Direct Flights From Los Angeles To Sydney Australia

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Direct Flights From Los Angeles To Sydney Australia – Screenshot of United Airlines Flight 839 bound for Pago Pago, American Samoa due to a mechanical problem. Photo: FlightAware

Passengers departing from Los Angeles also had an unusual, short and unexpected vacation in the Pacific Ocean.

Direct Flights From Los Angeles To Sydney Australia

Direct Flights From Los Angeles To Sydney Australia

Airline passengers stranded on a remote Pacific island after crash landing on their way to Sydney have an unexpected and unusual adventure on New Year’s Eve, but there’s a catch.

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In Pago Pago, American Samoa, where a plane from Los Angeles was forced to land for fear of a mechanical failure in one of its engines, locals gave passengers tours of the island and spilled beer on a deserted beach.

But due to the time zone, the rescue flight sent to take them to Sydney had to cross the international date shortly after takeoff, leaving just before midnight to celebrate New Year’s Eve and New Year’s morning.

The time change began after his original flight from Los Angeles to Sydney was diverted to Pago Pago International Airport. The crew of United Airlines Flight 839 noticed a possible oil leak in a Boeing 787-9 engine.

No. UA839, Los Angeles-Sydney, in Pago Pago. The departure is scheduled 40 minutes after landing, so an emergency situation may occur on board. — Flightradar24 (@flightradar24) December 30, 2022

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Leonie Butta’s 30-year-old son and two grandchildren were flying from Vancouver to Sydney when the plane suddenly deviated towards the Pacific Ocean.

The 60-year-old grandmother was following a flight-tracking social media account when she noticed the course change, but when she tried to call United Airlines, she couldn’t get any information.

“What United did was the perfect solution to the problem. There is no other place to stay in this part of the Pacific Ocean. It was a really good, terrible decision – so why didn’t they tell everyone?” Butta said.

Direct Flights From Los Angeles To Sydney Australia

“They didn’t care. I felt bad. And I thought, “Oh my God. This is a dream?” Maybe it didn’t happen? Maybe the plane has already left? “

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United Airlines confirmed in a statement that it was forced to divert “due to a mechanical problem” but said it was worried about passengers and that another aircraft would pick up stranded passengers.

The new aircraft, flying as UA3032, was scheduled to depart Pago Pago at 3 am local time on 31 December and arrive in Sydney at 7:15 am on 1 January.

American Samoa is east of the International Date Line, which means it won’t be midnight for passengers on board on December 31st. Shortly after takeoff, they will be at 4 am on Sunday 2023.

Our honeymoon got stuck in American Samoa because @united couldn’t get a plane for over 21 hours after the crash landing. I didn’t want to see New Years in Sydney or anything, the airport hangar we’re stuck in is amazing. — Dominic Fry (@domii_fry23) December 31, 2022

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The runway at Pago Pago is 3,000 meters (about 10,000 feet) long, enough to provide the 2,740 meters (9,000 feet) needed for aircraft to take off and land.

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Direct Flights From Los Angeles To Sydney Australia

Some passengers have complained that it took a long time for United Airlines to send alternate flights because they were unable to spend New Year’s Eve in Sydney. One said it was the first day of her honeymoon.

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But others reported spending time on the island. The father of one passenger said his daughter was “showering in the hangar, walking [around the island] and drinking beer on a deserted beach… [United] provided cots, McD was there and the pilots took the kids.” shots”

Batta said the decision to disembark in American Samoa means passengers don’t have to go through customs when they land.

He said his son’s experience was pleasant. He texted her that everyone was safe and that the locals were being as hospitable as possible.

“I didn’t know this place existed until today,” he said. “At 3 am, local residents learned that 787 passengers bound for Sydney had arrived a few hours later. They came together to make sure everyone was taken care of.”

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“The Samoans are just great. Apart from being one of the most beautiful countries in the world, they will simply say, “Come back to our home,” he said.

“They brought them food, found a place to sleep by the lake, and my son said they even brought them beer.

“He smiles and says: “Look what beer they brought me, the girls are swimming in the pool.” And when they go to school, they write a travel story. For them, it was an adventure with a beautiful ending. Now it’s part of their holiday history.” Where is the foldable iPhone? Best Lunch SetWayFair Way Day Deals Home Tax Credit for New Cars 10 Travel GadgetsBest Savings AccountsBest InstallersGo to the sun with the best ISPs

Direct Flights From Los Angeles To Sydney Australia

The 19-hour Boeing 787 sightseeing flight is part of the airline’s effort to launch the world’s longest flights connecting Australia’s east coast with New York and London.

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He was the senior managing editor of Kent News. A veteran since 2003, he reviewed the first iPhone and has worked in offices in London and San Francisco. When she’s not working, she’s planning her next vacation, walking her dog, or watching planes land at the airport (yes, really).

If you love flying so much that you spend most of your day on the plane, Qantas is the one for you. On Sunday morning, one of Australia’s flagship Boeing 787-9s made a record-breaking commercial flight, landing in Sydney at 7:42 am local time after a 7:15 pm non-stop flight from New York.

The sightseeing flight, for the first time connecting two cities by air at the same time, is part of Qantas’ efforts to push the boundaries of commercial aviation. While Qantas does well on long haul routes given Australia’s remoteness from almost anywhere, connecting Sydney and Melbourne to New York and London has so far been out of the airline’s reach. Passengers are currently adding an additional four hours between New York and Sydney, with a stop in Los Angeles.

As shown on Flightradar24, the flight path was through the United States and then across the Pacific Ocean. Screenshot by Kent Herman/

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Flight 7879 left New York on Friday night with 222,900 pounds (101,000 kg) of fuel on board. Because the Boeing 787-9 did not have a runway to make a 10,000-mile (16,200 km) flight with a full passenger load, the flight carried only 50 passengers and crew and had no cargo. The plane was brand new, just off the Boeing assembly line near Seattle.

As part of Sunrise’s project to limit jet lag and ensure the health of both passengers and crew on long-haul flights, several medical experts were on board to monitor passengers’ sleep patterns and food and drink intake. The flight crew of four, working on a rotational basis, also wear EEG (electroencephalogram) monitors that monitor brain waves and alertness.

Qantas hopes to launch flights to New York and London by 2023 if it decides to continue operating new flights and obtains the necessary regulatory approvals, the airline said. But before Qantas can do that, it still has a critical hurdle to overcome: it needs an aircraft that can fly both routes with a full load. Both the new Airbus A350-1000 and the still-flying Boeing 777X may have the required capacity, but the airline has yet to place any orders.

Direct Flights From Los Angeles To Sydney Australia

Qantas has operated a 17-hour Boeing 787 flight from Perth to London since 2016, but flights to New York and London will be the longest in the world at 19 hours each. This will be slightly longer than the current record-breaking Singapore Airlines flight, which lasts about 18 hours between Newark Liberty International Airport and Singapore. Thinking about a five-hour flight from New York to Los Angeles? As Seth Kadish of Visual Statistics shows in the map below, some passengers are worse off. You can fly from Sydney to Dallas (8,578 miles) or from Johannesburg to Atlanta (8,439 miles). Both of these flights are operated within 15 hours without transfers.

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Kadish has mapped the 20 longest non-stop flights in the world, and some of them are brutal. The colored button below the map shows the duration of the flight: from blue to 7500 miles.

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