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End Us Aid To Israel – During Ramadan in May, Israeli forces teamed up with a group of distant civilians to attack, assault and arrest worshipers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The Israeli government confirmed the arrest of 300 Palestinians, saying security measures were needed to prevent protesters from clashing with authorities over the operation. The conflict between Israel and Hamas killed 212 Palestinians (including 61 children and 36 women), 10 Israeli civilians and displaced 72,000 Palestinians. The incident is a microcosm of the broader crimes committed by the Israeli government – legal reforms, discriminatory laws and excessive use of force. For years, the U.S. has aided these illicit activities through military aid packages. It’s time to end aid to Israel.

In 1876, Arab settlers sold the land in Sheikh Jarrah to two Jewish trusts. Palestine refugees who were driven from their homes after the Arab-Israeli war in 1948 were resettled here. The ensuing legal battle represents the burden of a system that falls squarely on the Palestinians. For example, Israeli law only allows Jews to reclaim land that was lost before the state was established in 1948.

End Us Aid To Israel

End Us Aid To Israel

Since occupying East Jerusalem in 1967, Israeli authorities have sought to maintain a Jewish majority in the area, which currently has a Jewish-to-Arab ratio of 60:40. This is done through the revocation of residency status for arbitrary or unknown reasons, such as failure to provide proof of residence to the Israeli Ministry of the Interior every five years, working or studying abroad for more than six months, or failing to visit authorities within the country. . For example, It is said that an unused toothbrush represents an empty house, which is the reason for the evacuation. Between 1967 and 2016, Israel used these methods to dispossess 14,595 residents of East Jerusalem.

Activists Aim To Block Israeli Ships From Us Ports In Solidarity With Palestinians

Many UN Security Council resolutions focus on Israel’s construction of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. These resolutions were passed unanimously by the Reagan, Bush and Obama administrations. They invoked Article 4 of the Geneva Convention relative to Occupied Territories and Legal Action of the Occupier. After the Six-Day War, the people living in the Palestinian territories did not vote to join Israel. In fact, 2-300,000 people were evicted from their homes. Therefore, they should be considered residents.

The changing settler movement in recent years has been characterized by the displacement of the former Palestinian population. Settlers, who call themselves “landowners,” have been shooting, driving and burning Palestinian crops with impunity for years. However, in the “National Law” passed in 2018, the construction of law was listed as national law. This allows religious fundamentalists to say that living in the occupied territories is “state property” and according to the biblical interpretation of holy places.

The Israeli government has blamed the deaths of Palestinian civilians on the extremist group Hamas, which aims to strengthen the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). But Hamas did not fall from the sky anytime soon. In fact, in the 1970s and 1990s, Israel funded the Islamist movement that created Hamas. Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, an Egyptian Islamic organization founded in 1928.

Before 1967, Gaza was ruled by Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser, a civilian who owned a Brotherhood-linked organization in Gaza. After winning the Six-Day War, Israel captured Gaza and backed the Brotherhood’s intellectual leader, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Israel sees Yassin as an effective counterweight to Yasser Arafat’s Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Yassin founded the Islamist group Mujama al-Islamiya, which Israel first considers as a charity. But in 1984, Israel sentenced Yassin to 12 years in prison for arms smuggling. However, Israel released him after only a year, and his tactics against the PCB were invaluable. Mujama became Hamas and became evil.

Presbyterians: End Israel Aid Over Settlements

In 2007, Hamas acted as the democratically elected government of a powerless people. After Hamas’ election, Israel and its ally Egypt launched a deadly crackdown on Gaza. In the 11 years since its implementation, unemployment in Gaza has risen from 35% to 52%. The poverty rate rose from 39% to 55%. Based on conditions before the siege, if the situation remained stable, the poverty rate would drop to 15 percent by 2017.

In addition to stoning attacks, Hamas routinely uses vulgar anti-Semitic language. These actions were condemned and threatened the lives of civilians on both sides of the conflict. The structures that create fertile conditions for the Hamas group to resonate should be assessed as a source of security. The Palestinian Authority is prohibited from creating an army, air force or navy.

In response to the rise of Hamas, the Israeli government increasingly treats Arab Israelis as second-class citizens. Israel has consistently violated international law regarding settlement construction. However, according to the U.S. News & World Report 2019 annual report, Israel is the 8th most powerful country in the world. It receives $3.8 billion in military aid and $8 billion in loan guarantees from the United States every year. It also controls a secret arsenal of 75-400 nuclear warheads.

End Us Aid To Israel

This power is facilitated by Israel’s military operations in Gaza. During Operation Cast Lead in 2008, Israeli security forces killed 1,391 Palestinians, including 345 children and 110 women. The Israelis encountered three civilians and one soldier. Four years later, 87 Palestinian civilians and 4 Israeli civilians were killed in Operation Pillar of Defense. In 2014, Operation Protective Edge killed 2,202 Palestinians and 73 Israelis. Sixty-three percent of the Palestinians killed were civilians with no ties to Hamas. By comparison, Israeli casualties stood at 66 soldiers.

End $30 Billion Of Us Military Aid To Israel

Israel has the most technologically advanced military in the world. For example, the Israel Defense Forces discovered and destroyed a large network of tunnels built by Hamas, killing 300-400 operatives in the process. Since 2014, the Israel Defense Forces have destroyed 18 of these tunnels. The continued killing of civilians in the name of defense is immoral, unacceptable and anti-Israel. If the Israeli government had been more concerned with defense than occupation, targeted actions would not have included attacks on hospitals, homes, schools, and printing factories.

Israeli officials have long acknowledged Hamas’ use of civilians as “human shields” to kill Palestinians. Such assurances are a propaganda smokescreen. In 2018, an IDF media group released a video showing children being used as human shields during Palestinian protests. Sometimes this fallacy is applied to adults. That same year, the Israel Defense Forces released a video titled “Hamas uses paramedics as human shields.” The death of Palestinian medical worker Razan Al-Najjar at the hands of Israeli security forces is a tragic and inevitable consequence of Hamas’ disregard for civilian safety. However, the video does not fake that Al-Najjar was involved in an earlier video in which he defended the injured, particularly as a medical worker during peaceful protests. .Not only was he killed by the Israeli army, but his death and his life’s work were used to justify further killings.

In fact, the IDF continues to rely on human shields. For example, during Operation Cast Lead, two Israeli soldiers ordered a 9-year-old boy to check for guns in suspicious bags. Soldiers were humiliated and punished, but officers were not prosecuted. Institutional irresponsibility undoubtedly led to further abuse of power. Between 2009 and 2014, the IAF carried out approximately 1,200 personnel protection operations.

By regulating Hamas’ use of human shields, Israeli authorities will no longer want to hide behind their citizens. Israel’s military headquarters is located behind Tel Aviv’s city center. The Office of the Director General is a quarter of a mile from Ichilov Hospital. Military bases in Haifa and Tel Aviv are located behind the medical center. The residences of the prime minister, defense minister and military chief are surrounded by residential areas.

U.s. Finalizes Deal To Give Israel $38 Billion In Military Aid

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud wins government (2009-2021) and implements discriminatory policies. For example, the nation-state law limited the right to self-determination to Jews, removed Arabic as an official language, and restricted its construction to “national property.”

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s government could accelerate discrimination against Arabs in Israel and the Palestinian Authority. In 2013, a reporter warned Bennett that his demand for the execution of suspected terrorists without trial was illegal. Not only did Bennett deny these legal issues, he also defended his position saying, “I’ve killed a lot of Arabs in my life, and I have no problem.” In 2019, he said that as defense minister he would support a “shoot and kill” policy on people traveling from Gaza to Israel. “They’re not children – they’re terrorists. We’re kidding ourselves.”

Bennett failed to relinquish Palestinian independence ahead of settlement expansion. He supports the annexation of 30 percent of the West Bank. in this situation

End Us Aid To Israel

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