Disabilities That Qualify For Ssi

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If you​​​​or a loved one has become disabled and cannot work, what are your options for financial assistance? While private disability insurance or workers’ compensation (if you’re disabled at work) can offer some help, what else is available?

Disabilities That Qualify For Ssi

Disabilities That Qualify For Ssi

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has two programs to help people with disabilities: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). You may be eligible for one or both of these programs.

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Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is federal disability insurance that you automatically enroll in through Social Security taxes taken from your paycheck. Those tax payments give you access to cash and medical benefits if you become disabled before retirement age. Eligible family members may also receive benefits through this program. The benefits awarded are based on your previous earnings and generally continue until you are able to return to regular work.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a program to provide financial assistance to those who cannot work to meet their basic needs (food, clothing, shelter). SSI is funded by general tax revenue, so it does not require the recipient to have worked or contributed to Social Security in the past. Benefits are based on your current resources, financial and otherwise. Minors with physical or mental disabilities or blindness may also be eligible for financial assistance under this program.

Both SSDI and SSI use the same qualifications to determine disability, but the difference in work history and financial requirements between the programs affects who qualifies for each.

Because SSDI is funded by Social Security taxes from your past wages, you must have an earnings record to show that you have worked recently and long enough to qualify for disability benefits.

Ssi Vs Ssdi: Differences, Benefits, And How To Apply

Social Security gives workers “work credits” based on their earnings to qualify them for Social Security benefits. While the amount of income required to earn a work credit varies from year to year, a worker can currently earn an annual maximum of 4 work credits with just $6,040 in earned income (2022). Generally, 40 work credits are required to qualify for benefits, and 20 of those work credits are earned in the last 10 years before your disability began. (Younger workers may qualify for fewer credits because they haven’t been unemployed long enough to earn more.)

The Social Security definition of disability covers only persons with total disability who cannot work and does not provide benefits for persons with a partial or short-term disability.

If you’re still working, Social Security uses your current earnings to determine whether your work is “substantial gainful activity (SGA). Starting in 2022, monthly earnings of more than $1,350 ($2,260 if blind) generally mean that you don’t have a qualifying disability If you earn​​​​​​less than that (or don’t work at all), your claim will go to Disability Determination Services (DDS) for an assessment of your medical condition based on the following four questions.

Disabilities That Qualify For Ssi

A “serious” condition means that your condition significantly limits your ability to perform “basic work-related activities” and is expected to continue for at least 12 months or result in death.

Social Security Disability For Fibromyalgia And Me/cfs

The SSA maintains multiple lists of qualifying medical conditions. If your condition is not listed, an individual determination must be made.

There are two fast track options for cases with a high probability of acceptance. Compassionate payments allow approval upon confirmation of diagnosis for “certain cancers, brain disorders in adults and a number of rare disorders affecting children”. Quick Disability Determinations (QDD) uses technology to identify applicants with the most severe disabilities who are most likely to qualify. These options can often speed up the eligibility process from months to days for those with the most difficult circumstances.

If you are unable to do the work you have done before, your health, age, education, work experience and skills will be taken into account when looking for another job that you can do. If you can’t find another job, you may be eligible for SSDI benefits.

If you are accepted for disability benefits, the amount of your monthly benefit will be determined based on your previous average income and any other benefits you currently receive (public disability, work allowance, government pensions, etc.) . The SSA provides an online benefit calculator to help you estimate your benefits. If you​​​​ start receiving SSDI benefits before you retire, your disability benefits will automatically convert to retirement benefits when you reach full retirement age, although your monthly benefit amount will remain the same.

Ssi Payments: How Many People Get Social Security Disability Payments

Although Supplemental Security Income is also an option for people with disabilities, it differs from SSDI in that it does not require a work history, but proof of need.

Individuals who are blind or totally disabled (as defined above) may be eligible for SSI assistance. This means that they cannot perform ‘substantial gainful activity (SGA)’ for at least 12 months due to their condition. Adults 65 and older without disabilities can also qualify if they meet the financial requirements.

Because SSI is awarded based on need, only those with low incomes and few resources can qualify. “Income” and “resources” have specific definitions to help determine eligibility.

Disabilities That Qualify For Ssi

Income: Any money you receive (such as wages, pensions, or Social Security benefits) and any food and shelter you receive is considered income. Acceptable income levels vary from state to state. Portions of the spouse or parent’s income (if less) are also included, but there are also many exceptions that are NOT included, such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, most home energy, non -profit organizations for private housing, some scholarships and part of the earned salary.

How To Apply For Social Security Disability Insurance

Resources: Resources are things you have. To qualify for SSI, your means must be worth no more than $2,000 (no more than $3,000 for a couple). Counted resources include cash, bank accounts, stocks and bonds, and real estate. Resources that do NOT count are the home/land you live on, your car (usually), cemeteries (yours and your immediate family), burial funds for you and your spouse (up to $1,500 each), and face life insurance policies value of $1,500 or less.

If you qualify, the dollar amount of SSI will depend on your income and available resources, as well as the state in which you live. Some states add money to the federal amount to increase the payment. It is also possible to qualify for and receive SSI and SSDI at the same time, which the Social Security Administration calls receiving “competing benefits.”

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI): In the event that an insured worker no longer collects SSDI due to retirement or death, there are FREE options for family members to continue collecting benefits from the worker’s record. A Social Security representative or Social Security disability attorney can help you determine if you qualify.

There is a limit to how much a survivor can earn while collecting benefits, and there is also a limit to how much the worker and his family members can collect from the worker’s work history, usually 150 to 180 percent of the disability of the insured. benefit Separate spousal benefits are not included in the family total.

Quiz & Worksheet

Supplemental Security Income (SSI): Under SSI, disabled or blind children may qualify for financial assistance if your household has very limited income and resources. The child must have a condition (physical or mental) that severely limits his activities and that has lasted (or is expected to last) for at least 1 year or will lead to death. The online Child Disability Fact Sheet and Starter Kit can help you get started by answering some common questions and providing a worksheet to help you gather information for the Child Disability Report.

The SSA website has a button to complete a disability application online. The online application can be used to apply for SSDI and SSI at the same time, but it can only be used if you are not currently receiving Social Security benefits. Before completing the application, please consider the following steps.

If you​​​​ choose to have the help of a Social Security disability attorney, he or she can help you complete and submit your application. Otherwise, you can apply through the SSA website, through your local Social Security office, by phone through the SSA’s toll-free number, or by mailing your application. After your application is received, if no new information is needed, you will receive a decision letter from the SSA.

Disabilities That Qualify For Ssi

While Social Security disability programs are a complex subject, help is available to make the complex manageable. Talk to an attorney or Social Security worker to learn more and see if Social Security disability benefits are an option for you.

The Difference Between Ssi And Ssdi

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