Cheap Business Class Flights To Philippines

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Cheap Business Class Flights To Philippines – When I found low business class fares on Philippine Airlines from Asia to Australia, I quickly started booking. Since I had never flown a Philippine flag carrier before, I was curious to see what was out there. Unfortunately, no airline.

When I was preparing for this review, I planned to use “Philippines Airlines Business Class Flight to Australia for A$836”. While this statement is true, and still considered the flagship of Australia’s international business headquarters, the chaotic change in route means the title seems inappropriate.

Cheap Business Class Flights To Philippines

Cheap Business Class Flights To Philippines

Don’t get me wrong, the flight part of this trip was fantastic. Both bows have amazing crew, generous food and drinks, good in-flight entertainment and comfortable seats.

Difference Between Business Class And Premium Economy

On the other hand, I had a very bad experience with the Land of Slavery. This is coming from someone who works at an airport and understands that delays happen and understaffing is a daily concern. My problem is the terrible communication of Philippine Airlines and the complete disregard of the staff for passengers.

As a travel addict, I spend an inordinate amount of time searching for the best airline deals. Earning on airplane hacks is almost in demand at this time.

In April I googled airlines and found that Philippine Airlines was offering cheap business class flights from Asia to Australia. The caveat is that while Manila to Sydney sells for a minimum of A$3,500 in business, you can start your journey from Kuala Lumpur, fly to Manila and then fly the same Manila flight to Sydney for a total of A$836. Affected return flights are also cheaper in both directions, at A$1,200-A$1,300 per round-trip reservation.

Similar deals can be found in other Southeast Asian destinations, many of which are still open for booking.

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I arrived early for the departure schedule of 1:10pm. After finding a convenient check-in desk, I must have looked in Australia when a friendly Philippine Airlines representative approached me asking if I could continue in Sydney. He told me about a “scheduling change” involving a 22-hour delay, meaning the airline would accommodate me in either Kuala Lumpur or Manila. In this scene, he is excited about a free vacation in the Philippines.

About 30 people gathered around the table at noon for the same reason, waiting for someone to tell us whether or not to travel to Manila. With an hour to go and the entrance already closed, it was clear we weren’t going anywhere today.

But at the last minute, we were told that we would be staying in Manila as planned and the accommodation would be arranged by Philippines Airlines before our ADHOC flight to Sydney the next day. I was checked 35 minutes before departure and told to carry my bag to the border as the normal belt was already closed. This was followed by a high-speed train to the KLIA satellite building and the beautiful gate, which was now open to desperate passengers.

Cheap Business Class Flights To Philippines

I got a seat in the 3K, window seat on the Airbus A321 that was taking me through the airport in the Philippines.

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I deservedly won the unseated tie on a 2-2 basis and was treated to a glass of my favorite Louis de Sassi Grand Cru Champagne. I also asked for some water after my mad rush to the gate and wanted to grab a hot or cold towel before leaving.

The older rooms are spacious and comfortable, basic but comfortable. A small cocktail table extends from either side of the center arm with USB power provided below.

Legroom and seats are nothing to write home about compared to the economy class exit. No love screen, on a 4 hour international flight, but decent entertainment accessible via the myPAL app.

While we were in the air, the wonderful crew quickly served us a garden salad with chicken and bread. The drink selection was extensive, but I wanted to continue with the champagne.

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Soon they appeared. For me, it’s a brisket of beef with porridge and vegetables. There is a little table at the end of the peach, with tea and coffee following.

A short four-hour flight, Philippine Airlines’ food service leaves nothing to be desired. Paddling will be attentive, friendly and fun on board.

We arrived in Manila at 5:10pm on schedule and since we didn’t get any information about our overnight stay, I went to immigration hoping to pack my suitcase and find a suitable hotel for the night. Along with the other wait staff, I was told to go back the way I had come to find the table where the hotel plans were arranged. This is where the real problems begin.

Cheap Business Class Flights To Philippines

The transfer was already operational, and despite being one of the first on the flight, he was at the front in less than an hour. Here, we count seven workers, including two who help passengers a bit, and another five waiting for a change at the end.

Easier To Afford

The lack of communication was simply astounding. We were not told any information about the nature of our stay, when we would be able to access checked luggage, where we would sleep tonight, and when we would depart from the airport to the hotel. The 48 passengers on board spread the entire conversation like high school gossip.

Before 8 p.m., no announcement, food or water. At the same time I asked for water, he took his personal mobile staff. Without hesitation he answered the call and closed his finger on me. After the call he answered: “What do you want?” When I opened my mouth about how cruel the staff was. Thankfully I got a bottle of water – mmmm and we had dinner.

It was 10:51pm, 5 hours and 41 minutes past the port of Manila, and we were all picked up by a bus that showed up at the hotel. Although I didn’t know this until I bumped into the staff before boarding.

But our favorite part of the evening was the bus ride, where we passed the carousel with our luggage just before boarding. I asked if we could collect our bags as I was followed by an employee who didn’t want to know I was there. I don’t have kids and he said “don’t worry, it’s very difficult” – great.

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It took about 40 minutes of driving with traffic before arriving at the Century Park Hotel in Metro Manila. At the hotel, he put a dining room staff in charge, giving each guest a certificate for a midnight dinner and access to breakfast and lunch on those days. We were definitely waiting to ask if we could bring it to Manila.

They asked us to stay in the hotel at all times, only in our rooms or in the hotel restaurant. This includes airline and immigration officials at hotel entrances and ground elevators recording our movements.

The bedroom is a good size but shows its age with an incredibly firm bed. By this time I was very tired and fell asleep easily.

Cheap Business Class Flights To Philippines

Except for lunch, dinner, and landing the Philippine Airlines flag with other passengers, there wasn’t much during the day. You are not allowed to enter the hotel pool and baggage checks upon departure from Manila are strictly enforced. I don’t know why, but I didn’t bother taking it because I knew it would be a waste of time.

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To my surprise, the bus turned up at the promised 5 o’clock and after everyone boarded, we headed to the airport. We surprisingly disembarked and cleared through immigration for new arrivals before heading back to the dreaded transfer desk.

It is worth mentioning that there is no separate check-in, lounge access, shelter or boarding during the entire journey. In fact, I was last in line because the staff forgot to print my boarding pass, telling me to go to the gate and print it there. If you work at an airport, you know that entering an international no-fly zone without boarding passes is a big no-no.

After security checks we were introduced to this dark and small lake without any explanation. I think there are some barriers to screening here, as other passengers see barriers around. Alas, nowhere to be found except searched, the crew said, “maybe on the plane.” Of course I know that my luggage is not safe on the plane.

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