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The Bürgermeister O’Swald II offers special accommodation, anchored in the Elbe estuary during its operation, now a boarding house in the harbor of Cuxhaven.

Example Of Bed And Breakfast

Example Of Bed And Breakfast

A bed and breakfast (usually abbreviated to B&B or BnB) is a small accommodation that offers bed and breakfast. Bed and breakfasts are often private family homes and typically have four to eleven rooms, with an average of six.

Hotel Beaver Hut Bed And Breakfast Port Alberni (canada)

B&B is also used to describe the level of food and beverage included in hotel room rates, not just room, half board or full board.

In China, expats have converted traditional buildings into quiet, picturesque countryside and opened some rustic design hotels with minimal friendliness. Most of the customers are foreign tourists, but they are growing in popularity among Chinese domestic tourists.

The government is doing this to boost tourism, especially given the demand for hotels during the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

They classified B&Bs into 2 categories: Gold B&Bs and Silver B&Bs. All B&Bs must be approved by the Ministry of Tourism, which will classify them as gold or silver based on a pre-determined list of criteria.

Accommodations — Duff’s Skagway Marathon

An Israeli B&B is known as a zimmer (German for “room”). The stock market has become a widespread industry throughout the country, but especially in the north of Israel (Galilee, Upper Galilee and Golan Heights). The industry began to develop in the 1990s, when agriculture became less profitable, and many families with farms in Moshavim, Kibbutzim, homesteads and cities decided to try their luck in the hospitality industry. Over the past decade, bed and breakfasts have also developed in the Negev in southern Israel.

In Italy, B&Bs are governed by regional law. There is a national law “Law, March 29, 2001, n. 135”, but each region has a special rule. Each region can adopt different rules, but they must comply with the National Tourism Law (Law No. 135/2001).

B&Bs are rated by VisitBritain and the AA on a star system. The standard of 3, 4 and 5 star establishments is high.

Example Of Bed And Breakfast

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Bed And Breakfast Association Of Kentucky In ?, Kentucky

In January 2003 Tourism Queensland reviewed existing research to gain a better understanding of the bed and breakfast (B&B) market:

The key requirements for those staying in bed and breakfast accommodations are: pampering and personalized service in an attractive location in an attractive home, as opposed to ‘standard’ hotel rooms. The following features are also attractive: A cozy or wholesome atmosphere (old parts) or a luxurious/heritage atmosphere Home-cooked food A place to connect with other guests Being able to use local knowledge of attractions and activities in the local area. B&B guests were asked to identify the characteristics and factors that motivated them to choose a lodging structure. The friendliness of the host was the most important factor, followed by easy access to other places, and the site was the most attractive place in the area. B&Bs are usually privately owned and therefore very different from standard commercial hotels. Bed and breakfasts are mutually beneficial for both the visitor and the operator. Visitors have the opportunity to relax in a familiar environment. Operators have the opportunity to develop a profitable business, make new friends and contacts, understand each other’s culture and lifestyle, and educate guests about their lifestyle. Income and leisure have changed so that travelers are looking for short breaks with a greater choice of leisure activities. Changing work patterns have increased the popularity of short breaks, which reduce distraction from work and the impact of distraction on work flow and engagement. Bed and breakfasts are designed to be short-lived and can capitalize on the growing popularity of short breaks for people looking for authenticity and personal service. Michigan State University studies[edit]

The B&B guest profile confirms the broad impression that this is a middle-aged, well-educated, (average) high professional market. In previously reported B&B trips, couples made up two-thirds of the tour groups. 82% of respondents are married and almost half (44%) have children at home. The average age of the travel group (combined age of respondent and spouse/partner) is 40 years, and 60% are under this age. This suggests that many B&B guests are in the middle of a traditional family cycle where raising children is the primary occupation. Newlyweds and “empty nesters” have a smaller percentage. In fact, only 9 percent of the market is considered adults over 59. The level of education is high, and the largest category of answers is a university degree (31%). In addition, another third had a university or advanced degree. It follows that the profile of professions is dominated by professionals and managers. Note that many categories such as business, health, education, and science are large enough for B&B to consider targeting these segments specifically. The unique elements that make a B&B stand out are definitely the main reason to choose this accommodation option. Respondents frequently used words such as ‘charm’, ‘atmosphere’, ‘pattern’ and ‘atmosphere’ to describe this irresistible appeal. The importance of the “escape” aspect suggests that B&Bs are well placed to benefit from short stays and more. Weekly trips are often chosen by many two-earner families. Customers were largely satisfied with their overall B&B experience, with 80% rating the experience as “excellent” and a further 17% rating it as “good”. More than 90% of participants would consider returning and recommend the guesthouse to friends and family.

According to this study, many B&B guests use the ratings provided by other guests. This independent review system is one of the fastest growing user sites on the web.

Bed And Breakfast

People are willing to pay up to 99 percent more for services after reading positive online reviews about them, according to new research. A study conducted in October by comScore and The Kelsey Group found that online reviews created by consumers have a strong influence on potential buyers. Researchers said 24% of those who end up paying for local services, such as restaurants, bed and breakfasts and car dealerships, read online reviews before making a choice. Research shows that consumers trust online reviews so much that they are willing to pay at least 20 percent and up to 99 percent more if a business is given a good or five-star rating than if it receives a good or four-star rating. The study was based on 2,078 survey participants, of which 508 used online user feedback. Professional reviewers and business owners who receive less-than-stellar online reviews from the general public may question the general public’s ability to adequately rate a service. However, a comScore/Kelsey Group study found that 90% of people who trusted reviews written by consumers believed the reviews were accurate. In fact, the researchers noted that “reviews created by other consumers had more influence than reviews from professionals.” Other services in the study included a special bed and breakfast. In nearly every business category surveyed, at least 75 percent of those who used online reviews said hobby field reviews had a significant impact on their decision. 80% of hotel searchers said that reviews played a big role in their choice. According to Kelsey Group research director Steve Marshall in a statement to service providers: “With so many reviews users buy later, it’s important that these reviews of local service providers are positive. sites.” The fact that one in four people we contacted said they use reviews is good news for those in the online consumer reviews space, said Brian Jurutka, director of comScore Marketing Solutions. “It’s a big piece,” he said. “It helps them get a discussion with people who are trying to advertise; it says that a large portion of the online population will visit these sites.” Journal of Travel Research Research[edit]

Although the hedonic price model has been used to determine willingness to pay in various markets, its use in the tourism industry has been limited. This research note highlights the utility of hedonic pricing methods in this area

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