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Can You Print Business Cards At Fedex – PLANO, Texas–( BUSINESS WIRE )–Fedex Office, a provider of convenient, advanced printing, packaging and shipping services and a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX), today released the results of its latest national print survey, which shows that 82 percent of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and 61 percent of consumers prefer to print items at the same or faster speeds as a professional. Professionally printed material remains highly valued as they did in previous years – nearly half of the audience cited the convenience afforded through digital and mobile access to the process.

In the study, FedEx Office analyzed the opinions of consumers and small and medium-sized businesses about their preferences and purchasing habits regarding professional printing services. Among the key findings, professionally printed materials benefit small businesses in multiple ways, with 92 percent indicating that it helps them compete with larger organizations. In addition, almost nine out of ten SMEs believe that professional printing is very important in communicating with potential customers and attracting new business.

Can You Print Business Cards At Fedex

Can You Print Business Cards At Fedex

When deciding where and how to print professionally, consider a comprehensive service offering that includes quality, support and convenience.

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Job stress and occupational stress also play a major role in employment trends Professionally printed business cards (64 percent) and resumes (59 percent) were found to be very important or somewhat important to small business hiring managers—a key factor for them in the job search process.

In fact, business cards are widely used to find and connect with people, with over 76% of consumers and 81% of small and medium businesses using business cards. Additionally, when it comes to business cards, small and medium-sized businesses are interested in design and quality, while consumers are more interested in style, cardboard and color.

“Although our world is becoming increasingly digital, people prefer to print materials that mean the most to them – whether it’s for personal use, such as resumes, or for business purposes, such as collateral that reflects their company’s image. Professional printing services. continues to grow, and FedEx Office meets that demand with color matching capabilities, project consulting and the ability to submit jobs anywhere – in-store, online or via mobile device.Fedex Office.

“The FedEx office continues to identify trends and opportunities to bridge the physical and digital worlds using our nationwide network to meet our customers’ needs,” Phillips said.

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The survey was conducted through an online panel from 8-16 March 2019 The question was asked among 2,200 respondents from the general public Data were weighted for measures based on age, race/ethnicity, gender, education level, and region The margin of error among these respondents is +/- 2 percentage points A nationally representative sample of 500 small and medium entrepreneurs was also questioned The margin of error among SMEs is +/- 4 percentage points

FedEx Office manages nearly 2,000 company-owned stores and locations in the United States, providing reliable service and easy access to printing and delivery expertise. The company’s network includes retail stores, centralized manufacturing centers, corporate print centers, hotel and convention center operations, and FedEx on-campus print centers. Services include digital printing, professional finishing, document creation, direct mail, signage and graphics, copiers, computer rentals, free Wi-Fi and business printing solutions. In addition, the company offers package services backed by FedEx Express® and FedEx Ground Shipping, FedEx Site Lever, FedEx Same Day City and FedEx Packing Promise. Visit for more information

FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) provides a broad portfolio of transportation, e-commerce and business services to consumers and businesses. With annual revenues of $69 billion, the company provides integrated business solutions through operating companies that compete collectively and are managed together under the respected FedEx brand. Consistently ranked among the world’s most admired and trusted employers, FedEx inspires its more than 450,000 team members to focus on safety, the highest ethical and professional standards, and the needs of their customers and communities. To learn more about how FedEx connects the world’s people and opportunities, visit

Can You Print Business Cards At Fedex

New FedEx Office research shows that most small business owners and customers are choosing professional printing services to compete and grow. About a month ago, FedEx had a holiday sale on their business cards that set them back $10.00 (+tax) for 250 cards. It lasted till December 31 last year When I was accepted into Artist Alley at Anime Mid-Atlantic, I took advantage of the sale and ordered some last minute cards. There’s a lot more planning to do, but at least I got the business card out of the way

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Cost is why I took the opportunity to purchase the card; It was pretty cheap for a set of 250, while a set of 500 was the same price (about $39.99?). The price will change if you use different features on your card, for example if you want to add a design to the back or have blank paper. Matte (not premium matte) is included and free, as is a glossy back You could have gotten that price by buying two sets of 250 for only $20, but I didn’t, but I think I should have, since there are so many in attendance at the AMA. But I have to monitor my payments and budget for this payment

Shipping was free It had a 7 day delivery and arrived a day early It was pretty dark outside when it arrived at my door, but what drove a UPS truck? I wasn’t really sure

So I have the package and it comes in a white box inside a cardboard box Super safe, beautiful

The cards lined up nicely and had no dents or visible damage They appear fresh cut and are placed in boxes with about two inches of space It looked like I bought a set of 500 instead, but that’s probably just the thickness of the cards.

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I wanted to test the durability of the cards and I kept them in my coat pocket when I was at school. I have a habit of putting my hand in my coat pocket as it gets stuck there, so I guess that adds to the damage? Does it? After 8 hours the card only had small dents in the corners I tried bending it a bit, but still no significant damage, so it’s pretty durable.

Now to the results of the design! The image was cropped a bit, but I knew that when I saw the cards on the confirmation page, so I moved the image further down because for some reason it would go up. The text at the bottom of my card is not cut off The color difference is not that big, but it looks big because of the terrible lighting When I set the resolution on my computer to about 2000 to 3000 RIP the overall image was not very “grainy”. I can only see the blurry parts if I press my eyes on the map in bright light, like “Whoa, I see a cell”. The writing was a bit run-on, but they were generally readable

No physical copy of the receipt? Don’t get me wrong; I like how the cards turned out, but if something happens, like they accidentally sent me the wrong card or something, I can refer to a receipt sent with the package.

Can You Print Business Cards At Fedex

However, I think FedEx is a good choice for business card printing They were my first experience with card printing and for me they are really simple and easy with their steps to create the card you want; You can make your map horizontal or vertical If you don’t have a design for your card, FedEx offers many templates, text, and clipart that you can use to create your own card.

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I’ve heard of Vistaprint and MOO, but the cost for business cards was out of my budget But I have heard that their quality is excellent

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