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Cheapest Business Class To Bangkok – Getting cheap business class flights has become a concern for us over the past few years. It all started in 2016 with Qatar Airways offering a £650 business class return from Oslo to Singapore. Before this, I always assumed that budget travel would be beyond my reach.

The truth is that business class is not reserved for people with thousands in the bank. While it is certainly possible to pay thousands, it is equally possible to travel on a budget. In fact, I don’t think I’d want business class anymore if I was paying anything but the lowest fare possible. There’s something pretty nice about enjoying the various benefits, knowing you didn’t break the bank. But how can you get cheap flights in business class?

Cheapest Business Class To Bangkok

Cheapest Business Class To Bangkok

Sometimes this cannot be done. But often it can. For example, if you are looking for a trip to Southeast Asia, don’t limit yourself to just a few airports. Flights within Asia are cheap. I’m not ashamed to admit that on several occasions I’ve conveniently deviated from business class to find an onward connection with Air Asia. That’s because if I want a trip to Southeast Asia, I’m happy to fly to any airport in the region. In general, Bangkok is the cheapest option in business class, but this can change. From Bangkok you can reach the most important destinations in less than 2.5 hours. These include Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Phuket and Ho Chi Minh City.

Cheap First And Business Class Flights To Bangkok

Similarly, in South America, flights to Buenos Aires and Santiago are generally more expensive in business class than to Brazil. In this situation, you might want to fly to Sao Paulo. You then have the option to create a follow-up link elsewhere. Flights from Sao Paulo to Santiago are usually cheaper than flights to Buenos Aires. But in this situation, look for other travel scams. For example, we saved €100 each flight from Sao Paulo to Poz do Iguaçu. Then we crossed the border town in Argentina Puerto Iguazú and flew from there to Buenos Aires. In fact, it made the trip much more enjoyable because we had time to see the world famous Iguazu Falls.

Don’t just search for flights from the nearest airport or your city. You can often save £/100 by flying cheaply to another airport that is not so far away. This works especially well in Europe, where you can find cheap flights quite easily. For example, on the flight to Brazil we saved 500 euros each. We did this on a flight from Brussels to Madrid. It was much cheaper than a direct flight. We just bought a cheap flight to Brussels to start the trip.

Also, last year we wanted to travel from Spain to Southeast Asia. There were no cheap business class flights from Spain. But instead we found return flights from Marrakesh to Bangkok with Qatar Airways for €1,100. A cheap flight to Morocco costs 50 euros round trip. As a result, we saved over €1000 each compared to flying from Spain. Such trips can also provide a nice opportunity to visit another destination as part of the trip, even if it’s just for the night.

In general, you can find business class flights from Europe to Asia at the cheapest price if you depart from Scandinavia.

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If you are in the UK, see ‘Inverness Option’. Inverness Airport is exempt from airport tax. This means that with British Airways in particular, you can often find flights to North America much cheaper than if you started your journey from another UK airport. Both easyJet and British Airways often have cheap return fares to Inverness, so factoring them into your budget is likely to result in significant savings. And hey, then you have the perfect excuse to book a short trip to the Highlands (I’m Scottish, so of course it’s highly recommended).

If you want to travel in business class cheaply, it is very important to try to be flexible when you are ready to travel. As you can probably imagine, if you’re looking for bargains during school holidays or public holidays, it’s much more difficult. We usually don’t travel anywhere very far between June and mid-September. It’s just never really worth it.

I check Google Flights regularly even when I’m not planning a trip. This is how I find most of the cheap business class flights that I end up booking. It requires trial and error and some patience. Search for random departure and destination cities. Use the calendar feature to see the lowest prices, then see what you can find. Our guide to using Google Flights can be found here.

Cheapest Business Class To Bangkok

For this reason, consider setting up some Google flight price alerts. Choose a few routes that interest you and decide which dates are convenient for you. Once you have set up a price alert, you will automatically receive an email when there are changes in flight prices. Unfortunately, this requires some patience as it is better to set several different alarms.

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The Track Faes feature allows you to select up to 3 departure airports and then up to 3 destination airports. If you then receive an alert that the prices have dropped, it may mean that the airline is selling or that the prices have changed. Use the information to check in later at other airports and on other dates.

Online travel agencies or OTAs have their pros and cons. You can see our article about them here.

But for simplicity, you can often save up to 10% on long-haul business tickets when you use an OTA instead of booking directly with the airline. The easiest way is to find the cheapest flights on Google Flights and then go to Momondo or Skyscanner and search there for the same dates and routes. You will usually get a lower price.

Consider signing up for cheap flight alerts. This way you will always receive a notification when a cheap price in business class arrives. This means you don’t have to constantly check Google Flights, but you can still take advantage of the latest cheap business class flights.

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We cover all cheap business class offers from Europe. If you’re interested, you can sign up for a free email notification whenever we post something new here:

This means that you will also be notified once the “error rates” are available. For example, in March we booked business class flights to Colombia for only 499 euros round trip.

This advice is particularly important for British Airways. You can often save money by booking a package that includes flights and then a rental car or hotel. BA Holidays also allows you to choose how long you want to rent a car or how many nights you want to stay in a hotel. This means you don’t need to book for your entire stay. This often results in significant discounts, meaning you actually pay less than just the flights, and you get the added bonus. Also remember that with BA Holidays you only pay a deposit when you book a trip. Currently, you only pay the final payment 3 weeks before departure.

Cheapest Business Class To Bangkok

Of course, paying in cold hard cash isn’t the only way to get a business class seat. Consider researching the credit card options available to you and see if you can get one that will earn you miles. This way you are closer to getting enough points to redeem business class points.

Finnair Business Class

Sign-up bonuses on such cards can also be a quick way to earn enough points to book something exciting. A few years ago I got the Amex Spain Gold Card. I got 20,000 Amex MR points (1 avio equals 1). I then referred Thiago, which meant I got another 10,000 MR points up. That means we have 50,000 points between us. This was enough for us to book a business class return trip to Sao Paulo with Iberia when they had a 50% off Avios redemption offer.

From the point above, consider finding cheap redemption offers. It’s almost always more worthwhile to use whatever airline points you need to fly business instead of economy. For example, if you live in the UK and earn Avios from British Airways, consider transferring your miles to Iberia and book a flight with them. You can see how good it can be in our article.

Sometimes you decide to order a different cabin ticket from a business trip, but that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade. For example, if you book a British Airways flight in Premium Economy, you can upgrade your flight to Business Class using your Avios points.


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