Eva Air Vancouver To Taipei

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Eva Air Vancouver To Taipei – Dear people, I would like to send my soon flight from Vancouver to Taipei on Eva Air’s 787 Dreamliner. Before we start, let me show you the hacks I found in YVR.

Blue A320 flight to New York. The flight was scheduled to depart at 11:30pm the previous day, but was delayed until 4:50pm, resulting in long lines outside A&W.

Eva Air Vancouver To Taipei

Eva Air Vancouver To Taipei

YVR has recently upgraded its international terminal (gate D). They create an outdoor atrium where you can get some fresh air. But it’s closed so I can’t go. In the 9 hours of this vacation I need a lot of fresh air.

Star Alliance’s Eva Air Is An Underappreciated Mileage Transfer Partner

My plane has arrived. This aircraft is operated by 787-9 (B-17802). This is my second time participating.

It was the first time I was close to an A380!!!! I was surprised to see that his body was wide and long and his nose was round. Watching it was my way to kill 2 hours at this airport.

The first meal on board, pork noodles with lemon cake, shrimp salad and fruit. Small portions but very tasty food.

In fact, EVA AIR is one of the best airlines in the world. However, I found the options for in-car entertainment to be insufficient. There are not many movies, and when they play movies, they dance old. There aren’t many options and everyone on the boat is watching the same movie (because the options are limited). Our 11 hour flight was very boring.

Eva Air Business Class Review

The food is delicious, but as I said before, the portion is small. Hot buns, especially since most other airlines don’t serve hot buns in economy class. Also, I like the idea that they start breakfast service 2.5 hours before landing, so they have time to prepare for arrival.

The cabin crew were polite, but they were “well proportioned”. I think they are using what the company taught them when talking to passengers. However, they still work and do an amazing job of ensuring flight safety. They always do security checks in a very strict way, unlike other airlines.

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Eva Air Vancouver To Taipei

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Incident Eva Air Boeing 777 Skids Taxiway At Vancouver Airport

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Points redeemed for this itinerary (Africa to continental US via Asia): 75,000 Aeroplan miles, transferred from American Express member rewards

This flight was the last leg of my journey to South Africa, which helped me complete the eastern circle of the Earth. Despite the many other great deals and flights on this trip, I was really looking forward to my Eva flight. I have heard such good things!

Earlier in the day, I boarded a flight from Johannesburg to Hong Kong before taking the EVA A330 from Hong Kong to Taipei. I arrived at TPE after 5pm and went to the Star Business Class lounge. EVA runs a lot of lounges in TPE, so much so that I almost got bored, but The Star Lounge was fantastic and a great place to spend my nearly six hours in Taipei.

Business Class The Way It Should Be: Eva Air (777 300er) Biz From Seattle To Taipei

Boarding begins on time, and passengers seated in business class are invited to book first, including top-level members of the Star Alliance Gold and Eva loyalty programs. I was in seat 5K to the back of the front business cabin on the right side of the plane. When I got to my seat, my comforter, pajamas and slippers were already waiting for me. A welcome drink will come soon after we sit down, the options are orange juice, champagne and water. I always choose champagne to celebrate that I am alive and that I can order champagne.

Like The foam is not too firm and not soft, the head is functional when sitting and comfortable when lying down. The upholstery was soft. It’s well thought out and I’m always surprised how many seats aren’t there. On the right is the standard 110V outlet, USB port, headphone jack, reading light and seat controls.

Storage: The reverse herringbone chair used by Eva has lots of storage. I find this very useful because the lack of seating in this section requires you to constantly get up to access the drawers above or create a kind of hoarder’s paradise by throwing your belongings into every nook and cranny around. seats (like the South African A340). ). Not so here, there is a nice compartment next to the seat controls for headphones, charger and more. A large knee pad for accessories, shoes, laptop and reading material, and enough space under the footwell for my backpack. There is also a small cubby under the arm which works well for one of my lenses that I plan to change.

Eva Air Vancouver To Taipei

Comfort: the seat itself is very comfortable both sitting and lying down and this is also helped by the comfortable bed provided by EVA. They provide comfort in a flannel duvet that manages to keep its weight without being too warm. Since it took me a while to write this report, I can’t remember if there were individual vents, but the cabin temperature was perfect and I don’t remember the vents. Finally, the pillow is bigger and fluffier than most foam filled pillows on airplanes, I slept very well and the flight was fast.

Exceptional In Almost Every Way

Amenities: Eva provides its business class passengers with pajamas and slippers with standard equipment manufactured by Rimowa. The kit includes a mask, socks, hat, face moisturizer, hand cream, toothbrush and toothpaste, earrings, comb and microfiber cloth. The pajamas were very comfortable and I turned to sleep. I love it when airlines offer slippers, as I like to take my shoes off as soon as I sit down, but I also hate the idea of ​​leaving my seat without anything on my feet. These slippers are comfortable enough to leave on the whole flight and are great for walking to the bathroom.

Performance and durability: Many cars in Asia are known for their excellent performance and the Eva is no exception. The cabin was full on this flight and the staff were working hard to take care of everyone, but I never had to ask for water and the food was served at a good speed without rush or rush.

EVA is famous for serving Champagne Veuve Cliquot in business class (and Krug on flights to CDG and JFK), an expensive option that sells for more than $50 a bottle. Higher quality alcohol is usually reserved for first class on other airlines. Dinner begins with an appetizer followed by main courses. I had the Chilean steamed sea bass filet which was excellent. Tons of flavor, not overcooked. In an effort to be as thorough as possible with my review, I ordered both desserts (tough decision, but again, in the name of the review). The fruit is very bad and the ice cream is not the best, but I am willing to suffer for the sake of the review.

After dinner, the crew refilled my glass with Veuve and dispensed Fiji water before putting out the house fires. At the back of the booth is a personal bar with more wine, water and some snacks for those who want to do their thing. I went to bed, slept for about eight hours, and woke up to see the sun setting in Southeast Alaska. This time, the staff came to prepare a meal before arrival. While most airlines will make this meal a breakfast, it looks like Eva decided to have something between lunch and dinner. It starts with a cheese and charcuterie set like you would find at a European breakfast station, but ends with ravioli. Good, but not in the mood to eat since my last meal was dinner a few hours ago. That is really my only criticism, and I know that this particular issue is a matter of personal preference.

Eva Air Strengthens Services To Canada, Adds Extra Frequencies

Final Thoughts: Since this was my last flight with Turkish Airlines, I never left a business class flight and thought everything was perfect until this flight with EVA. Eva seating is also pretty private and has a ton more than Turkish on their 777-300, so head-to-head, EVA is the clear winner. food

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