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Create Your Own Survey Template – Choose from multiple question types, drag and drop to organize questions, and make customizations as easy as pasting a list.

Customize colors, images, and fonts to customize the look and feel or display of your organization’s name. And add custom logic that displays questions based on answers, for a seamless experience.

Create Your Own Survey Template

Create Your Own Survey Template

View charts with feedback data that updates in real time. Or open raw data with Sheets for detailed or automated analysis.

Survey Templates Overview

Access, create and edit forms on the go, from screens big and small Others can respond to your survey wherever they are — from any mobile device, tablet or computer.

Add resources—such as notes, charts, and slides—to create questions together in real time. Then review the results together without sharing multiple file versions.

Use built-in intelligence to set rules to validate responses. For example, make sure email addresses are spelled correctly or numbers are within a certain range

It’s easy to share forms with specific people or large audiences by embedding forms on your website or sharing links on social media.

How To Make Your Survey Questions Funny And Engaging

We use industry-leading security measures to protect your data, including advanced malware protection. Forms are also obsolete, eliminating the need for local files and reducing risk to your equipment

Forms adheres to the same strong privacy and data protection commitments as all other cloud business services. Do you remember the last time you took a survey and ‘agree or disagree’ or ‘strongly agree/disagree’ to a question? You might not realize it at the time, but those questions are based on what’s called a Likert scale.

Here you will learn what it is and how to use it, what survey questions to ask, what Likert scale options to use, and how to create a Likert scale survey with it.

Create Your Own Survey Template

Actually, before we start talking about Likert scales, here’s a free template for those of you familiar with this concept.

Solved Conducting Employee Surveys Allows You To Obtain

We’ve created a variety of online survey templates for all our active users, including a free Likert scale template. You can use it or modify it easily to suit your needs. Just click the Preview Template button to preview the content.

* To get the template and use it immediately, just create an account (or login) and then choose a template from our designer. Available for free trial users!

In search of an effective way to study and measure people’s behavior and the reasons behind it, the American social psychologist Rensis Likert, the creator of the Likert scale, created a scale to measure the behavior.

Today, the Likert scale is one of the most popular and reliable ways to measure opinions, attitudes, and opinions. It allows test takers to indicate their behavior by choosing one of the given answers.

Questionnaire Templates (word) ᐅ Templatelab

(Speaking of free templates, click here to check out our Likert Scale Survey Template. You can use it for free from your account dashboard.)

Unlike binary questions, which offer only two answers, Likert scale questions are characterized by a range of options to choose from, usually from one extreme (eg ‘Strongly agree’ ‘) to another (eg ‘Strongly disagree’).

The main purpose of a Likert scale survey is to measure behavior. A major advantage to binary yes/no questions is that they provide a greater degree of agreement or disagreement.

Create Your Own Survey Template

By providing more levels of feedback, you’ll get more valuable and valuable feedback from question takers, especially when it comes to less concrete concepts that aren’t easily measured. The data obtained in this way can help you improve your product or service.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys: A Comprehensive Guide

Likert scales (in a slightly different form) are also present in our everyday life – you’ve surely seen smiley face buttons at the airport or in the store.

Although you can click it just for fun, the terminals are very powerful likert scale based data collectors. They measure activities, perceptions and emotions in real time, turning those smiles into quantitative data for marketing purposes.

Many people mispronounce the word “Likert scale”—you probably pronounce it “lee-kert,” even though the correct pronunciation of Likert should be “likert,” after the scientist Rensis Likert.

Likert scale questions are especially useful for gauging people’s opinions on a topic if you want to conduct in-depth research to see what people think about it. However, to get the right results, you need to know exactly how and what to ask.

Creating And Managing Surveys

To get the most accurate results possible, you need to be as specific as possible when writing your questions and answers. To do this, you should avoid simple questions.

Try to minimize it and be as specific as possible. We will show you an example using a ‘Customer Support Satisfaction Survey’.

… and keeps getting clearer while sticking to the basics. In our example, we first ask a broad question and then break it down into subtopics.

Create Your Own Survey Template

I have to repeat this, this is important – your Likert scale questions and answer choices should be clear and concise. Recipients need to fully understand what you are trying to say in order to give you the right answer.

Free Likert Scale Templates & Examples ᐅ Templatelab

What exactly do I mean by that? Can you, with a high degree of certainty, mark the following quantifiers: ‘Absolutely’, ‘Somewhat’, ‘Probably’, ‘More or less’?

With this in mind, you should try your best to decide on a no-brainer answer gradation for Likert questionnaires.

A good practice is to start with extreme opposites (eg ‘very’ and ‘not at all’). Then create a middle space that represents a neutral opinion (for example, ‘disagree or disagree’) and fill in the rest of the options with clear words like ‘more’ and ‘some’ .

Due to a phenomenon found in human behavior, called acceptance response bias, survey respondents tend to agree with statements more often than disagree, regardless of content.

In Depth Review: Google Forms Vs. Surveymonkey Vs. Paperform

This is why it is always better to ask questions directly than to simply ask for agreement or disagreement with statements that have already been made. Check out two ways to ask our users about their customer support experience.

First, we make a positive statement about their experience and ask if they agree with it.

In the second example, we ask them a specific question about their experience and allow them to choose their answer completely independently.

Create Your Own Survey Template

While the answers to the first question can be subjective (due to the aforementioned confessional response bias), the second question can give us an objective and honest answer.

Free Online Survey Maker

If you want to become a successful business owner or service provider, our advice is to choose the latter, because this method will probably help you identify the real problems in your work and overcome them.

With this technology, the Likert scale allows you to add an unlimited number of answer options to your questionnaire. In practice, the most popular forms are 5-point, 6-point and 7-point Likert scales.

First you need to decide whether you will use odd or even number answer options. While this may seem like a small decision, it actually refers to something important – whether your scale will have an unbiased perspective.

For example, sometimes a neutral option can be an easy way to avoid a question without thinking too much about it. Cut off a neutral answer and it can ‘force’ the receivers subconscious mind to think deeper and give you a more valuable answer than a neutral answer. Proponents of even-numbered scales say that people are neutral and should have an opinion about anything.

The Best Online Survey Tool Is Free, Powerful And Virtually Limitless

On the other hand, having a neutral answer as an option can also be important, because too many neutral answers can show that you are not doing enough to engage your users and really shape their opinion about the service you offer.

Again, there will always be some users who don’t have an opinion on something, so forcing them to ‘take sides’ can be counterproductive in terms of the validity of the results.

Scales that use only numbers as response options can be confusing for some users, as it may not be clear which end of the scale is good and which is bad. To avoid this confusion, add words to your answer choices.

Create Your Own Survey Template

Now that we’ve taught you the theory, we’ll show you how to create your own Likert scale questions in a few steps. The first thing you need is a survey designer that lets you create questions based on a Likert scale – that’s where it all starts.

How To Create A Post Purchase Survey Form [template]

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