith McIver.” “It’s a mistake.”

McIver, the Trump Organization’s executive writer, came into the public eye last month by posting a literary excerpt from Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention speech.

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