Cheap Business Class Flights To Argentina

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Cheap Business Class Flights To Argentina – The journey continues! After five wonderful weeks in Buenos Aires, Argentina it was time to return to the United States to see family on vacation. My trip to Argentina went better than I expected, and I wanted to know if I could have the same amazing experience on the return trip. I was also interested in deciding which seat I would get and how it would affect the programme. So let’s see what happened!

Two days before my departure, I received an email from American Airlines asking me to provide them with the correct information before I knew where I was going. They just asked for my address and phone number and I gave them and they accepted what I gave them. no problem

Cheap Business Class Flights To Argentina

Cheap Business Class Flights To Argentina

Twenty-four hours before departure, the American Airlines app informed me that it was check-in time. I did that in a few seconds on my phone and took a photo of my boarding pass 😉.

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About 3 hours before departure, I requested a ride on Cabify and arrived at the airport around 8:30pm. The trip from the city took 50 minutes and cost $13.45 ($11.45 with a $2 discount).

Then I went to the airport. I entered Terminal A (international gate) and there were counters on the wall, but I didn’t see the security sign. I walked a bit and then I saw signs that the gates were up, I went to the escalators and found the security entrance.

I entered the queue, they checked my passport and boarding pass. Then I entered the security line. I stood there for 15 minutes on Tuesday night until I finished. However, this process is easier than in the US. They don’t care about drinks or shoes, just electronics and metal. They had signs in Spanish and English telling them to put all electronics and metal (such as watches and belts), including phones, in trays. Otherwise you will only be pushing your pockets.

Now that was unusual. I thought I was safe after protecting myself, but I wasn’t. After saving passport control is done and it’s not clear, but there are two lines. The one on the left says it’s from Argentina and the one on the right says it’s from other countries.

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I had an accident just entering the Argentine line and then exited and went the other way, only to hear the security guard say the line was the same. So I don’t know what to think 🙂 . I stood there in line for 40 minutes and it was hot. They didn’t seem to have enough AC for all the people standing in the room, so I was sweating in the Argentinian heat.

Anyway, after that time, I got to the front of the line and noticed something I liked: they have a flashing sign that tells you which desk number is free to go to. Very useful! I was called to the desk and given my passport. He then asked me to take off my glasses and take a photo to the right. He then asked me for my boarding pass, which I showed on my phone. And I was free!

However, it was difficult to find. There was no sign at the airport indicating my usual destination. I was lucky that I checked the directions before heading to the airport (#NerdAlert).

Cheap Business Class Flights To Argentina

There are stairs and elevators next to the water sign near Gate 8 which leads to the VIP lounge on the upper floor. Think I’m a VIP now 😉?

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The resort was great. Luckily the exterior of the living room looked nicer and was less noisy because someone brought a crying baby into the living room (which isn’t forbidden 🙂?).

My favorite thing was to stand in line for almost an hour in the hot room and have a cold drink. That would be very refreshing. There was also AC blasting, which was nice. I also appreciated the WiFi, luxury bathroom and beer selection, which includes wine, beer and house cocktails. They also had other dishes that included fresh options, which was nice to see.

The lounge was already 1/2 full when I arrived, which wasn’t bad at all. There were also many workers who were always cleaning the place to keep it clean. One more to come: board announcements (intelligible) in Spanish only. My months of learning Spanish paid off again 🙂

In my last flight review, I did all of these things to find out which seat I would be in so I would know which two seats I would be flying. But then this configuration prediction system went wrong so this time I didn’t put any weight on the configuration. Looking at the aircraft it appears to be a Rockwell Collins Super Diamond product (called B/E in the AA document).

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I tried not to get too excited about it being a bait and switch, but I couldn’t help but think that if I got a Rockwell Collins set, I could compare and contrast the two methods. However, if I end up with the same configuration of Safran Concept D as my last flight (called Zodiac in the AA documents), then I will discover something new: flying backwards! I purposely chose a rear-facing seat so I could go back and see how it had changed. So what did I change?

It was a Rockwell Collins Super Diamond product! It’s great because I can compare the two and see what the travel reviewers I read were doing when they found the Safran product (which I loved when I went to Argentina) to be inferior. So I agree with them that I am the black sheep of tourism again 🙂? Tell us!

After hearing an announcement in the lobby only in Spanish, I went downstairs and luckily my gate was only a few feet away. There were already long lines and it was chaotic. There were two lines, one for the 1-4 climbing group and the other for the 5+. I was in group 1 so joined the queue.

Cheap Business Class Flights To Argentina

At the end of the line someone checked my passport and boarding pass and took me to a table where bags were being checked for some reason. He checked my bag and directed me to the gate agent. He checked my passport again and asked me to see my boarding pass. He then allowed me to board the plane.

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On the plane, I found my seat (9A) and saw the new configuration. I was also in a small business class cabin with only 4 rows as I like small cabins.

Note that row 6 is not comfortable due to its proximity to the galley and row 7 lacks one of its two windows.

I liked my place. Once seated, I was given a choice of champagne, water or water by the flight attendant.

I took my champs and started a new horror movie called Bodies, Bodies, Bodies and checked out my support gear. It was similar to what I received on the plane landing in Buenos Aires. Anyway, anything is good to accept 🙂

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Before I knew it we were already taxiing, he was on the rest of the flight. When we were in the air, the pilot came and asked what I wanted to eat. I chose this meat. He also asked me if I would wake up for breakfast if I slept in – and I said yes. I can’t miss one of these delicious drinks!

Immediately after departure, dinner was served (which I will describe in detail below). Then the house was cleaned and the lights were switched off after an hour. Very useful! I finished the body, body, body and then saw the red turn. People have loved this film so I am happy to have this film.

After the movie, my eyes began to water, I put the bed in flat mode and went to sleep with a pillow and a blanket. When I woke up, the flight was only 2.5 hours away. I watched the lightyear and an hour before it arrived, the sailors came for breakfast (which I will discuss in more detail below).

Cheap Business Class Flights To Argentina

We finished breakfast and said we were going down. I adjusted the seat and looked

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