Cheap Tickets To Manila Philippines

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Cheap Tickets To Manila Philippines – At our first meeting with our followers last year, one of the questions the audience asked us was: How do you choose your next destination?

We tried to answer: we fly the longest to where we can fly cheaply. For many budget travelers, planning a trip starts with a plane ticket. Booking a cheap flight is the first priority, then we cross our fingers and do the rest when the travel date approaches.

Cheap Tickets To Manila Philippines

Cheap Tickets To Manila Philippines

This is how I planned my trip. To be honest, I do it all the time, albeit rarely. And I know I’m not alone. Often the biggest financial obstacle is the plane ticket. This takes up a large chunk of the budget, especially for international travel. Hotels, tours and other expenses can easily be taken care of.

Cheap Flights From Portland To Manila, Philippines For Only $452!

When we first started, all of our trips were paid at promotional rates. But what if seats are not sold? How to find available rates?

In this post, we’re going to share with you some tips and tricks for booking flights that we’ve learned over 10 years of travel blogging. Please note that we are not including promo rate tips as we have already written a separate post about this. (Read: How to book shared flights successfully!)

Skyscanner is a flight comparison website that aggregates flight prices from around the world so you can easily compare and choose. When searching, we instinctively enter the airport of departure and destination. But Skyscanner has a feature that is often overlooked. If you still haven’t decided on a destination and just want to see where you can fly for the cheapest price, just click or type anywhere in the destination field.

When you click search, it will search for all flights coming from your departure point. For example, if you’re flying from Manila and you type in everywhere, you’ll see the destinations with the cheapest flights sorted by price and country. Here is an example:

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When you click on a country, it is further divided into cities/airports. This trick also works when selling seats. And that’s a great life hack for finding promotional rates!

Speaking of Skyscanner, it’s also good practice to use flight comparison sites even if you already know your destination. I used to manually visit airline sites one by one when searching for flights. But now it’s much easier because there are many aggregators like Skyscanner, Kayak and Traveloka and airline alliances like Value Alliance.

The great thing about these sites is that they can also show you flights from different airlines, even those that don’t have codeshare agreements. For example, let’s say you’re flying from Manila to Sapporo, Japan. In addition to connecting flights with the same airline (which are often more expensive), the system may also offer options for two flights operated by different airlines (which are often cheaper). See screenshots below.

Cheap Tickets To Manila Philippines

I rely on these sites so much that when I see an attractive price, I first look on Skyscanner or Traveloka to see if there are better deals.

Manila, Philippines 2023: Best Places To Visit

If you’re looking for a specific route but the price is too high for you, set up a price alert to be notified when the price drops. This feature is available on Skyscanner and Traveloka.

For example, if you only have 20,000 pesos for a flight to New Zealand, but the prices are always too high when you check out, you can activate an alert on your phone so you don’t miss it when the price drops below 20 pesos. . , 000. It’s a great way to stay updated on seat sales.

You’d be surprised how far crowdsourcing can go! Facebook is full of travel groups that actively share tips, tricks and insights! We have our own support group on Facebook and many times I hear from members about seat sales before the official announcements from the airlines appear in my news feed.

It’s not just about selling seats. Many unannounced or daring acts are often posted here with screenshots of their bookings. But that’s not all.

Cheap Flights From London (lon) To Manila (mnl)

A few years ago, an international airline booking website suffered a major system failure. It was originally posted on a private online group, but immediately spread like an avalanche to other Facebook groups. Some of my friends were able to book flights around the Maldives and Australia for less than 500 pesos! The company processed orders with errors.

It’s funny because many of my friends were in the Maldives during one of those weekends! Thanks to the Facebook groups!

During one of our trips around Europe, we ran into a problem. We were in Krakow, Poland and had to fly to Athens to catch our return flight home. Unfortunately, after trying many dates, we could not find any cheap flights from Krakow airport to Athens. Even those that stopped in another city were a bit in our budget.

Cheap Tickets To Manila Philippines

Defeated, I was about to book an expensive flight when I noticed that right below the origin field on Skyscanner was a little tick box that said “Add nearest airport”.

Direct (non Stop) Flights From Kuala Lumpur To Manila

I clicked search and it showed flights to Athens from another airport. Apparently only 1.5 hours from Krakow is another option – Katowice airport. And from there, flights to Athens were noticeably cheaper.

I felt stupid for not realizing this earlier because I always knew that some destinations were served by multiple airports. There are three in Paris (CDG, Orly, Beauvais-Tillé). There are two in Tokyo (Narita and Handa). And some airports built for certain cities can be great alternatives to other places that are not too far away.

Can’t afford Caticlan flights? Try Kalibo. Want to visit Caramoan but Naga flights are too expensive? Let’s take Catanduan. Are flights to Manila out of your budget? Look clearly.

In my early years as a travel blogger, my philosophy was something like, “As long as I get to my destination safe and sound, I’m good.”

Cheap Flights From Manila, Philippines To Tacloban, Philippines

I just took the cheapest tickets in the first minute after the seats were sold out without considering the alternatives. However, the situation has changed in recent years, especially for medium and long-haul flights. Comfort has climbed higher on my priority list. I started looking at other aspects of flying and how enjoyable the journey would be. Maybe it’s because I’m not getting any younger. Laugh out loud.

For example, when I was returning to Manila from the Maldives, I was presented with two options. Low-cost carriers offer the lowest published fares, somewhere around 10,000 pesos, with a long layover. On the other hand, one full-service airline sells tickets for 16,000 pesos, which means a significantly shorter layover in Hong Kong. The old me would immediately go with the P10,000. P6000 is P6000. That is a big difference.

However, after digesting the details, I decided on the latter. Why? The published rate of 16,000 pesos for full airline service includes everything: food, seat selection, baggage allowance. The budget vendor proposal was stripped of all of that. When I tried to add food (it was a long flight!) and luggage (because I was carrying a lot), the total cost was 14,000 pesos. 2000 pesos isn’t that big of a difference anymore and considering everything else (travel time, legroom, in-flight entertainment, arrival time, etc.) I was flying on a full service airline. to regret a little.

Cheap Tickets To Manila Philippines

If you are trying to transfer, it is often wise to fly the same airline on both sides of the journey. If this is not possible, select at least two airlines that have a codeshare agreement between them. This way, even if your flights are operated by two different companies, the journey will be seamless and they can take responsibility if you miss your next flight due to a delay or cancellation.

Cheap Flights To Philippines In 2023

Last year we booked one of our European flights with Adria Airways, the Slovenian flag carrier. I just saw it on Skyscanner, found their prices competitive and their plan suitable and booked it.

But I knew nothing about the airline. If I had done a quick Google search, I would have known that they were in deep financial trouble. Long story short, my flight and all other Adria flights were cancelled. Adria filed for bankruptcy so I can’t get my money back. My insurance doesn’t cover it either. I just accepted it and ordered it for the experience.

You should check not only the financial situation of the airline. Please read and review their policies regarding delays, cancellations, changes to reservations, refunds, no-show fees and other details before booking. Check out their security breach history too!

If you have booked flights using a credit card belonging to someone who is not traveling with you, check the airline’s policies before departure. Do you need a real card? Is a photocopy enough? Do you need a copy of the ID of the owner of this card?

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