Cheap Business Class Flights To Kuala Lumpur

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Cheap Business Class Flights To Kuala Lumpur – The last time I flew in a Malaysia Airlines 737-800 I experienced the most terrifying flight of my life. Since then, two 777s from the same airline have crashed. One landed over Ukraine and the other landed somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

However, I realized that I was more likely to get killed going to the airport than by air (Jakarta’s traffic is the worst in the world as far as I’m concerned). I wasn’t sweating. Please note that this review is from 2016. You can read why I am posting old reports.

Cheap Business Class Flights To Kuala Lumpur

Cheap Business Class Flights To Kuala Lumpur

Check-in was a breeze. Short wait despite a long layover in Kuala Lumpur and got my boarding pass for London.

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With two hours to go, I went to CGK. Nothing worth writing about. However, I love the old terminal of Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. Lots of green and natural light.

Malaysia Airlines 720 Jakarta (CGK) – Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Departing Tuesday, June 21. 15:45 Arrival: 18:50 Duration: 02 hours, 05 minutes Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 Seat: 3F (Business Class 7) Malaysia -800 Business Class Seats

Business class on the 737-800 has four rows of 2-2 seats. I appreciated the well-cushioned seat with footrest and individual IFE. Seat adjustment knobs were manual. A pillow and a blanket were present on each bench.

Cold towels and a selection of non-alcoholic beverages were available before the flight. Pink guava juice is usually only served outside of Malaysia, but it was offered and it hit the spot (along with a cool towel) on a muddy Jakarta afternoon.

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The service started with an appetizer salad served on a fruit platter. A choice of bread was given and I chose garlic which was well toasted.

What a great meal for such a short flight! Finally, I had a glass of sparkling water.

There was a great selection of music, as well as games and TV shows. Appropriate noise canceling headphones were supplied.

Cheap Business Class Flights To Kuala Lumpur

I had a long layover in KUL before my A380 first class flight to London.

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Matthew is an avid traveler who calls Los Angeles home. He flies more than 200,000 miles a year and has visited more than 135 countries. Working both in the aviation industry and as a travel consultant, Matthew has been featured in major media around the world and uses his Live and Let’s Fly blog to share the latest airline news, frequent flyer commentary and in-depth reports. About his travels around the world. I took a seat at the front door, where I immediately realized it was going to be a great flight. I was greeted by the flight attendant Helena, who had the biggest and most genuine smile on her face. After checking my boarding pass he showed me my seat.

Let me clarify again that Malaysia Airlines recently rebranded their first class product as “Business Suites” and I was flying right after the rebranding.

While I’ll talk more about the business suites in a moment, I took a quick look at the “regular” business class cabin a little further back. Malaysia Airlines has an impressive business class setup. There are total 35 seats in business class. There are 22 business class seats directly behind first class and another 13 cabin seats behind them.

Business suites, on the other hand, had two central seats for those traveling with a partner. The good news is that even if you’re traveling alone and take one of these seats, you’ll still have plenty of privacy because of the large separation between the seats as well as the doors.

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When Malaysia Airlines designed this seat, it had to be a hybrid of first and business class, as the seat is based on the Vantage XL seat. Thus, the seat is based on the same concept as, for example, Delta’s new business class suite.

In fact, the seat feels like a hybrid between business and first class. The seat itself is quite wide, although the problem is that more than a third of the seat’s width is taken up by the storage panel. I think that’s good in a way, but when you actually sit on the bench, you definitely feel like you’re closer to the door.

On the plus side, there’s an absurdly impressive amount of storage. There are three large storage compartments. There is one behind the seat which also has a built-in void.

Cheap Business Class Flights To Kuala Lumpur

Then there are two more, one very large and one very narrow, and this is where the tray table is.

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There are also seat and entertainment controls on the left side of the seat. The seat controls were easy to use, although my entertainment controller was broken; This was no big deal as the monitor was also a touchscreen.

Then, inside a compartment was a headphone jack and a headphone jack, with both USB and 110v outputs.

Each business suite has a door and the technology is basically the same as Delta in business class. There is a latch that you pull to “release” the door to close, and you must manually push it back if you want to open the door again. As with the Delta seat, I found the port very difficult to use; You have to push really hard to open the door and slam the door to close it.

Despite being completely small, I still find it a bit odd that the door doesn’t close completely; There is a short distance.

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A nice touch on the Malaysian A350 business suites is that there are buttons you can press to close the shutters. You can force them once to dim the shadows (so you can’t see anything but it’s still light), then you can force them to darken again.

As you would expect from an A350, the overhead console is modern and, thankfully, each seat in Malaysia has individual air vents.

So yeah, overall I’d say it’s a solid, sturdy product and I appreciate the huge amount of storage in the seat as well as the individual air vents. However, I found the seat a bit narrow and with the door closed it felt almost claustrophobic as your head was only inches away from the ‘wall’.

Cheap Business Class Flights To Kuala Lumpur

When I sat down, a bed with a pillow, blanket and sheet was waiting for me. The bed was good, although it could have been better. It would be nice if they had a real mattress and if they had a blanket instead of just a blanket. It wasn’t bad.

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A few minutes after settling in, Helena came to my seat to say hello, introduce me to the place, and offer me a drink. When I tried to order a glass of champagne, he informed me that the bar would not be open until after the flight.

So I drank some water. At least he was well presented with a greeting card, a warm towel and a fun bush.

Then he brought me pyjamas, a set of cutlery and slippers. These are some impressive features for a day flight. The pajamas looked like gift wrapping. I was given a very flimsy pair of slippers which seemed unnecessary as there were more students in the ‘package’.

There were also some PAYOT toiletries as well as a large bottle of cologne. I also liked that there was a Malaysia Airlines key ring, something you don’t often see in an amenity kit.

Business Class Flights To Kuala Lumpur

About 10 minutes after boarding, Azhar stopped by my seat to introduce himself. She will be the second stewardess working in the cabin. All four seats on this flight were occupied, a Japanese couple in the middle seat and a Malaysian I think in the second window seat.

The cabin door was closed at 9:45 am. The boarding process was efficient despite the late start and crowded flight. At that point, Helena announced that our flight time was 6 hours and 15 minutes. At 9:50 am we started our counter attack and the security video was shown.

Although the plane has a camera, it’s a nose camera, so it doesn’t have the same views as the amazing tail camera on the A380.

Cheap Business Class Flights To Kuala Lumpur

15 minutes after takeoff, Helena was at my house to take my drink and food order. The menu was as follows.

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I decided to start with champagne and had my first glass about 30 minutes into the flight. The champagne offered was a 2007 Comtes de Champagne, which I thought was exquisite (and not cheap at all).

This champagne was served with walnuts. I found the Malaysian champagne glasses to be of very low capacity, though luckily Helena was incredibly dedicated to keeping my glass closed.

45 minutes into the flight, a tablecloth was brought in, dinner was being prepared.

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