Cheap Flights From Toronto To Manila Philippines

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Cheap Flights From Toronto To Manila Philippines – *Prices are for round trips with returns between 1 and 21 days from departure. These are the best rates found by travelers and a select group of our rate search partners who have searched in the last 72 hours. Ticket prices and seat availability change rapidly and cannot be guaranteed.

“All flights to and from Manila are delayed due to air traffic in Naya.”

Cheap Flights From Toronto To Manila Philippines

Cheap Flights From Toronto To Manila Philippines

“My seat is so comfortable that during the trip from Kennedy to Manila I could sleep without straining my neck.”

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“I flew from JFK Airport to Tokyo, Japan and then to Manila for work in April 2018.”

“I flew with my friend from Singapore to Manila on September 14, 2019 and we took 5J 806.”

Terminal 1 is known as Manila International Airport, commonly known as Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). It offers cheap domestic flights to and from Manila to other provinces and regional cities. The new Terminal 2 will be called Centennial Airport and will handle larger aircraft and international flights. Taxis are generally available from Manila Airport and from all locations in Metro Manila. Jeepneys and buses also run to the airport. NAIA easily connects to light rail that runs throughout the metropolitan area.

Getting around tourist spots in Manila is not a problem at all. You can take a taxi with a meter starting at 40 pesos. Beware of taxi drivers who don’t use the meter, as it’s illegal. If you are staying at a hotel, ask the receptionist to arrange a taxi for you.

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Buses are often blocked, but run on non-metro routes. Water trams run along the Pasig River. Jeep trips are what adventure lovers need. Jeepney fares start at P7 for the first few kilometers. It is not recommended to take a jeep if you are carrying expensive cameras or going out at night.

Cheap flights to Manila have additional day trips to travel destinations. Manila is the capital of the Philippines and has many historical sites for sightseeing. The Spanish-era walled city of Intramuros houses Manila’s centennial cathedral, cemeteries and museums. Binondo, or Manila’s Chinatown, is one of the largest in the world, where Chinese-Filipino families live and open shops selling goods made in China. Binondo also has excellent Chinese restaurants. Shrines honoring national heroes can be found in Manila. Walk through Luneta Rizal Park, where national hero José Rizal was shot. Mabini Sanctuary, Bonifacio Sanctuary and Malacañang Palace are also of historical importance.

Manila is a melting pot of cultures, so it’s no surprise that a mixture of cuisines can be found here. Filipino melodies are a mixture of Spanish, American and Asian influences. There are many top notch local restaurants and even American fast food chains competing with Filipino brands such as Jollibee and other Filipino restaurants. Almost all restaurants serve basic Filipino rice. There are many local and international coffee shops in malls and malls. For bulk shopping, head to Chinatown. You can buy good products at Tiangge or Greenhills and Tiendesitas market stalls. Manila has a vibrant nightlife. Every night the restaurants and bars are filled with young professionals and tourists. 16 1/2 hours in a cramped seat may seem brutal, but the flight from Toronto Pearson International Airport is so long that many people find it worth it.

Cheap Flights From Toronto To Manila Philippines

The Philippine Airlines flight from Toronto to Manila (PR119) is currently the longest flight out of YYZ with 13,232 km. They alternate between the Boeing B777 and the newer Airbus A350.

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I was lucky enough to fly this flight several times in three different classes: Business, Premium Economy and Economy.

Many people will ask why am I making this long and brutal journey? Simple answer: I’m Filipino and most of my family moved back to the Philippines.

An endless line of passengers checking their “Balikbayan boxes” of things to take home to their families at Toronto Pearson Airport.

Yes, there are alternative flights to Manila including transfers in Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei and Tokyo. However, given the time of evacuation, these trips can take more than 21 hours.

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There are over 280,000 Filipinos living in Toronto, according to the Canada 2021 Census. It is the fourth largest visible minority group in the city.

Having a direct flight makes it easier to visit the Philippines, especially for those who travel alone or for the elderly, as well as for those who are worried about delays and missed flights.

When you board for the first time, you will see a large number of passengers waiting at the gate. Since many overseas Filipino workers come from Toronto, economy class is the cheapest option for many.

Cheap Flights From Toronto To Manila Philippines

Filipinos are known to work hard for their money and send it to their families back home, so booking the cheapest class is not uncommon.

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In a 3x3x3 seating arrangement, you will probably be sitting next to someone you don’t know. (Or maybe I know, Filipinos know a lot of Filipinos, I met some friends on this flight a few times)

The seats were so cramped. In addition, he was sitting next to the toilet. It was unpleasant.

The seats are small and space is limited. So I suggest if you’re over 5ft 11in like me, pay for the extra legroom as you want to be comfortable on a long flight.

In-flight meals are very simple, small, but tasty. It serves traditional Filipino and Western dishes. I often gravitate toward Filipino food because it’s not as common on flights.

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However, as with most flights, you will be interrupted when the person sitting next to you needs to use the restroom or stretch their legs.

This often happens on long flights. It’s annoying, but it’s a compromise you make to get to the Philippines quickly and cheaply.

I recommend Premium Economy for this flight. I think the seats in economy class are more spacious and the service is better.

Cheap Flights From Toronto To Manila Philippines

By checking in at a separate check-in desk or at a common desk with business class, you will save a lot of time by checking in hundreds of economy class passengers in their “balykbayan boxes”.

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Premium economy has only 3 rows. Seats 2x4x2. So if you’re traveling with someone, getting up from your seat to go to the bathroom or stretch won’t be a problem.

Upon landing, the crew will welcome you with a hot towel, a drink and a snack. It looks like a business, but it’s not.

In total, there are 24 seats in the cabin, so the flight attendants will give you a lot of attention. The cabin is closed from economy and business classes, so there is a little more privacy here.

The class also gets their own set of toiletries. There are only 24 passengers and the space seems clean.

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The food is similar to what they serve in economy class, however they also offer snacks such as Chicken Alfredo pasta.

Philippine Airlines serves Western and Filipino cuisine. For breakfast, PAL served corned beef, eggs, and rice with fruit.

If you ever fly from Toronto to Manila with PAL, I suggest paying more for a better 16 hour flight experience.

Cheap Flights From Toronto To Manila Philippines

To be honest, I have never paid for business class. I had a premium economy ticket at one point and a last minute flight change made me act.

Flights From Toronto To Manila

However, this was a little tricky to implement as Philippine Airlines customer service repeatedly told me that they would put me in economy class, but upon arrival at the airport I was told that I would not be able to fly in economy class.

Philippine Airlines Business Class is what you expect: reclining seats, big screens and the best food.

In addition, business class passengers can check in two bags of £70 each.

The ability to have footrests is a luxury for a 16-hour flight. Boeing 777 has a compartment under the foot to store your belongings.

Philippine Airlines Promo: 81st Anniversary Seat Sale

While I can’t sleep with the seat fully reclined, it’s really nice to be able to adjust the seat or stand up whenever I want and not get in the way of anyone.

On the A350, this is a 1x2x1 seating arrangement. This is the maximum legroom you will get and is very comfortable.

Upon boarding, you will find a welcome pack including toiletries in a beautiful leather bag, slippers and a cozy duvet. The flight attendants will offer you a glass of freshly squeezed mango juice or alcohol, a warm towel and snacks.

Cheap Flights From Toronto To Manila Philippines

The food is amazing. It was curated by one of my favorite Filipino chefs, JP Anglo. His restaurant Sarsa (located in Manila, Philippines) is considered my best Filipino restaurant in the world.

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Chef JP Anglo’s PAL Business Class menu may include his popular Chicken Inasal with Chicken Rice, Fresh Squid with Crispy Garlic and Soy Sauce.

All in all, if you want to get to the Philippines quickly and hassle-free, the Philippine Airlines 16-hour flight is your best bet.

Even though this flight lands in Manila at 4am, I will stick with this flight as it is a light breeze.

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