Cheap Business Class Flights To Sydney Australia

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Cheap Business Class Flights To Sydney Australia – You don’t need to leave Australia to get the cheapest return flights from Australia to Europe. Singapore Airlines currently has a lower fare of AUD 4,000 or SEK 25,242 from Stockholm Arlanda ARN to Sydney Kingsford Smith SYD. That’s more than $3,000 on a similar flight from Australia.

To take advantage of this offer, Australians must plan to visit at least twice within a twelve month period. For example, a cycling or walking trip in June and a ski trip in December or January.

Cheap Business Class Flights To Sydney Australia

Cheap Business Class Flights To Sydney Australia

As someone who likes to travel to Europe twice a year, I’ve already booked two trips in 2020 using this travel hack.

How To Travel Business Class Without Spending A Fortune

The key low cost flights are SQ362 from Singapore Changi via Moscow Domodedovo Airport to Stockholm Arlanda and SQ361 in the opposite direction. In Moscow, you have to wait an hour and ten minutes, which is enough time to board, see the tourist attractions, go to the lounge and get back on the plane.

This is the fifth free flight, which means that Singapore Airlines will pick up or pick up passengers on the shorter Moscow/Stockholm route. On my first flight, no one did that in business class.

Based on my research, if you plan to land in Moscow of any kind, the price will increase significantly. If you really want to go to Russia, take a short trip from Helsinki to St. Petersburg with a 72-hour visa. The Australian Government’s Smart Traveler website confirms this view

You can definitely stop in Singapore, which I plan to do on two of my four stops. Singapore Airlines offers great deals on overnight layovers. I prefer to stay at Hotel Indigo in Katong and enjoy the walking street nearby.

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Another option is to stay in Singapore for five nights and then fly to a nearby destination of interest. for example, Penang or Siem Reap. Something that doesn’t come directly from Australia, but makes for an interesting side trip. Julie and I will be visiting Penang in February and in May with friends in Singapore for an extended stay.

The great thing about frequent flyer returns is that they can be exchanged for a trip for half the cost of the return. Major airlines such as Qantas often charge a premium for purchasing a one-way flight. The average cancellation fee for Qantas redemptions is 6,000 points.

My advice is to start looking for your first trip to Europe with points and once that’s done, hop on a flight to Singapore to continue with your plans.

Cheap Business Class Flights To Sydney Australia

Have enough points to book a return match unless you plan on doing this hacking for years!

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In the example above, I took three trips to Europe in business class with Singapore Airlines and booked them on frequent flyer flights.

A previous story put it at about $4,000 to fly business class from Australia to Europe. Expect to use 144,600 added tax each way using frequent flyer points. At 1 cent per point, that’s $1,446 plus tax, which is almost $2,000. However, it is often easier to buy a convenient card than to earn points. That’s why I love this hack so much.

You still get the same amount of Krisflyers for this trip (24,780 Krisflyer miles) as if you were departing from Sydney. Krisflyer points expire after three years, so plan, which is why I’m doing the Zurich redemption. Another great advantage is that you can transfer them to Virgin Velocity, the family transfer operator.

These flights are sold to residents of Sweden, I don’t know what that means, but I got on. You are also at risk if you change planes. This is not unlike any other ride.

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You should also consider accommodation for one or two nights in Stockholm and flight tickets to other destinations. However, Stockholm is a Scandinavian gem and worth visiting more than once!

Drew travels 3 months of the year and works 9 months, which is enough for a routine credit card application. Destinations are chosen around cycling, hiking or skiing opportunities. For Drew, it’s as much a destination as a business!After stopping to visit family in Sydney, we headed to the Gold Coast for six nights, where my cousin, his wife and two children were staying. My aunt, uncle and another cousin and their family went there for three nights and we stayed for six.

I usually prefer to buy Qantas tickets for a short 1 hour 20 minute flight, using my American AAdvantage status for priority check-in and boarding, lounge access and extra baggage. However, Virgin Australia charged $200 for business class, and it was around $300 for economy one-way.

Cheap Business Class Flights To Sydney Australia

I could have halved the cost of the flight on Virgin Australia which would have been good for the travel time. But I thought the extra cost was reasonable, with priority check-in (which makes sense for airport lines on a three-day weekend) and more checked bags allowed. We traveled for 17 days with a three-year-old child and had luggage. Seating, meals and lounge access would be better.

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Airline awards were very expensive: 20,000 points with taxes and $200 per flight. There were no Qantas award seats.

I credited the miles for the trip to my Air Canada Aeroplan account. We traveled for a few days on Virgin and United’s new partnership and I credited my wife and daughter’s flights to my MileagePlus account. He easily sent thousands to all of us.

With the local news full of overcrowded airports, we decided to arrive at Sydney Domestic Terminal 2 two hours early with Virgin, Jetstar, Tiger and Rex. We knew there was no premium security line and we had to check our bags. However, we had plenty of time to kill before our hour and 20 minute flight.

The airport was packed, but luckily we only had to stand behind 5-6 people in the premium check-in line to drop off our bags and then go through security.

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At this point, our daughter was in her car and we headed to the support (“family”) lane which was barely lined. There’s no ID, no boarding pass checks and no liquids, so security is somehow faster than Australian domestic flights. We were done in a few minutes and had plenty of time to kill in the living room.

The Virgin Lounge immediately passed security and it was difficult due to the huge construction enclosure around the entrance. From there it was necessary to get up to the ground quickly.

The lounge was very busy, but it’s not surprising given how many full flights Virgin Australia now operate from the terminal (and that VIP status doesn’t just get you a class of service or paid membership lounge access). They offer VIP member access as well as shopping opportunities.

Cheap Business Class Flights To Sydney Australia

Drinks were self-serve, except for coffee, where there was a barman, but the buffet worked where you ordered what you wanted. Covid protocols are rare.

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Food was limited but very important. You can get a wrap, sandwich, salad or tortilla chips.

A minute before boarding, we left the lounge and headed for the door. The landing started on time and we boarded the plane immediately. Virgin Australia’s Boeing 737 aircraft only have two rows in business class and 3 of the 4 rows are pre-booked for storage under the seats.

The first class flight attendant was not very friendly but efficient enough. The plane took off quickly, we got out to Sydney pretty quickly and he took the food order once we were in the air.

As soon as I finished eating, he took out the trays, I watched an episode of the last season of Billions on my phone, and soon we landed at the Gold Coast airport. (It was called Coolangatta Airport, Coolangatta originally being “a place with a good view”, hence the airport code OOL).

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I was very curious to see what Virgin Australia looked like after private equity took over from bankruptcy (“administration”). And the answer was… good. In fact, when it comes to basic domestic services, Virgin Australia was reminiscent of pre-pandemic flying.

A short business class flight offers the kind of dining you’d expect in Australia (and Europe and Asia). Business class

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