Delaware Llc Doing Business In California

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Delaware Llc Doing Business In California – What is a DBA? DBA, a fictitious name tag that means “to do business,” is also known as an assumed job title. Here, the company is trading under a name other than its registered name. However, it does not provide the same legal protection as a separate business entity such as a corporation or LLC. Every day people ask about setting up a DBA for a Delaware LLC or Delaware Corporation. Employees often choose to work under several different titles for several different companies. For example, ABC Company, Inc. XYZ Landscaping, Inc. It may be necessary to create several different DBAs using their names. and 123 Construction, Inc. XYZ Landscaping, Inc. and 123 Construction, Inc. legally recognized. ABC Company, Inc. Brand names like these can better communicate the company’s services and products to potential customers. Do I need a DBA? In my experience, the current trend is for business owners to incorporate the real name they want to do with a Delaware LLC or corporation. Since the company name is often associated with a website, trademark, patent, logo, or other form of branding, creating a DBA is pointless. However, some situations make more sense for a DBA program. Some examples of such situations are: A company starts offering a product or service that does not match its registered company name. For example, a bicycle repair shop that starts selling car tires may want a separate name for that part of the business. A Delaware-based company only needs a Delaware-specific name. However, if the company is applying for foreign qualification in another state, such as California, the name must also be unique in California. If the original company name is already in use by another company in California, the company can create a DBA to work in that state. Franchise owners often use a DBA. Because they only own independent franchise businesses and are not owned at the corporate level, they usually start their business under a different name and use the franchise name as DBA. For example, the owner of a Wendy’s in Miami can create Miami Restaurant Holdings, Inc. as a franchisee and then assign a DBA to do business as a Wendy’s in Miami. For these and many other situations, it’s not uncommon to create a DBA as an alias for a corporation or LLC registered in Delaware. The question is, where can I put the DBA? Where can I install a DBA? In Delaware, DBA registration is usually done in the county where the company primarily trades and does business. Then you may want to consider applying for an LLC or DBA corporation in Delaware. Again, this depends on where the company is physically located and operating. If the company is actually located and doing business in Delaware, the answer is usually yes. You can fill out the necessary forms online to set up a DBA in Delaware. Depending on where the company is located in Delaware, a DBA can be registered with the New Castle, Kent or SussexCounty Prothonotary Office. Typically, you will need to provide the following information: Company or LLC name and address Date of incorporation or fictitious name of DBA Business type Names and addresses of members/directors/managers Contact telephone number Name of authorized signatory and certifying authority Not included in Delaware – if working in another country – the same rules usually apply to DBAs. The DBA still works at the regional level. If your Delaware LLC or corporation operates in another jurisdiction, you may need to file a foreign tax return before applying for a DBA. I’m happy to answer your questions about setting up a DBA for an LLC or Delaware corporation. Call 1-800-345-2677 today. We are ready to help you. Multiple DBAs Sometimes people ask how many DBAs an LLC or corporation can have. The answer is usually not limited by states or counties. Your company can have one, two, or ten DBAs. However, many DBAs should always consider whether this is the most strategic way to proceed. While they allow your business to run under multiple names, they can also present some challenges, such as: Higher overall risk because each “branch” of the business is owned by the same company Complex tax documentation confusion for customers and suppliers Additional costs per DBA Multiple DBAs As a final point in dealing with LLCs, our clients are sometimes torn between using a DBA and setting up a separate LLC alongside what they already manage. There is no general rule about what is right or wrong; rather, each situation involves unique circumstances and the needs of the entrepreneur. It’s important to remember that using multiple LLCs provides greater protection and overall risk because each LLC is a separate legal entity. Problems with one LLC usually do not threaten the assets of another LLC. This does not apply to DBAs of registered LLCs and other DBAs that are considered the same legal entity. Next: Operating multiple companies under one LLC

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Delaware Llc Doing Business In California

Delaware Llc Doing Business In California

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Hello, we are a client of Harvard Business Services. We are forming a Delaware Single Entity LLC. We are now in a related industry and would like to open a trading account with a different company name than our official name. Can we open a checking account with a DBA or should we open another LLC?

Your bank will be the best at answering this question. Each bank’s rules dictate which name can be used on accounts. Sorry, we can’t help you right now!

I have an LLC company that wants to add a DBA. I want to keep the LLC protection, can I keep the same LLC protection? How much should I pay?

Your DBA just allows you to manage your business under a different name. The structure and protection of an LLC is maintained, but remember, if you have multiple businesses, you may have liabilities, debts, etc. no, not as separate as if you had two separate businesses. DBAs are usually issued at your district offices, so check rates.

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Hi, We recently formed MoMo Me LLC in Delaware with the help of HBS. Can we use MoMo Me as a company name or DBA?

Our clients usually choose how they want to advertise their company name, for example with or without the LLC suffix. If you’re not sure what’s allowed, you can contact your local county office or ask your attorney or tax professional.

If you are a Delaware company operating as a non-Delaware online business, do you need to register any domain names in Delaware counties? Does the state of Delaware allow you to use domain names without registration if you don’t do business in the state?

Delaware Llc Doing Business In California

A DBA is usually registered in a state that requires a DBA. If your company is already incorporated in Delaware, you generally do not need a DBA in Delaware. An attorney will be the best person to advise you on your specific situation. If you are a Delaware LLC doing business in California, you are considered a California foreign entity while you are a Delaware domestic company.

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If your business has a physical presence, hires workers, conducts banking operations, or is a high-income business in California, you must go through a process known as “foreign qualification.”

California requires an LLC to file with a Delaware certificate

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