Cheap Flight To New Zealand

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New Zealand is on everyone’s bucket list. As a Kiwi, I know tips and tricks to make traveling in New Zealand cheap. Check out my New Zealand section for more posts on travel hacking in New Zealand. For New Zealanders looking to get away on a weekend break or international travelers looking to get around the country. Here’s my guide to finding cheap flights in New Zealand.

Cheap Flight To New Zealand

Cheap Flight To New Zealand

New Zealand is served by two domestic airlines – Air New Zealand and Jetstar. Although Air New Zealand has a large network, outside of the major cities, Jetstar has a monopoly on most routes because it only serves major hubs, so it can be expensive. New Zealand is small, but it’s worth it to fly between the two islands, even if you’re short on time. All domestic flights are quick and painless and can save you a lot of financial time. Petrol is expensive in New Zealand ($2.10 per liter at the moment) so taking a cheap flight can save you a lot of money.

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Air New Zealand is a large airline. They are a whole bunch of airlines, even if you pay an extra $10 to check a bag. keys on domestic flights; It’s all Kiwi food and in-flight entertainment (not to mention their hilarious in-flight videos).

Grabaseat is home to Air New Zealand airlines. New offers are published daily at fixed prices with special discounts available on selected days. Most Grabaseat prices range from $39 to $79, with dates ranging from a week to a month or more. Download the Grabaseat app and set an alert for the routes you are on. Subscribe to Grabseat on Facebook to get early bird tickets for great deals.

There are few flights between major hubs, but Grabaseat’s real value is on the route, unlike Jetstar. These prices are better than Christchurch to Tauranga. On routes like Wellington to Napier or Auckland to Dunedin, you can get great deals by using Grabaseat.

Grabaseat also holds reverse auctions every Tuesday. Each purchase is for two people, usually one way on the same day for a return journey. The clock started ticking. When the price reaches the price you want to pay, press buy. Most tickets are sold for travel within a week or two.

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Don’t worry, Grabaseat’s prices and sales are seat prices only. You can add a bag to your bag after purchase for an additional $10 per bag. 20 kg bag.

Fares on Air New Zealand flights are available for $69. (One exception: $89 for Auckland and Queenstown or Dunedin). go to the airport Go to the mall; Pay for the flight with your credit card and wait for the next seat. No seats are refunded.

Air New Zealand’s Nightrider service offers overnight flights for $29 per ticket. Nightrider fares are available on the last flight between Auckland and Nelson (return) and Auckland and Christchurch (return). (Nightrider prices are fixed but will return. More routes will be added soon. Hooray!).

Cheap Flight To New Zealand

Jetstar is not doing well among travelers. They can cancel flights and drive later than planned. Because they are an airline, they do not offer in-flight entertainment or food and drink, and you pay for your checked bag. They are strict about bag size and weight and check times. All in all it’s great for domestic flights around New Zealand. Just know what to expect.

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In general, Jetstar’s fares are cheaper than Air New Zealand if you read first. If you know your destination a month or two in advance, book now.

Get on Jetstar’s mailing list. “Friday Fare Frenzy” is offered to subscribers every Friday between 16:00 and 20:00 NZT. You know it’s coming and these prices won’t last long, so jump fast! Domestic flights cost $9, but around $29.

Subscribe to Jetstar’s Facebook page for tips on upcoming flight deals. Again, you want to move quickly to secure sales. Now you can choose the seats and print your boarding pass. Check it out online at Air New Zealand. Save time at the airport.

* Prices on this page are subject to change without notice; Run a search to find the live price. Prices include taxes and airport charges. Airline Fee for Reservations: Service Fee: $10.95 Domestic; AU / Pacific $18.95; International $33.95. MSRP: $8.95 domestic; AU / Pacific $10.95; International $17.95. Various fees are included in the price analysis when you choose your payment method.

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Beginning in the 1940s as a small trans-Tasman airline, Air New Zealand has grown to become New Zealand’s flag carrier over the past eight decades. Celebrating 80 years in the air in 2020, the airline not only serves New Zealand’s domestic hubs and cities, but also takes in destinations around the world, from North America and Europe to Australia and the South Pacific.

Passengers flying domestic flights operated by Air New Zealand can check in online up to 24 hours before their flight or use the Air New Zealand app to check in to an email address. Auckland, Blenheim, Hamilton, Christchurch Napier, Dunedin New Plymouth, Invercargill, Palmerston North; Nelson, Rotorua Queenstown Passengers departing from selected destinations such as Tauranga and Wellington can use self-service kiosks to check in at the airport. .

Passengers who do not have a car at the airport after checking their bags can use the self-service card or go to the airport.

Cheap Flight To New Zealand

If you are flying within New Zealand only, Air New Zealand flights close 30 minutes before departure. For children traveling together on flights scheduled to connect to an international service; Registration is valid 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

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The closing time for international flights varies from service to service. Passengers can find out when check-in for their journey ends by checking their e-tickets using the Air NZ app or by reading the details in their email address.

Auckland, Christchurch Wellington Queenstown Melbourne, Sydney Brisbane, Travelers from selected destinations such as Los Angeles and Hong Kong can check in using self-service kiosks at the airport. A machine-readable pass is required to use the self-service kiosk.

Air New passengers can choose to check in using the Air NZ app up to 24 hours before their departure.

Air New Zealand’s online booking service opens 24 hours before departure for international flights. Internet blackout times vary between airlines and destinations. The closing time for your flight will be shown on your e-ticket or on the information from your travel agency. You can check your flight time on the Air NZ app.

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Digital printing at Singapore Changi International Airport’s parking and boarding facility; Not accepted at Norfolk Island Airport and Ngurah Rai (Bali) International Airport. Passengers departing from Niue cannot access online check-in and must check in at the airport. Check-in closes 120 minutes before the scheduled departure time for passengers departing from Niue. Now the bags are closed.

Online approval will not be available if you do not meet the entry requirements and the requirements of your country of destination, such as valid visas and travel documents. The service is not available if the first leg of your journey is operated by an Air New Zealand airline. In this case, you must register on the airline’s or airport’s website.

If you want to check your luggage, For most international flights, the baggage claim machine closes 60 minutes before departure; Sydney Please note that for flights departing from London Heathrow and all US airports, it closes 75 minutes before departure. Canada.

Cheap Flight To New Zealand

Online check-in opens 24 hours before departure for domestic Air New Zealand flights. This can be done using the Air NZ app or by following the link in the online confirmation email sent by Air New Zealand. In most cases, passengers are advised to check in at least 30 minutes before departure. Check in when children are traveling alone or when passengers are connecting on an international flight.

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