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Crain’s Chicago Business Subscription Offers – Yes, 2020 was a tough year for many of the companies on our annual list of Chicago’s top private equity firms.

But when you look at all 366 companies on the hit list, the picture is not so good.

Crain’s Chicago Business Subscription Offers

Crain's Chicago Business Subscription Offers

Total revenue grew 4.1% in 2020. Indeed, domestic performance of these companies declined by 1.1%, while global performance declined by 2.3%. Solid information. )

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The number one company on the list, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co., was profitable, reporting a 0.62% decline in revenue, but the next two companies were flat. Food and beverage distributor Reyes Holdings fell 17.6%.

Of course, those associated with restaurants, hotels and airlines have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions that come with them. The published version of the series will show the tradition of cutting the revenue of 75 million dollars to some companies that will pass easily. , all the way down.

However, financial services companies grew by 42.6%. Companies related to the mortgage market have performed particularly well. For example, celebrity home loan revenue is up 260%, from 368th to 238th, compared to last year’s full Excel version. Similarly, the number of guarantees increased by 212%, rising to 18th place from 61st place last year.

The full Excel list includes 390 private companies with 2020 revenue of at least $30 million and nearly 2,000 executives. Crane data is available for download in the Crane Data Center dedicated to members. Kathryn Davis is responsible for health coverage for Crain’s Chicago business. She returned to the newsroom in July 2021 to be a reporter not only on breaking news, but also on technology startups, corporates and business.

Medix Honored On Crain’s Chicago Business’s “fast Fifty” Of Chicago’s Fastest Growing Companies For Sixth Year

Davis joins Crain’s from the Chicago Business Journal / Chicago Inno, where he has been a reporter and associate editor since August 2017.

Davis has experience in the healthcare industry, writing reports in the cardiovascular business before Chicago Inno and holding two internships at Modern Health while a student at Columbia College.

While she was a student at Columbia College, graduating in 2015, she worked as a research assistant. In 2016, Crane’s rehired him for a six-month engagement.

Crain's Chicago Business Subscription Offers

After the repeal of Obamacare, the Health Care Services Corp. He joins his industry peers in pledging to maintain coverage, at least in the short term.

Katherine Davis On Crain’s Chicago Business

Dr. Fabio Ortega, a former doctor at North Shore University Health System, was convicted in 2015 of sexual misconduct and alleged negligence in the birth of two premature babies.

Amid uncertainty over a possible mifepristone ban, Illinois has pledged to help health care providers pre-purchase misoprostol, an alternative abortion drug.

The pharmaceutical giant’s over-the-top push to sell the Humira blockbuster is intensifying.

Chicago’s mayor-elect will be, in a significant sense, the city’s first mayor. There is no memorable mayor who served on the union’s executive board. What does this mean for local businesses in sectors ranging from restaurants to retail, healthcare to construction?

Equilibria Featured In Crain’s Chicago Business → Bright Bright Great

See where Chicago ranks in CBRE’s ranking of the top life sciences projects in the US and why there are growth opportunities here.

Paul Vallas said that he Dr. Ellison will retain Alwadi, while Brendan Johnson cites differences in mental health policy as reasons for calling for new public health leadership.

Without obligations, insurance companies and employers are free to begin charging copays and other fees for routine preventive services and medications.

Crain's Chicago Business Subscription Offers

A proposed policy requiring health facilities to notify state attorneys general of their merger and acquisition plans would add an extra step to the approval process.

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Deerfield’s largest grocery retailer reported health care sales of $1.6 billion in the second quarter, more than triple the year-ago quarter, driven by acquisitions, mergers and the expansion of its footprint.

Jose Almeida posted a small profit last year as the medical device maker struggled with falling profits and share prices.

In partnership with Interwell Health, Oak Street launched Oakwell, a joint venture to provide primary care for patients with end-stage renal disease.

By requiring hospitals to screen patients for government-sponsored health insurance plans and subsidies, advocates say fewer patients will face higher medical costs.

Crain’s Chicago Business: Roundtable On Life Sciences

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