Custom Shoe Boxes For Small Business

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Custom Shoe Boxes For Small Business – Shoe manufacturers are always looking for cheap and high quality custom shoe boxes. Getting good and low prices can be a challenge, but we can offer better prices without compromising on quality.

In addition to clothing and shoe packaging solutions, today we are also introducing some custom shoe boxes that match the size of the shoes we manufacture.

Custom Shoe Boxes For Small Business

Custom Shoe Boxes For Small Business

BROWN THOMAS shopping center shoe boxes are made from high quality coated paper, known for its soft texture and vibrant colors, making it the perfect choice for high-end packaging. The box is wallpapered in gray cardboard with a white leather interior, creating a perfect gray and white color combination. The logo is printed with an excellent bronzing process, with a printed font, offset printing and self-adhesive bottom label. The box is equipped with a sky-ground cover, which perfectly complements the shoe box and ensures that quality and design coexist.

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This shoe box was designed for JIMMY CHOO, the English brand of Chinese designer Zhou Yangjie. The main material in this shoe box is art paper, which has a transparent texture and good rigidity and wear resistance. The surface logo of the shoe box uses a beautiful bronzing process, and the pattern clearly highlights the brand. The inner corner of the shoe box is smooth and smooth.

MERCA’s high-end business shoe box production concept combines packaging style with product positioning. The material of the box is high-quality black cardboard, which complements the placement of the product. The excellent hot black gold technology is used for the logo, which makes the logo bright and solemn against the black cardboard background. The shape of the box is a collapsible box, which is rare for shoe boxes, but it is easy to store and significantly reduces packaging costs.

These unique shoe boxes were specially designed for the Parisian luxury shoe brand Roger Vivier. The shoe box is carefully designed, focusing on the shape of the shoe, and is made of high quality, warm red art paper. The shoe box has the brand’s logo printed using the latest printing techniques. The box is made in a classic top and bottom style, and the splicing is smooth and smooth. The overall design of the shoe box is elegant and practical, making it the perfect package for high-end shoes.

This pure black collapsible corrugated shoe box is the result of our extensive experience in the production of corrugated packaging materials. This shoe box design is made for a special product of business shoes, and the creative pattern is amazing. At first glance, you might not recognize that it is made of corrugated cardboard, as it looks like black cardboard with an outer business layer.

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The production process of this shoe box involves the use of convex and concave crafts for an uneven appearance. The embossed print of the LOGO and the beautiful black background make it look beautiful. The paper material used in the production of the box is black raw pulp, which is transparent on the outside but has black Quintana on the inside.

The shoe box has been given a collapsible treatment to save storage space and reduce shipping costs. Overall, this shoe box is a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality and appearance.

This FRIS shoe box is made by Shanghai Custom Packaging, which is an exclusive and high-end luxury box customization. The material chosen for the packaging is a high-quality copper wallpaper double gray paper, which gives a uniquely high quality. The entire box is collapsible, reinforced with magnets for durability. This type of box is rare in the shoe box industry as it can accommodate larger shoes while also being easy to fold for storage and transport. The production process includes the use of two-color casting (gilded + white) in the full version, which gives the box an elegant and refined appearance. LOGO is made with very gold foil technology and personalized design, combined with four boxes of adhesive tape storage. This ensures that the packaging is not only of high quality and design, but also has a unique appearance. Good quality packaging cannot be produced by machine production, but must be processed manually, which requires skilled production personnel. With 20 years of packaging experience, Shanghai Custom Packaging continuously trains its staff to ensure the best quality and personalized shoe boxes.

Custom Shoe Boxes For Small Business

Before making the sample, we make a model of the shoe box as a reference. Some clients require images in advance for marketing purposes. Today we present some mockups of shoe boxes. Please note that all patterns can be customized according to your artwork.

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